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When there was a conception

You and your partner made a fateful decision and want to have a baby. All tests and examinations are already over. So why does not the long-awaited conception come? What pose for conception is suitable? How to choose the ideal date for conception?

How to understand when the conception occurred? In order to find answers to these questions, let us turn to the school course of anatomy. So, in a woman's body, a sexual cell, called the egg, is produced monthly. This occurs usually in the middle of the menstrual cycle, namely on the 10-14th day of the first day of menstruation. Accordingly, during this time, the follicle ripens and the egg leaves the ovary into the body cavity. This phenomenon is commonly called ovulation, and it is at this time that conception is possible. In the male body, the sex cells are produced in the testicles. Specialists have proved that the best periodicity of sexual acts for conception of a child is every other day. How to understand when the conception occurred?

As we have already explained, the opportunity to conceive a child is most likely in the middle of the female cycle, namely during the period of ovulation. Previously, doctors recommended actively having sex at this time for the conception of the baby. However, in modern reproductive technology, there are many other ways to determine the best time for conception. How can you calculate the date of conception?

First, a woman needs to keep a calendar of menstruation and record personal feelings there. If you regularly record the onset of the first day of menstruation, it will be easy for you to answer the question of when the conception occurred. Some women claim that they feel ovulation on a monthly basis, while at the same time they pull the lower abdomen from either the right or the left side. If you are not a sensitive person, you can try using the calendar method. It suits you if the menstrual cycle is regular and comes as a clock. To do this, subtract 14 days from the date of the expected day of the next menstruation. Despite the fact that it seems difficult at first glance, the calendar method is incredibly simple. But it suits only those who have no problems with the reproductive sphere. That is, it makes sense to use the calendar method to select the date of conception, only if you are sure that you ovulate every month.

If you doubt your fertility, you can try to measure basal temperature and build graphics. To do this, prepare a thermometer, and in the morning, without getting out of bed Ti, measure the temperature rectally. The result should preferably be written down immediately, so as not to forget. After a couple of months of such research, you will get a clear picture. First, the basal temperature is kept slightly above 37 degrees. Approximately on the 10th day, it drops sharply by 2-3 degrees and during ovulation rises to 37.5 and above. And further, if there is no pregnancy, the temperature gradually decreases, and a new menstrual cycle begins. When conception has occurred, the temperature, on the contrary, rises and, accordingly, menstruation does not occur.

From this description it is clear that the best time for conception is the peak temperature, which indicates the onset of ovulation. The ideal time for conception is 5 days before and 5 days after ovulation itself. The fact is that male spermatozoa are viable for 7 days. Some doctors even build theories about the possibility of choosing the sex of the unborn child, based on the time of conception. As for the posture, it does not have much influence on the possibility of conception, if you do not have any physiological abnormalities in the structure of the genital organs.

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