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How to conceive a girl for ovulation? Is it possible to conceive a girl by ovulation and how accurate it will be: feedback

The main thing is that the baby is born healthy. His sex is a secondary matter. There are many families in which instead of the long-awaited girl a boy was born, but after a while the parents decide that it's even better. But still we have a persistent stereotype that there must be a boy and a girl in the family , this marks the continuation of the life of both parents. How can you tell if a little princess was born?

How stable is your cycle

Many people heard how to conceive a girl by ovulation. But this requires serious preparation. And the more stable the cycle for a woman, the greater the chance that the calculations will be correct. You should start long before the planned conception. Theoretically, ovulation is in the middle of the cycle, but taking medication, stress and other unfavorable factors make this figure unreliable. Therefore, to conceive a girl by ovulation, you need to keep the calendar for several months.

Getting started recording

The starting point will be the next monthly, this is the first day of your cycle. It will last until the next bleeding, 25-28 days. If from month to month this figure does not change, this indicates a good state of health of the female reproductive system. Now we need to determine the day of ovulation, that is, the maturation of the egg. As you know, every month from the ovaries one (more rarely 2) ovules leaves. Remaining unfertilized, it descends into the womb, where it collapses. Only when it meets one of thousands of spermatozoa, it forms a zygote and is implanted into the uterus, marking the beginning of pregnancy. The question is which of the spermatozoa, the carrier of the X or Y chromosome, will be the first to be in the right place. For this, you need to know the exact date of release of the egg. To understand how to conceive a girl by ovulation, let's look at the methods of counting the day of maturation of the egg.

Tests and temperature measurement

For the laziest, there are special tests. They act in the same way as those who diagnose pregnancy. From the first day of the month at the same time, it is necessary to perform known manipulations. The day in which the test will show 2 strips, and called ovulation. This day is extremely favorable for the conception of the boy, since the spermatozoa carrying the Y chromosome are very mobile, but they live relatively briefly, about a day. They have a chance to get to the egg first and fertilize it.

To conceive a girl by ovulation, you should plan a sexual act 2-3 days before the maturation of the egg. Carriers of the X chromosome are less mobile, but are able to live in the alkaline environment of the vagina up to 72 hours. By the time the eggs are released, only they will retain the ability to fertilize.

The second, more accessible, but more demanding method, is the measurement of basal temperature. Every day, only waking up (and you need to do this at the same time, best at 7 am), you will need to measure body temperature. You can choose any convenient way: oral, vaginal or rectal. The main thing is that every day the measurements are made in the same way as the day before, with one thermometer. It's enough 5 minutes, after which you can stand up and record the results.

The graph will show you the onset of ovulation, just on this day the temperature drops, and in the following days it grows steadily. You will need to find the minimum point and check the correctness of the calculations by the presence of an increase in values in the next three days. Speaking about how to conceive a girl for ovulation, it should be noted that we are interested in the day of maturation of the egg and the preceding 5 days. It is this period that is most favorable for conception, and if you want a little princess, then only the first four of them will interest you. Unprotected sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation (as well as the preceding one) often leads to the birth of a boy.

Calculate the sex by ovulation: how realistic it is

This is a harmonious, scientific theory based on unshakable facts and physiological characteristics. A method for choosing the sex of the future baby was developed by two scientists - Lendram Shetles and David Rorvik. Among all available home methods, this is the most reliable, although 100% guarantee does not. This method was confirmed by scientist Martin Young. He clarified that if a boy is planned, then it is not necessary to postpone conception for more than 24 hours from the time the egg was released. Her aging can lead to miscarriages or birth defects. Among those who tried to conceive a girl for ovulation, the reviews are divided approximately 50/50. This is understandable, because the maturation of the egg can not always be calculated to the accuracy of the day, and even hours can affect. The only way out is to do everything that depends on you, and accept your baby as an invaluable gift, no matter what gender it is.

If you need a one hundred percent guarantee

This is possible in case of in vitro fertilization. The embryo of the desired sex, grown in the test tube, is inserted into the uterus. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis also allows to identify possible developmental anomalies. But this method is used if there is a high risk of transmission from the parents of a sex-linked disease, or when conception by natural means is impossible. Another serious drawback is the price of the procedure, tens of thousands of dollars. And if there was a spontaneous miscarriage, the failed parents will have to pay the costs again, in order to try again.

There is a way to sort the spermatozoa. The transferred material passes through a special centrifuge in which X and Y carriers are separated, followed by artificial insemination or IVF. But both these procedures are carried out only for medical reasons. In most countries, their free conduct is considered unethical.

If you do not want to calculate long, how to conceive a girl by ovulation, but do not accept the birth of a little prince, then you can resort to early diagnosis of pregnancy. In many large cities, there are perinatal centers equipped with the latest technology, where at a time of 7 weeks you can submit a special analysis. Through a puncture in the abdomen, a piece of tissue is taken, along which gender and genetic defects are determined. But in the case of an undesirable result, the situation can be changed only by making an abortion and trying to calculate the girl again. As far as it is humane, it's up to everyone.

Nutrition of the future mother (in preparation for conception)

It is not always desirable to build graphics within 6 months, according to which mysterious ovulation is calculated. How to conceive a girl in a more natural way, not timing sexual life to fleeting favorable periods?

Ironically, US scientists have identified the pattern between the diet of a woman during the menstrual cycle preceding conception, and the sex of the unborn child. To conceive a girl, you need to consume a lot of calcium and magnesium, therefore, adjust the diet. Products with a high content of these elements are pleasing to women: it is a sweet pastry (without yeast), fresh fruit and natural juices. Any sweets, sugar, honey, jam are recommended. From vegetables it is necessary to give preference to beets, cucumbers, aubergines, carrots, onions. But meat and potatoes are generally excluded, but you can eat fish without restrictions. You can eat boiled egg whites and dairy products, but you need to completely abandon nuts, legumes, corn, tomatoes and melons.

The use of these products increases the acidity of the vaginal environment, which contributes to the rapid loss of carriers of the Y chromosome, and therefore leaves a greater chance of appearing to the girl. In addition, the diet affects the hormonal balance. The effectiveness of this method is 82% among the sample of women who followed the diet until conception.

Artificial change of the environment of the vagina

What do you need to conceive a girl? Very much this want, count ovulation, change the diet (well, if the partner joins you). And to increase the chances, you can add douching with special substances that reduce the alkaline level of the vaginal microflora. Advise them can a doctor-gynecologist. From home methods you can use the use of tampons with "Narine", douching with solutions of white vinegar or table wine (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water). This will add to the chances of X chromosome carriers being the first to reach the target.

Age of future parents

This, too, leaves its imprint, although no reliable studies have been carried out in this area. Our body is a complex, biological complex, which from time to time starts the processes of regeneration and restructuring. In women, this occurs every 3 years, a man once every 4 years. Theoretically, the one whose organism was updated by the latter can be the determining factor in the issue of the sex of the child. Divide the age of the woman by 3, and the male by 4 and compare the result.

Some believe that the sex of the child is set by the elder of the spouses, but this is rather confusing, because it always depends on the man, even if he is much younger than his wife. Starting from age, it is difficult to answer when you can conceive a girl, it can happen in 20, and 30, and even 50 years.

Your intimate life

This is also an unverified theory, but there is a version that some poses contribute to the conception of a little princess. First of all, this refers to the missionary position, because deep penetration is undesirable. Be sure to keep a calendar of ovulation, he will tell you when it is better to conceive a girl. During sexual intercourse, a woman needs to relax as much as possible and dream about her daughter, order it from the Universe. Especially since the female orgasm is just undesirable. It makes the vaginal environment more alkaline, which can play into the hands of carriers of the Y chromosomes. If you want a girl, then your sexual encounters should not be too frequent, about once every three days. Do not forget about additional protection on the day of ovulation (two days before and after it).

Folk signs

Still for a long time, when there was no ultrasound, people tried to guess, the meeting with whom they will be in the near future. There were, of course, those who tried to influence the course of events and predetermine the sex of the unborn child. For example, it was said that you can conceive a girl only in wet, rainy or snowy weather.

On the wedding night under the pillow should be put a blue or pink ribbon, scallop or slingshot, depending on who the young want. If a couple already has a child, you need to remember whom he first called - dad or mom. The baby of this sex will be born next. Of course, these and similar beliefs in no way can affect the course of events, as well as suggest who is wearing a woman under his heart.

Brief conclusions

Calculate how to conceive a girl with a 100 percent probability will not work. Any of the above methods is rather conditional, and the outcome can be affected by a variety of factors, in particular, the genetic location of the male to produce more sperm carrying the X or Y chromosome. But, having made a number of interesting manipulations, you can say with satisfaction: I did everything I could. In fact, no matter who was born, it will be the most dear and beloved child. Holding the child in her arms, mom immediately forgets about her dreams and dedicates all the tenderness to the little man.

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