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Dry pools with balls: description and advantages. How to make a dry pool with balls?

What just do not have fun for children in our time. In this article you will be presented with dry pools with balls. You will learn what advantages this game center has. Also find out how much the dry pools with the balls cost and whether you can independently equip such entertainment for the child.

Pool filled with colorful balls

If you've ever been with your baby in children's entertainment centers, you probably saw there such corners. Children really like dry pools with balls. In them you can frolic and not be afraid to get injured. An entertainment center with balls will be appreciated not only by a child, but also by an adult.

If you want, you can organize such an entertainment corner at home. In this case, the size of the pool and the number of balls will directly depend on the available space at your disposal.

Pros of a similar gaming center

Dry pools with balls can not just entice your child to gambling. This design perfectly develops the motor apparatus, fine motor and sensorics. During the game, you can learn the colors that have balls for a dry pool. If your baby is still small enough, you can safely put him in such a pool and do his own thing. The child will sort out the colorful toys and develop independently.

If your kids like to invite friends to visit, the pool with balls for children will be simply irreplaceable. Instead of running around the house and hindering you, the kids will actively play in this center.

A pool filled with colorful balls will become an indispensable addition to a children's celebration. It is in it that little ones will be able to spend time with pleasure and pleasure.

Price category of goods

A very large range of value has a pool with balls. The price of the product directly depends on the number of constituent elements and the size of the structure.

If you want to buy a small pool for an infant, then it will cost you between 500 and 2000 rubles. More large and large centers cost about 5000-7000 rubles. In the event that you have enough free space at home, you can buy a game center with slides and labyrinths, which will have a descent into the pool with balls. Such a space will cost you in the amount of 10,000 rubles.

If you want to save a little, you can independently equip such an entertainment facility.

How to make a pool filled with balls, independently?

In order to reduce the cost of buying such a game center, you will need to make some efforts. To begin with, it is worth buying a base in which the balls will be placed. One of the budget options is to buy a small children's inflatable pool. Such a device will cost you from 100 to 300 rubles.

After you puff an accessory, you need to roughly calculate its capacity. Large game centers have from 1000 balls. Of course, in your pool so much can not fit. On average, an inflatable device with a size of one square meter and a board height of 30 centimeters can accommodate beads for a dry pool in the amount of 200 pieces. This accessory will cost you about 1000 rubles.

As a result, working with your own hands and selecting components, you can decently save and deliver your kid joy. Remember that if there are more than one child in your family, then this option will not work for you - you need to select a large pool.

The convenience of self-made dry pools is that they can be removed at any time. So, if you need free space, the balls are added to a special bag or basket, and the inflatable accessory is blown out to accommodate them. In the folded state, it takes a lot of space. This can not be said of the large slides, labyrinths and non-foldable basins.


So, now you know what pluses has a dry pool with balls. Be sure to buy your child such a game center. In cloudy weather, when there is no way to go outside, the crumb will find entertainment in such a game. Also the kid will be able to actively develop and learn new colors and forms.

The game in multi-colored balls will bring pleasure and joy to all adults and children!

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