Snowmobiles "Russian mechanics": comparison and prices

Today's snowmobiles are in demand. They are acquired both for entertainment and as an indispensable assistant to the household. Their presence is vital wherever a complete transport blockade comes along with the winter, which can only be rescued from snowmobiles.

"Russian mechanics"

The domestic concern produces modern and popular models on the market. The enterprise has forty years of experience in manufacturing various motor vehicles. Among the manufacturers of domestic equipment, he had no competitors for a long time. This is the only plant on the territory of our country, which deals with the mass production of snowmobiles.

In the market, he has to compete with such well-known world producers as Polaris, Yamaha, Bombardier. In addition to the price, the company's technical solutions allowed domestic models to occupy a considerable niche of the snowmobile market. A distinctive feature of the "Russian mechanics" snowmobiles is that they can be used for work.

Popular models of the manufacturer

Today, more than 30 domestic models are known on the market. All machines are reliable in operation, capable of overcoming long distances, have a modern design and design. The most popular models are:

  • "Buran 4 TH";
  • "Tiksi 250 lux";
  • "Taiga leader 500";
  • "Fish";
  • "Taiga Attack 551 2";
  • "Lynx 500M".

All listed models have reliability, modern design and units. A large power reserve and reliability allow using them for various purposes.

Performance Comparison

When buying snowmobile equipment, the buyer operates a variety of parameters of different models and manufacturers. In order to facilitate this task, we collected the main parameters that snowmobiles "Russian mechanics" possess.

Model / parameters Landing places, pcs. Fuel tank capacity, l Max. Lifting angle, deg Maximum speed, km / h

The size of the caterpillar,

Width / length, mm

Gross vehicle weight, kg
"Buran 4 TH" 2 28 22


380 / 3686.5 564
"Tiksi 250 lux" 1 27th 22 70 380/3170 320
"Taiga Varyag 550" 2 40 22 70 500/3937 460
"Fish" 1 3.6 22 18 380/2420 210
"Taiga Attack 551 2" 2 38 22 110 500/3937 490
"Lynx 500M" 2 24 22 90 510/3937 440

As you can see from the table, the models are very different in their characteristics. The structural feature of the model "Rybinka" makes it easy to disassemble it for transportation - it is placed in the trunk of a passenger car. It is irreplaceable for fans of winter fishing.

Utility model "Taiga Attack 551 2" will allow you to travel comfortably in hard-to-reach places. A "Buran 4 TD" can easily tow a halftone trailer.

It turns out that you can choose the most suitable for almost any type of operation. The main thing is that all of them are snowmobiles "Russian mechanics".

Price list

Utilitarian comfortable model with heated control arms, assistant fisherman or resident in a remote village - they all will cost differently. For a more visual representation, a table was compiled of the average price for each model. They may differ depending on the region and the dealer company selling snowmobiles.

Model "Buran 4 TH" "Tiksi 250 lux" "Taiga Varyag 550" "Fish" "Taiga Attack 551 2" "Lynx 500M"
Price, thousand rubles 220 154 247 78 300 145

Looking at the prices, you will understand why the utilitarian model of "Taiga Varyag 550" is sold in Russia much more than other "Russian mechanics" snowmobiles. Feedback from owners who have already purchased and managed to use this model, talk about not inferior driving characteristics and comfort to more expensive models of this class.

This does not mean that more expensive models do not take. Take, and how. Simply the manufacturer managed to make a solid utilitarian snowmobile, which became available to a wider range of consumers.

Many Russians, flying on their "iron horses" over the snow-covered expanses of the country, are grateful for the excellent "Russian mechanics" snowmobiles, which can serve their owner regularly for many years.

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