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Congratulations on the wedding should be beautiful!

Congratulations on weddings are words that are not often spoken. The fact is that modern newlyweds prefer ordinary painting in the registry office or in general the so-called "civil marriage". Wedding - a thing not too common. Naturally, they do not treat him negligently. Congratulation with the wedding is also necessary to prepare a luxurious and spiritual. In a word, it is necessary to approach this issue with particular seriousness.

Wedding is a very important ceremony

Wedding ceremony - tradition is not easy. The wedding ceremony plays a very important role in it. Our ancestors did not even want to recognize those marriages that were not confined to God. The church acted as a public judge. She gave or did not give a blessing to the conclusion of the union of the young.

Despite the fact that today the wedding is a rarity, some people consider this rite as an obligatory "attribute" of the wedding. The newlyweds who approach the Sacrament very seriously, expect the same guests from the invited guests. Congratulations on the wedding should be imbued with something unusual, warm, sublime. In this case, young people will feel themselves to be a single whole.

Congratulation on the wedding - bright and beautiful

Of course, a good gift is the first thing to think about before such a solemn event. However, a beautiful congratulation on the wedding is no less important. Bright and soulful text guarantees you the admiration and respect of the newlyweds, their relatives and guests, as well as the approval and praise of the toastmaster. Kind words, warm wishes - all this is absolutely necessary for the enamored on this unforgettable day. A beautiful congratulation with the wedding will be a luxurious addition and decoration of the gift, presented to the newlyweds. It will bring in the atmosphere a lot of cordiality, love, romance.


Wishes can be very diverse. They can be invented independently, but you can use the special literature, where you can find universal collections of congratulations. Such options are suitable for people of different social statuses.

However, it also happens that at this solemn event many people can not go. In this case, such an option as the SMS-congratulations that came to the mobile phone numbers of the newlyweds can help.

You can send wishes on this bright and joyful day also by mail, by signing with pleasant words some beautiful paper postcard. Such a gift will certainly suit the guilty party.

Postcards, by the way, do not have to be standard. The virtual version is becoming more popular today.

Thus, it remains only to show a little initiative, to apply in their situation all possible ways to deliver greetings to happy married newlyweds. It will saturate the holiday with a lot of positive emotions!

Prepare congratulations in advance

Beautiful and warm words for close people can be difficult to pick up. So I want to express my love, say something very important, give parting words and advice. On this solemn day, people enter into a sacred union, receive a blessing from Christ the Savior and from his spiritual patrons. The newlyweds give each other an oath of love and loyalty, they promise to protect their family from fuss, quarrels and insults.

Congratulations on weddings from parents and other relatives should be prepared in advance. Do not use too lofty words. The main thing here is sincerity. Parents, for example, can tell about their family life, share with young secrets of a happy marriage. Respect, caring for each other, understanding, birth and upbringing of children are all very important for preserving the union.

By the way, you can make a congratulation and in the form of a small sermon. In this desire, it is necessary to point out that the two hearts united on this day were able to find each other precisely by the will of God, so he will always be with them, will accompany and strengthen their strong alliance. Mention should also be made that this step is very serious. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the building of a family with great responsibility - not only to value and cherish each other, but also to raise and educate future children with love for God and those around them.

Solemn congratulations with quotes from church books can be composed both in verse and in prose. The main thing is to choose the most successful words describing the path of two lovers of hearts to the sacred rite of the Sacrament.

The anniversary is also congratulated

No matter how much you want to continue this beautiful day, sooner or later it comes to an end. However, time does not stand still. It is necessary to think about the preparation of solemn words in a year. This is no less important point.

Start with the words: "On the anniversary of the wedding!" The congratulations following them should cover the way the lovers went through the year, showing what they could achieve in the spiritual union. Such wishes give the spouses also hopes for the continued prosperity of their strong family. In any case, warm, sincere and kind words of congratulations will become a kind of amulet of love, happiness and a reliable back of native hearts.

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