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Alexander Materazzo: biography, participation in the "House-2" and life after leaving the project

Those who watch "Dom-2" since its creation (in 2004), do not need to explain who Alexander Materazzo is. A well-groomed and self-assured young man appeared on reality shows and conquered many girls. However, he met his love behind the perimeter. Want to know the details? Then we recommend to study the article.

Beautiful legend

Our hero claims that he was born in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy - Palermo. There he spent his childhood. Swarthy skin and dark hair Alexander inherited from his father, who is half a gypsy, and half a Turk. And his mother is a purebred Italian. She got an energetic character from her.

Let's assume that all this is true. But how does a guy know Russian so well? There is another story about how a family from a prosperous Italy moved to a small village of the Volgograd region, where there is virtually no work and prospects.

Alexander Materazzo: biography (authentic)

He was born June 2, 1980 in the city of Akhtubinsk, in the Astrakhan region. He was brought up in a normal family with an average income. He has no Italian, Gypsy and Turkish roots.

Alexander Kuryshko - so truly call our hero. He has a younger brother, Dmitry, who also came to "Dom-2". To "play along" Sasha, he temporarily took the name Materazzo. And many viewers believed in a beautiful legend about the Italian origin.

Life Before the Project

In his youth, our hero complexed because of his appearance. He did not like thin lips, thin shoulders and a form of chin. The boy swore he would grow up and fix it all. And he kept his word.

In high school, Sasha became interested in sports. He spent days in the gym, pumping muscles of the chest, abdomen and arms. As a result, the guy got that relief body, about which he dreamed.

Upon termination of school Alexander Materazzo (a photo see above) has gone to Moscow. There the guy got a job in a strip club. Young and pumped-up handsome man undressed to music. And he did it so that all the girls in the hall screamed with pleasure. Thanks to his striptease, Sasha managed to earn a decent amount of money in a short time. And then he was able to realize his old dream - to change the appearance. The young man went to the plastic surgeon. He underwent surgery to change the shape of the chin and increase the lips.

To maintain the face in perfect condition, Materazzo regularly visits a cosmetologist. He is being cleansed by the face and other care procedures.

Participant of "House-2"

In winter 2007, on the famous TV project, a bright and tall guy appeared in a chic coat and earrings in his ears. It was Alexander Materazzo. He called himself an "Italian stallion" and a successful businessman. Our hero expressed his sympathy for Olga, nicknamed the Sun. But the girl immediately chopped all the attempts of the guy to take care of her.

A new object of sympathy Materazzo was the blonde Olga Buzova. The young man tried to show her his inflated and tanned body as often as possible. He was counting on the beauty to fall in love with him. But that did not happen. Outwardly Alex liked Olga. However, the girl found his intentions insincere. Soon Materazzo was sent home in the men's voting.

The second arrival of the "Italian stallion" to "Dom-2" took place in May 2009. He became the producer of the project group "Istra witches". But this position did not last long.

Later, Alexander brought his chosen one Svetlana Davydova to the project. They met in one of the capital's clubs. A long-legged brunette with silicone lips did not want to go to "Dom-2". But the guy managed to persuade her.

On the reality show, the couple spent only a month. The other guys (Gena Jikia and Gleb Klubnichka) drew attention to Sveta. Alexander just went crazy about jealousy. One day, he just took the lover and left the set with her.


For their celebration, Alexander Materazzo and Svetlana Davydova chose a beautiful date - 09/09/09. They believe that these numbers will bring good luck to their union.

On that day, lovers on the snow-white Hammer drove up to Registry Office No. 4, located on Butyrskaya Street. There they signed, exchanging pendants made of gold and platinum (instead of rings). Special attention deserves the outfits of the bride and groom. Sasha put on white trousers and a checkered jacket. And on Light there was an unusual dress created by her friend-designer.

Then the newlyweds together with friends and relatives went to celebrate the wedding in one of the elite restaurants in Moscow. At the wedding there were a lot of "star" guests, among them musician Alexei Potekhin (from the group "Hands up"), former member of the "House-2" Menshikov Stepan and stylist Sergei Zverev.


Many fans of "House-2" would like to know about the fate of Alexander. He's all right - with business, and with personal life. For 7 years now he is in a happy marriage with his beloved Svetlana Davydova. They can afford to buy in the best supermarkets in Moscow, travel and dress expensively.

Materazzo Alexander is engaged in the organization of show programs. He also continues to work as a stripper and model. His wife supports him in everything. If you think that Sveta is sitting idly by, then you are very mistaken. Recently she became a co-author of the Moscow clothing designer Natalia Richi. Their joint collections are popular with Moscow women of fashion. In the near future Svetlana and her colleagues enter the foreign market.

After the Gusev family left the House-2 project, the organizers contacted Alexander and his wife. They were invited again to participate in the reality show. But the guys refused. They no longer want to live under the sights of cameras and make scandals for the sake of high ratings.


We reported on where Alexander Materazzo was born and worked. His real name and history of origin are also known to you. Whatever it was, but our hero is an interesting and extraordinary guy. Let's wish good luck in all your endeavors!

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