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Russian TV journalist Roman Babayan: biography, family, parents

One of the most popular TV presenters in Russia is Roman Babayan, a biography, a family whose parents have long been interested in all the fans on the other side of the screen. In this article we will consider the most important moments in his life and career, as well as details of personal family life.

Childhood and early years

The popular Russian TV presenter Roman Babayan, a biography, a family whose parents have been hidden from the journalists' eyes for a long time, was born in the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku, back in 1967. He remembers his hometown as the most beautiful and unique in the whole territory of the former Soviet Union, and very much regrets that he happened to leave it. Most of all in his native Baku he was attracted by the internationality and breadth of views of his residents, the origin of the interlocutor for whom was not the determining factor. By loyalty to national minorities, he can only compare this city to Odessa. To this day, he maintains warm and friendly relations with his childhood friends and classmates with whom he studied at the 82nd school.

Military service and moving to Moscow

After receiving secondary education, he entered the first year of the Polytechnic Institute in Baku, where he studied for only two years in radio engineering.

He had to leave school and the sunny sea coast with a call to the army: since 1986, Roman was listed among the Southern Soviet troops, which were localized in Hungary. Unfortunately, Roman never managed to return to his native Baku, although he always dreams of this: once he almost succeeded, but the flight had to be canceled because of high risks, because no one guaranteed him security on his native lands because of the Armenian- Azerbaijani conflict and a clear position in the media.

After two years in the army, Roman moved to Moscow, where he restored his studies, only this time at the Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting. Three years later he graduated from the institute, from which he graduated with a graduate with perfect command of English and Turkish.

Parents and relatives of Roman Babayan

Many spectators were interested in the show "The Right to Vote" , all about such a leader as Roman Babayan: biography, family, parents. Roxana Babayan was his distant relative, which was a real discovery for the admirers of the presenter.

The novel was born in an international family - his mother is a native of Baku with Russian roots, and her ancestors come from Karabakh and Getashen. They moved to the capital of Azerbaijan after the revolution. His name was given to Roman in honor of his maternal grandfather, who was the soloist of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. Then he was sent with concerts over the former territory of the Soviet Union: he spent a long time on travels until he stopped in Baku, setting up an opera and ballet theater in which he was an advanced soloist, and then began to teach vocal at the local conservatory.

We know much less about the father's line: only that almost all relatives in his lineage come from Kirovobod, where Babayan comes to visit to this day to visit friends and family.

Career on TV

Immediately after graduation Babayan began his career in the specialty: he went to work as an engineer on the radio station "Radio of Russia". His career on television, he calls an accident: at one time he planned to become a radio technician in his hometown. But once he saw a rally in the streets of Baku with the slogans "Death to Armenians", he decided to move to Moscow, where daily faced with the activities of correspondents and presenters, in whose work he was attracted by impartiality and the ability to cover various points of view. Once, having mustered courage, he decided to address one of the editorial editors of his native institute with a request to give him a job. Due to the fact that it was time for vacations and vacations, there were practically no journalists and editors on the spot, so Roman easily got his first job. Diligence and diligence have borne fruit: six months later the beginning journalist had his own telecast "Neighbors", published once a week. Further, his career began to develop rapidly: first he became a correspondent of "Vesti", then began working in the news program "Time", which was published on the ORT channel.

After working on various news and political projects on Russian TV channels, he finally came to his own TV show "The Right to Vote", which glorified him not in the CIS. High rating and stable viewing of this program ensured its uniqueness: when Babayan started his activity, there were no similar projects in this field. Every evening in the talk show audience there were influential politicians and journalists who boldly expressed their opinion. Over time, Roman's authority began to work for him, and VIPs themselves began to ask for him in the studio.

Personal life

Roman Babayan is married to a Russian, we can say that he repeated the fate of his parents. If at that time the marriage of the Armenian and the Russian caused resentment and conflicts, then the presenter had no problems with this. He married in 1994 on Marina Chernova, with whom they worked on radio stations since 1991. Dense work schedule and permanent relocations did not become on the way to family happiness, and now the pair brings up three children: twenty-year-old son George, fifteen-year-old Herman and four-year-old Robert. The eldest son is currently studying at the Academy of National Economy and is not going to follow in the footsteps of his father. The host honestly admitted that he rarely took part in the education of his sons: the reason for this - frequent departures. Previously, he worked on schedule: a few weeks on a business trip and a week at home. Roman Babayan, biography, family, parents, children for whom are the main value in life, recently devotes more time to sons and wife, to whom he is grateful for the patience, understanding and support in all life difficulties and in promotion on the career ladder.


Now it is difficult to find a person who does not know who is Roman Babayan (biography, family, parents, wife, photo - the subject of our today's discussion). The audience appreciates it for not prejudiced opinion, restraint and intelligence, but colleagues respect the professional qualities: knowledge of foreign languages, patience, tolerance and respectful attitude to the guests of the program, which point of view they had.

As far as one can judge from the biography of this man, he deserves considerable respect and as a man: for many years he has remained faithful to his beloved wife, with whom he raised three children, despite participation in hostilities and long departures to hot spots.

As repeatedly stated by Roman Babayan: biography, family, parents, wife play a key role in his life and occupy an honorable place in the list of priorities.

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