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Maroon is a color that is difficult to describe in words

The main colors in the solar spectrum, as everyone knows from the very childhood, are seven. But they contain in themselves all the huge palette of different colors that nature gave us. Each color is composed of many subtle transitions of shades from one to the other. For example, maroon shades are very diverse, each has its own name. You will ask: "Color maroon is what?" And the answer is not found right away.

Shades of red wine

Red wine, a real, not a cheap fake on aniline dyes and ethyl alcohol, has noble colors. They are represented by a whole palette of red and burgundy shades. The color of wine depends on many circumstances: a variety of grapes, time, let's say, the processing and maturation of wine, the purpose of the drink itself and its age. As the experienced sommelier says, the real color should be seen in the center of the glass, and on the edges - its secondary shades. Over time, the wine changes its color gradually or quickly enough, depending on how much it should be stored, before you get on the table in the glass. Those who know the sense of good wine, by its color, saturation, transparency and shades can tell everything about the drink - from the grape variety to whether it was correctly prepared and stored. This is the color of red wine. And it is among its shades that you can find the maroon. This color is very interesting. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Maroon (color) - is it chestnut?

The word itself can be found in both English and French. Both there and there it denotes "chestnut". It was from these two words that the word came into the languages of other peoples to denote a shade of burgundy color. But here the shade called maroon in different countries will differ. This is somewhat strange, but it is. However, nature is an artist, she uses all the colors she is capable of. And a chestnut tree with its flowers and fruits has a mass of natural shades. So maroon (color) has the right to a different definition in different cultures.

The color of wine, chestnut fruit and ... bricks?

Oh, these artists, fashion designers, sommeliers! As soon as they do not excel in words, to tell about their beautiful and accurate! Many shades - many words. Yes, even in different cultures, the definitions may not coincide. Looking for a color maroon, a photo on the Internet and find completely different shades with this name in the palettes of different countries. So, in France, this word denotes a shade, composed of burgundy and brick, in Russia it is a mixture of maroon and raspberry. In Spain, maroon is a color derived from a dark maroon with a pomegranate.

Such complex shades

Telling words about the shades of any color is very difficult. After all, as scientists say, we differ from each other in different perceptions of color. Someone can distinguish two similar shades among themselves, and for someone and five of them will be the same. In addition, burgundy color is complicated by itself. It refers to the dark red and includes a number of additions that allow you to distinguish maroon, maroon, pomegranate, wine, chestnut, cherry and so on. In addition, in different countries the definitions of the same shades differ. So you should take into account a few nuances: the country, the quality of color reproduction, the knowledge of all the subtleties of the color scale. Good luck!

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