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How to draw a pirate bright and funny

All children like to draw and often ask their parents what they want to portray. Creativity develops children's imagination and helps to study the surrounding world, so it is important to respond to such requests and help the kid. Moreover, the choice is great and diverse, although most small artists like to draw cartoon characters, even if they are not quite right.

To tell the child how to draw a pirate, it is enough to break the picture into its component parts and learn how to depict them step by step. Or try to make the drawing yourself, enjoy the creative process and have fun with the child. Usually the process brings no less satisfaction than the result.

The better to draw

Choosing the tools for the future of the children's masterpiece, it is better to choose the color pencils. All children like to draw with them, and the more colors and shades in the palette, the more vividly manifested children's fantasy. To help the child, you can draw a pirate pencil, and let him decorate.

Draw with a simple pencil or pen the child will be uncomfortable, at least until a certain age. It's not as fun as color pencils. Also there are doubts how to draw a pirate with felt-tip pens. After all, any line will remain on paper forever, and a child may get nervous because he did not work out the way he wanted.

Step-by-step instruction for drawing a pirate

Despite the fact that the ready drawings of sea robbers look bright and difficult, it is not difficult to draw a pirate step by step. To do this, you can follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. It's better to start with a hat. Simple arcs, inside of which you can draw a skull.
  2. The eye and beard are attached to the cap. One eye should be covered with a black bandage.
  3. Next you need to portray your nose and mustache. The pirate will be terrible and terrible.
  4. After that, you need to draw your ears and teeth. For more intimidation, one tooth can be depicted embossed.
  5. When the pirate's head is ready, you can proceed to the trunk. First draw the sleeves. Instead of one hand - a hook, in the other - a pirate saber.
  6. After that, the trunk needs to be extended to the bottom, draw a caftan, buttons and belt.
  7. Finish drawing the pirate's foot and crutch.

The result is a strict, but pretty, lovely sea robber who will amuse each child. Unusual first, you can explain to the kid how to draw a pirate yourself, and help him in this process.

What else to draw?

In addition to the pirate, you can draw a lot of things in the same theme. Only some ships impress with their diversity, especially since the complexity of the drawing can be selected depending on the age of the child and his skills of the artist. Pirates are of different sexes, so even the girls will be interested to draw something unusual and colorful.

Drawing a ship, pirates and an island where they buried the treasure, you can come up with a whole story of their adventures. The child will be interested. And in the process of drawing to develop communication skills, fine motor skills and color perception.

What to do with the pictures

It's not enough to teach a child how to draw a pirate, you still need to decide what to do with the many creative masterpieces that he will create daily. There are not so many options:

  • Make a frame and hang a picture on the wall;
  • Create a pirate exhibition of works, including in it a lot of drawings;
  • Present the resulting masterpiece to grandparents;
  • Make a pirate postcard and give to friends.

An older child can try to come up with a story, write it on sheets and accompany with his own drawings. Such a mini-book about pirates will become a real pride of a small creator and his parents.

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