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How to learn to dance dubstep dance?

Dubstep is a dance that carries the name of the direction of music, under which it is performed. This genre appeared in the 2000s in South London. For such music, there is a specific rhythmic clarity and bright sound. The effect is achieved due to the abundance of low-frequency bass, this flurry of sounds takes the dancer to an unthinkable and unpredictable whirlpool of movements, as if man manages the artificial mind.

How to learn to perform dubstep dance?

First of all, you need to feel the rhythm of the music. Listen to the dubstep, feel the "mood", try to understand the main points of music and dance. Pay attention to the successful dancers, learn how they move.

The basis of dance

Dubstep - a dance that combines several styles, borrowed mainly from the electric-boogie dance, he is a real "Klondike" of various genre directions. This style combines animation, popping, liquidity, waving, etc. All these elements form a single whole. Therefore, in order to learn the technique of dance, you will have to work hard and study all the styles mentioned.

The basis of dubstep is electronic mechanical movements that mimic a dancing robot.

What are the elements of dubstep (dance)?

Rhythm, sharpness and speed of movement depends on the specific track. There is no universal solution - you need to listen and feel music. At first it can be difficult, but eventually it will turn out. To feel confident on the dance floor, you need to work out the basic elements in front of the mirror. It is important to achieve a clear and sharp, but at the same time, graceful and plastic execution. When the body remembers certain movements, you can arbitrarily use them depending on the sounding music.

Dubstep (dance) consists of sudden accelerations and decelerations. In some cases, even stopping is appropriate. Movement can be short and sharp, and can be protracted. You can suddenly move from slow movements to fast ones, and vice versa. The main thing that it looked beautiful and organic.

The goal of the dance is to convey the mood, pace and rhythm of the track, to feel and imagine his character. You need to play music in an original way, and with the help of your body you can convey the mood to the viewer. You must completely merge with an unpredictable squall of sounds.

All the dancers feel the character and mood of the same track differently, therefore, the dubstep is a dance that provides scope for imagination, an opportunity for self-expression and initiative. The rhythm and tempo of the music will be the same for everyone, so it will unite the dancing people.

In this direction there are no templates. There are only general principles. Everyone can use what is right for him. The dance is developing, so you can not just copy other people's ideas, but also put forward their own.

The abundance of variations of technology is impressive. You can perform various turns, bends, waves, sharp movements of the whole body or just the hands or feet. During the dance, the spectator has various illusions. With sufficiently clear but smooth continuous movements, a sensation appears, as if the body of the dancer bends in places where this is impossible.

The more professional you have, the more spectacular your dance will be. Over time, you will learn to perform quick and unexpected transitions and master this unpredictable and fascinating dance.

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