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How to learn to dance at home?

Everyone likes to dance. It has been scientifically proven that dancing removes stressful conditions, elevates mood and even strengthens immunity. Scientists and doctors are confident that the dance helps to harmonize their relationship with the outside world, strengthen mental activity. And he gives pleasure. But with the ability to dance are not born, it needs to learn. It is enough for some people to see how others move, to immediately adopt their style, to start beautifully to dance yourself. Others have to go to special dance groups. And what to do to those who are not available these opportunities?

How to learn to dance at home? Is it possible? Of course available. Especially in our time, when a virtual dance teacher can be invited home. After all, on the Internet there are many videos that show in detail how to move, performing a particular dance.

However, only video is not enough. Dance, especially modern, is a big load on muscles and ligaments, therefore it is necessary to approach to training or training very carefully, so as not to damage them.

So how to learn to dance at home? First you need to decide what exactly you want to dance. After that it is very desirable to read the history of the chosen dance. After all, any dance is a reflection of the culture of a certain people or stratum of society, and every movement carries an exact semantic load. Misunderstanding the culture of dance often leads to rather ridiculous results.

Once in a conversation with several young Muscovites, first vacationers in the Kuban, unfamiliar with the local culture, but passionately wanting to dance Lezginka, I asked: how to learn to dance Lezginka at home? How did they do it?

The girls were surprised at my inability, offered to teach the dance directly to me in the restaurant where the conversation took place (and the case was in the Kuban). And as soon as the orchestra played lezginka, they jumped out onto the dance floor and began to perform something remotely resembling Shamil's dance, which is often called Lezginka. But ... self-confident creatures performed ... the male part of this dance.

Needless to say, what a joke they are in the Kuban town, where boys and girls dance lezginka learn before they walk?

So, after you have become familiar with the history of dance, the images that it must convey, you need to draw up a schedule of training. In order to understand exactly how to learn how to dance at home, you need to realize that, like in any training, only regular classes can benefit. Therefore, preferably every day.

Training, like any lesson, should be broken down into several stages.

The first is a warm-up or general physical training. Like any occupation of this kind, it must include first exercises, warming muscles, then stretching, strength exercises. It is important to ensure that the warm-up activates absolutely all the muscles: from the neck to the toes (the lezginka, for example, is performed on the fingers). To finish the warm-up you need to relax the whole body, easy self-massage.

The second stage is the repetition of previously studied movements or, if you have just started learning, watching video instructions, repeating it. Fortunately, video lessons on teaching dances are devoted to whole channels on cable television, sites on the Internet. You can use the traditional dance textbooks, where all the movements are painted and painted in detail. Unfortunately, such books are quite difficult to buy today. Therefore, there is only one answer to the question of how to learn to dance tectonics at home (or break dance, or electro, or hip-hop, or tango, etc.): watch the video lessons.

Once you have consolidated the movements or ligaments studied earlier, start introducing new elements into the dance. This will be the third stage of classes. Remember, your task is to achieve freedom of action, to learn how to combine movements so that with each new musical chord a new rhythmic, plastic or figurative pattern is born.

The last stage is the creation of a single dance image. Rehearsing in front of the mirror, try to create an image that corresponds to the culture that gave birth to the dance. For example, one of the directions of tectonics (Milky Way) is designed to demonstrate the playful mood of the dancer, the male party of the lezginka is his militancy, courage, and tango is a passionate passion.

Repeat several times the learned fragment along with the ligaments and transitions and proceed to the relaxing exercises.

Of course, how many people, so many methods of training can exist. Therefore, if you wish, everyone can find their own method of teaching and answer the question themselves, how to learn to dance at home.

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