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Bath-barrel: reviews of those who used

The bathhouse was and remains a pleasure, to which even at times everyone resorts. Even in the rapid life of large megacities people make time to go to steam. However, there is a big difference: to go to the public bath in a subway (on a trolley, tram, own limousine) and to mark the paid time or not hurrying up, tastefully relax in your own, where it smells like you like, people you like, And time can be spent there for at least a day, if only it were to the joy ...

Probably, that's why anyone who bought (inherited or donated - is not important) land, always thinking about the bathhouse on its territory.

The nuances of getting your own steam room

That's where the difficulties begin. Firstly, it is by no means a fact that you have acquired a site that is sufficient in size for another capital structure. Secondly, a solid, brick building will draw a fairly large amount from your budget. Thirdly, it's not a fact that builders will agree to get stuck in the wilderness for a while, where the place of relaxation is being built (well, if they pay more, everything is possible ...). Fourthly: what about your garden-garden, lovingly cherished and certainly affected during the construction? And then it is worth remembering that there is a bath in the form of a barrel. It can become just an ideal way out of the many dead ends.

Varieties of "barrel" baths

By the way, many backgammons used this pair for many centuries. Most often mentioned is a Japanese bath-barrel. Reviews about it, basically, are positive - if you like small volume, constant presence in water and "bubbles". However, this is not quite a dacha option: in bad weather, you will not use such a special property, so you will have to build a separate room - and we again return to the cost and feasibility of capital construction.

The same comments are received also by the Finnish bath-barrel; Reviews of its fans are more supportive at the expense of benches along the sides, and a canopy that allows it to be used also in not very favorable weather conditions. But ... All this is not our choice.

Russian preference

If to be extremely precise in the definitions, it is impossible to name such an option exactly "bathhouse-barrel". Reviews about it while most enthusiastic. However, it is hardly realistic to find a barrel of this size, so that inside it you can comfortably soar. In this case, the outlines of such a pair really resemble the product of a giant cooper. The door to it is most often made from the butt (where there is a built-in crane for filling the wine in a normal barrel), but there are variants with a side entrance. Those who used the bath-barrel, reviews about both locations leave positive.

Technological advantages: easy mobility

And what explains this popularity? First of all, by moving to another place, it's easy to take the construction with you. There is an opportunity - call the tow truck, no - dismantle the components and pack it in the tucked truck. The total weight of the whole room is one and a half tons, and if it is collected from larch, it can be even easier from other types of wood. Such mobility makes feedback about the bath-barrel especially enthusiastic, because you do not have to rebuild the steam room to a new address.

Another plus: compactness

No less enthusiasm is caused by how little space is occupied by the bath-barrel - user reviews say about 8-10 squares. For standard 6 hectare it's just a find!

We will not mention the savings on the erection, in general, let us recall only that such a steam room does not require a foundation, which usually catastrophically facilitates the purse. Even leveling the pad is not necessary, there are installation options on the cross bars.

Again - the furnace. The equipment can be different: in your barrel you can put an electric fireplace designed for baths, and you can equip it with an almost classical wood-coal stove. And in that, and in another case, energy savings will be almost a quarter, if compared with a traditional sauna or bath: our steam room thanks to its device in the summer will warm up in half an hour.

Than the "barrel" is steeper than an ordinary bath

An ordinary steam room is heated for at least two hours. And then, if the construction is successful and keeps the steam well. Whether it's a bath-tub! Reviews (the forum they are just full) say that it's fantastic - only half an hour to wait for the opportunity to steam. Of course, if the street is cold, then the warm-up time will be longer, but still less than in the case of a stationary bath.

The absence of corners provides less accumulation of dust and dirt and greater ease of cleaning. And if you consider that our "barrel" itself is smaller in size, then care for it is not as long and laborious.

Round forms add the smoothness of the distribution of hot air. In an ordinary bath, it rises and keeps under the ceiling, creating an unbearable temperature at the top and almost without giving heat and steam near the floor. In the "barrel" the hot air flows circulate on the walls, maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the volume.

Despite the small size, all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay here. If you do not chase the compactness and stay at a length of 6 meters, you will get even a bath-tub with a shower. However, many prefer to design a separate shower, most often a summer one. In winter it is quite pleasant to plunge into a nearby snowdrift.

An equally pleasant bonus is the wooden base of such a bath. The most recommended for its manufacture are cedar, larch and spruce. All these breeds are quite resistant to dredges and moisture, and besides they undergo additional processing, so your bathhouse will last you a very long time.

Where to get such a miracle?

The popularity of the barrel barrel in recent years has grown so much that the firms that make them grow like mushrooms after the rain. Since the cost of a desired bath can grow strongly due to distant transportation, it makes sense to look for a producer closer to home. But even without taking into account transportation, the bathhouse will cost you at least two hundred thousand rubles. However, if you want to save money, you can order a design without assembly. Of the ready "spare parts" to fold it is not more difficult than a typewriter from a children's designer - perhaps more spacious. Moreover, the manufacturer makes a detailed scheme. Yes, and in case of a possible move to practice. The main joy in this "design", that it can be repeated many times - the reliability of the collected bath does not suffer from collection and analysis.

Conditions necessary for long operation

If you bought a ready-made drum-keg in the assembly, then all necessary technical specifications are observed by the manufacturer. If you purchased it in the form of spare parts, but accurately collected under the scheme, following all the recommendations, then there is nothing to worry about. But if you decide to make yourself a bathhouse from scratch, follow a few tips that will significantly prolong the life of your building.

First, calculate the slope of the floor. The angle is obligatory so that water can drain, otherwise the floor will sooner or late rot. To prevent this, provide and drainage holes (it is better to drain pipes, but it is possible and just on the ground with a drainage ditch).

From the inside, the tree of your barrel should be impregnated with a special compound that increases fire safety, and on the outside - natural linseed oil. It prevents excessive moisture and possible subsequent decay of the walls. If you follow these simple rules, you will have an excellent bath-barrel - reviews of "samostroevtsev" say this unequivocally.

Winter swimming

Most people use the dacha (and the bathhouse on its territory) mainly in warm seasons. However, if you wish and in the cold, the barrel-bath is quite accessible. In winter, consumer feedback worsens in some ways, becoming more enthusiastic in some ways. The fall in enthusiasm, mainly due to the need for warming the steam room for operation in the cold. Usually it is done outside by roll insulation, which, as you know, does not improve the appearance of such an original and self-sufficient structure. On the other hand, the opportunity to frost in a good steam, then flop into a fresh snowball and with new strength to do kebabs, attracts very many. But if you use a bath-barrel in the winter, follow a few tips, otherwise by the summer you will remain without a steam room. Neighboring offices should be heated with the doors open between them. Otherwise, some will warm up well, others will remain the same temperature - and the tree either breaks, or perekorezhit from contrast. When the steaming process is complete, do not extinguish the oven immediately. Let it in the "background" mode will work for another 3-4 hours. Again, all doors except the exterior ones must be open. During this time, the whole room will dry out; As a result, rot and mosses will not get the slightest chance to destroy your wooden bathhouse, there will not be unpleasant smells, the tree will not swell, and the next time all equipment will meet you in order and readiness.

Easy pair to you with a bath-barrel!

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