Children's jeans sarafan with their own hands

One of the most versatile items in the wardrobe, according to moms, is a children's jeans sarafan. It can be worn at any time of the year - in winter on top of a warm turtleneck, and in warm weather with an easy t-shirt.


Handmade has become fashionable for a long time, and masters do not cease to surprise us. All products made by themselves, are obtained as practical as possible, bright and original. They are perfectly seated on their owners, because they were cut, based on their own measurements, and, as a rule, supplemented with an unusual decor. They are simply designed to evoke cues of admiration from others. One of the most popular hand-made models is the child's jeans sarafan. Advantages of this product weight:

  • Allows you to realize all your fantasy.
  • Comfortable, durable and easy to wear.
  • Very economical in terms of financial costs.
  • It goes well with other wardrobe items.
  • The sewing process takes a minimum of time.
  • Another way to please a little fashionista with a new stylish outfit.

Types of models

Children denim sundresses for girls are now presented in a huge range. All models are bright and stylish, each is good in its own way. Jeans well passes air, which means that the child in such clothes will feel comfortable. Determined with the choice of style, it will be necessary to replenish the stocks with the necessary fittings. Now you can proceed directly to tailoring the product. A dress can be:

  • Classical - the most simple cut and minimum trim;
  • Trapezoidal - for convenience and speed of movement;
  • With straps, buttons or locks - easy to operate;
  • Flared - with a fluffy skirt cut "tulip" or "sun", especially good with lace trim;
  • Bright - decorated with various decorative elements.

In priority, the kids always have the convenience, and therefore, it is better to give preference to models of simple cut, because they are universal and practical.

Material selection

Handmade masters recommend patterns of children's jeans sarafans, to do as much as possible simple, especially if you are sewing them for the first time. You can use ordinary old jeans for work. Based on the needs of the child, you should determine the density of the material. For a more ceremonial exit, it's better to choose a fabric thinner, and in everyday wear it showed the classic denim, from which once the first dense and high-quality jeans were sewed.

Preparation for sewing

Old jeans are available to all (especially good in this case, their flared version). Having cut off the top and neatly raspory trousers at the seams, we get almost ready children's jeans sarafan. In this case, the side seam of the breeches will become a decorative finish, which will pass through the center of the gear and the back of the finished product. Before you get started, prepare all the necessary materials in advance:

  1. Jeans, their size will depend on the circumference of the finished product, so you need to take a model for adults.
  2. Sharp scissors, preferably tailors, as they are long and are able to cut thick double seams.
  3. Buttons and strong thread in the color of the product.
  4. Decorative elements - beads, shreds of bright fabric, lace or rhinestones.

A simple model

Children's denim sundress with their own hands can be made using the simplest pattern for the apron. The classical model of our product is very similar to it in style.

  1. Prepare your jeans, separate their upper part with sharp scissors.
  2. The rest of the trouser legs at the seams, you get two straight or slightly flared to the bottom of the rectangle (depending on the model of trousers - classic or flared).
  3. First they need to be stitched, to get the whole canvas.
  4. Now spread it on a flat surface and proceed to cutting (the width of the product corresponds to the waist circumference of the child + allowances for the seam, the length is measured from the chest taking into account the future straps).
  5. The cut out product in shape should resemble an ordinary kitchen apron. If necessary, make grooves. Now you can proceed to the overall assembly of the sundress.
  6. Jeans do not require mandatory processing of the extreme seams and, if desired, they can be left open.
  7. From the remnants of fabric fabricate straps, sewing long strips of material with a finishing seam and sweeping them in the right places to the product. Secure them with buttons.
  8. Do not forget about the periodic fitting, which will make the children's jeans sundress as convenient as possible. If necessary, then fit it in some places.
  9. If everything is good and the child has approved the quality of tailoring, you can proceed with its design.

Two-sided sundresses

This similar model is simple in its performance, suitable for beginner craftsmen, but has its own highlight - the reverse bright side. For work, we need all of the above materials and a piece of variegated multi-colored chintz.

  1. Prepare your jeans, disentangle, melt at the seams. Be sure to keep the decorative seam on the front of the product.
  2. Make a pattern in the form of an apron of denim and exactly the same of calico.
  3. Connect the parts together, putting one on top of the other and threading them along the edges. You will get a two-sided product, which must be sewn with a neat double seam on the back.
  4. Chintz differs in its "flowability", so the edges of this sundress require compulsory treatment.
  5. It remains to sew to it straps and decorate with decorative details.

Finishing and Accessories

Children's jeans sarafans (photo options are presented above) are universal in all respects. They can be supplemented with convenient pockets (pre-stop them with jeans), decorate with a bright border along the edge of the hem, or embroider the straps with beads. Very good on such products look bright fabric flowers, which you just do yourself.

  1. Prepare several paper stencils in the form of flowers of different sizes.
  2. Attach them to the fabric, secure with pins and trim at the edge.
  3. Lay the details on top of each other, fasten them with a beautiful decorative bead.

The more patterns there are, the finer the result will be. It remains to sew a flower to our product in the right place. Such an original sarafan will become an ideal walking variant and one of the most favorite things a child does not want to change to another.

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