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Olesya Zhukova - speech therapist, teacher and writer

How to introduce the child to the letters without harming his development with an early tooth-grinding? What should be the lessons with the alphabet, if the baby has problems with speech? Olesya Zhukova - writer, teacher, author of teaching methods and founder of the speech therapy center in St. Petersburg - helps parents to find answers to these questions.

From biography

Olesya Stanislavovna - a graduate of the Pedagogical Institute. Herzen. Having graduated from the defectology faculty with honors, she got a job in the department of pathology of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of ENT. In 7 years Olesya Zhukova Became the chief speech therapist-methodologist.

Since 2000, for 5 years she has been working as a senior lecturer at the Department of Speech Therapy at the Institute of Family and Child.

To write Olesya Stanislavovna began in 1999. As a result of cooperation with major Russian publishing houses, she quickly gained fame. Since 2006 he has been working with the publishing house "AST". In addition to the current position of the leading editor, Olesya Zhukova holds consultations in her logopedic center.

The total circulation of the writer's books is more than 5 million copies.

"Speech therapist-pro"

The name of the center is also applicable to Oles Stanislavovna - she is really a professional in her field. In the center help babies and adolescents with various speech impairments. Classes are held with children aged one year.

Olesya Zhukova advises parents, then the speech therapists of the center. To attract attention and increase interest in the classroom, toys are used.

Of the minuses called high cost and not the most convenient location. Despite this, parents bring their children to the center to get qualified help. They note an individual approach, high professionalism and quality service.


Great practical experience contributed to the creation of new techniques. They were used not only in work, but also in the manuals written by Olesya Zhukova. Books Are presented in various categories:

  1. For learning letters and learning to read.
  2. To prepare for the letter.
  3. For the development of intelligence, attention and memory.
  4. To prepare for the school.
  5. For babies from 6 months.
  6. For learning the account.
  7. For the development of logic and ingenuity.

This is not all the categories in which there are Zhukova's works. Her bibliography includes more than 60 books. They are designed for children from 6 months to 7 years. Benefits can be used by parents who are eager to develop their child faster, as well as those who do not hurry and do not have much time for classes. Books for teaching children to read are very popular.

ABC for babies

This book has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. Bright colorful drawings that attract attention.
  2. Stressed stresses in words.
  3. The satellite characters present on every page (boy and cat).
  4. Large font, easy to read.
  5. In the alphabet there are names of public places, which speeds up the process of their memorization by the child.
  6. There are various tasks, for example, to lay out a letter with the help of cereals.
  7. There are enclosed cut-out cards, according to which the child can learn syllables and classifications of objects.
  8. In the alphabet is provided a material for reading, which allows to consolidate knowledge.

By cons are the location of the texts before the alphabet. To read them, the child needs to remember the letters and learn how to make syllables, and this material goes in the second half of the book. Despite this shortcoming, the ABC for babies Is popular with parents, because it is pleasant to children. With her help, they quickly learn to read. The book is designed for children from 2 to 5 years. It is important not to confuse it with an edition intended for children from 1 to 2 years.

The ABC for crumbs is another edition. It is intended for those who want to tell friends that the child already knows the letters a year. Psychologists warn about the undesirability of forcing the development of children, but those who wish can try to do this with the help of this book. It is important not to overdo it so that the interest in reading in the child does not fade.


Another popular book, written by Olesya Zhukova, is the primer. One version of this book is designed for children from 3 to 6 years who do not have problems with speech. It has beautiful illustrations, a large font and interesting tasks, which are gradually becoming more complicated. An important advantage is the availability of advice to parents, because not all can properly help a child cope with tasks.

The second ABC is logopedic. Its main difference consists in a fundamentally different order of studying letters and sounds. First come those that are easy to pronounce, then more complex. The book is designed for preschoolers who have problems with speech. In addition to illustrations and large print, readers will be pleased with the fairy-tale characters on her pages.

Books Olesya Stanislavovna will help parents correctly teach children reading, counting and writing. They are perceived by the children positively, because they are made very competently, taking into account the age features.

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