Cities of Rhodes: a journey through the wonders of the world

Rhodes is perhaps the most beautiful island in Greece, which means that it is one of the most visited. A lot of historical monuments and magnificent nature make the island so popular. The cities of Rhodes are located mainly on the coast and are resort.

If the destination of your trip is Greece, the city of Rhodes then must be visited one of the first. Rhodes was named after the Greek sun god . This mythology has imposed a characteristic imprint on the cities of Rhodes. The capital of the island is the city of Rhodes, located off the coast of Turkey, which was the reason for its heyday and devastating ruin. Now the city combines cultural monuments, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and modern architecture. Rhodes is surrounded by stone walls, which are the legacy of the Knights-Johannites, with the surviving palace of the Order restored in the middle of the 20th century. As a resort city, it has a developed infrastructure system: hotels, expensive and not very much, many shops, restaurants and clubs. There are many other places that are interesting to visit, but it is better to describe the map with the sights of the city of Rhodes. Unfortunately, the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes, which brought fame to the island, you will not see. After standing half a century after the erection, it was destroyed by the first earthquake, but you can touch the pedestal and feel yourself involved in history.


Faliraki, located ten kilometers from the capital of the island, with an increasing flow of tourists gradually turned into a major resort center. Like other Rhodes cities , Faliraki has not only a modern part, with hotels and clubs, but also a rather ancient part: the church of St. Nectarius, which is constantly visited by pilgrims, monasteries of St. Amos and the Prophet Elijah. Also in the city one of the best water parks is built, there is an opportunity to play golf, tennis or just sunbathe on a golden beach about four kilometers long. Especially this resort town is popular with young people, when the sun sets and lights turn on.


Having traveled by bus fifty kilometers to Lindos, a small town with narrow streets paved with white stone, it is worth to visit the Acropolis, the second most important in all of Greece. In it in due time there was a residence of the knightly award, and earlier - the temple of Athena Lindia. It is interesting that the Acropolis will have to climb either to "their two", or to cute and well-groomed donkeys, a kind of local taxi. It should be noted and a lot of fountains, preserved from the Byzantine era. In the rest it is not unlike any other Rhodes town resort with sandy beaches and expensive hotels. This resort town is suitable for lovers of peace and tranquility. Throughout the island are also scattered small villages, untouched by tourism, thus preserving the original culture. In one of these places is the valley of butterflies - a place drowning in greenery, where in summer a huge number of butterflies arrive.

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