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Actor Anton Yelchin: filmography of the star. The best roles

"Hearts in Atlantis", "Star Trek", "Terminator. Let the savior come "- pictures, thanks to which the audience became aware of the existence of such a wonderful actor as Anton Yelchin. The filmography of the star contains about 60 film projects and serials. Unfortunately, Anton did not become in June this year, his life was cut short due to a tragic accident.

Anton Yelchin: filmography of the star

Anton's parents dreamed that his son would become a famous figure skater, but fate decided otherwise. To achieve fame as an actor, the boy decided in early childhood. His first attempt to realize this intention was to attend a casting, the purpose of which was to find a child capable of playing Harry Potter. He was not embarrassed even by the fact that the creators of the painting chose the native Englishman.

Of course, this role did not become a debut for a young actor, which at that time was little Anton Yelchin. His filmography began when the boy was only ten years old. He was entrusted with small roles in several well-known TV projects, among them were "Practice", "First Aid", "New York Police".

First successes

"Hearts in Atlantis" is a drama in which Anton Yelchin played one of the key roles. His filmography was replenished with this tape, when the boy turned twelve years old. The legend says that the game of young talent was impressed by the famous Anthony Hopkins, who then became his colleague on the set. The actor admired not only the child's talent for reincarnation, but also his inherent diligence, the will to win.

What was the next role, which was awarded to Anton Yelchin? His filmography was enriched by the well-known television project Doctor Huff. In this series, the young actor embodied the image of the son of a psychiatrist. It is interesting that the boy again received positive feedback from his stellar colleagues. This time his abilities were admired by David Duchovny and Sharon Stone.

It's interesting that after that Dukhovny invited the child he liked to appear in his own directorial debut. In the film "Secrets of the Past" Yelchin played the American teenager Tom. From his early works it is worth noting the role of a teenager whose father threw his mother for another man, who got to Anton in the drama "Jack."

Starry hour

What was the star role, thanks to which became the celebrity actor Anton Yelchin? Filmography of a teenager in 2006 acquired a drama "Alpha Dog", filmed by Nick Cassavetes. The young man perfectly coped with the image of the kidnapped boy, and also met with Justin Timberlake, who became his colleague in the film.

To consolidate the success of Anton helped blockbuster "Star Trek", presented to the audience in 2009. In this tape Yelchin appeared before the audience in the form of an unforgettable pilot-navigator Pavel Chekhov. Of course, one can not fail to mention another famous film, in which Anton Viktorovich Yelchin appeared. His filmography in 2009 acquired a fantastic action movie "Terminator. May a savior come. " In this blockbuster, he happened to play Kyle Riza, to whom all mankind hopes.

What else to see

Of course, not all the well-known roles that the talented Anton Yelchin managed to play by the age of 27 have been listed above. Films that did not manage to acquire the status of blockbusters are also worthy of attention of the fans of the star. For example, critics approve of the image that he created in the comedy drama "Guardian Angel". In this tape, the actor inherited the role of the child, Milo, who was not even born yet. The character of Yelchin is very afraid of stepping on the "terrible" Earth.

In what other films did Anton Yelchin appear, whose films are covered in this article? The uneasy role of the star of American cinema went to the drama "15 minutes of glory", then he shared the set with Robert De Niro. In this picture, the boy portrayed a guy who happened to be in the epicenter of a fire. Also, the young man brilliantly played Dmitry Starodubov, having received this role in the mystical thriller "And the Spider came".

Shooting the tape "You and I" allowed the young man to visit the historical homeland, which is St. Petersburg. It is known that he literally fell in love with the city, where he spent the first months of his life. During this visit, Anton told reporters that he enjoyed watching Russian films made during the Soviet era.

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