A good resting place is a water park in Voronezh

Voronezh is not a very large (though regional) city. Located on the bank of the river and has stunning embankments and beaches. For residents of the city there are many places for recreation and for every taste. But the most popular are, of course, water parks. Water procedures and attractions are very popular with local people, large and small.

"Fishka" - water park in Voronezh: photo and description

Water parks are located on the left bank of the reservoir. One of them is on the territory of the Dolphin park, which was once the most favorite vacation spot for the city dwellers.

This is the territory of age-old pines, and in the old days there were many entertaining attractions on the water and on land. Because of the frequent change of owners, the park came to desolation. And only recently began to reborn. In the northern part of the hotel opened an entertainment complex, which includes a water park.

Aquapark in Voronezh "Fishka" is designed for 500 guests at a time. It has slides for adults and children. In the children's area there is a pirate ship in a 60-cm deep pool. It also provides safe hills, spray squares and fountains. Adult attractions of different heights and steepness. Especially the guests of the park sing out steep "roller coaster", which cause a terrible surge of adrenaline.

The adult pool is divided into two halves. One offers "sea rolling", and the second - a relaxing jacuzzi.

The children's area was separated from the adult by sun beds. In the aqua center there is an inexpensive restaurant. A certificate confirming health is not required at the entrance.

Ticket price

How much does it cost to visit this water park in Voronezh? The standard ticket assumes three hours of rest. Children's tickets from 420 to 670 rubles, an adult can be purchased no more than 850 rubles.

Parnassus Center

What else is the water park in Voronezh? For example, such a place is in the entertainment center "Parnassus", which is located in a covered building. Therefore, guests are welcome all the year round.

It has two slides and a rather large pool with various fountains, hydromassage and geysers. The water park has modern systems of water treatment and air conditioning. The water temperature is maintained comfortable. If aquatic entertainment has become boring, visitors will be offered a pair of comfortable and comfortable sofas.

The services

If you are planning to come to Voronezh, visit the water park Parnas. After all, this is the favorite place of rest for the townspeople. The organizers provided everything here. Water entertainments are located in the premises of a large entertainment complex, which makes it possible to organize various entertainment events. In walking distance from the water park "Parnassus" there is a night club, a billiard room, a cafe and a bowling alley.

In this aqua center, guests are offered the following services:

- descents from water slides;

- swimming in the pool;

- relaxation in the sauna;

- a session of water aerobics;

- hydromassage;

- Help of a swimming instructor.

The swimming pool in Parnassus is an unforgettable pleasure. It is organized in such a way that both for children and adults there is a full set of pleasures, and even health is where to restore.

The filtration of water in the basin is carried out by a special certified station. The temperature is maintained comfortable. And in specially designated "windmills" there are hydromassages and a geyser. They relax after a hard week of work and are charged with positive emotions.

You can complete the relaxation course in one of the saunas. Get pleasure from the healing couple can up to eight people at once.

Lovers of active recreation water park invites to water slides. There are two. Stunning impressions of descent from a ten-meter height are not forgotten for a long time.

In addition to entertainment, the water park represents a course of health and educational programs. Very much loved by the guests of "Parnassus" classes of water aerobics for children and adults. There are training courses for children swimming, and adults are offered classes of therapeutic swimming, which are famous for their health-improving effect throughout Voronezh. Classes are conducted by qualified instructors.

Particularly nice to come to the water park "Parnassus" in the winter cold. Warm water, cozy atmosphere - a piece of hot summer as a gift!

In the summer, the water park in Voronezh is invited to stunning parties with discos, karaoke and dance shows. The charge of positive emotions is assured.

Aquapark (Voronezh): prices

Children can visit the pool at a price not more than 110 rubles, adults - 220 rubles. Acquiring a subscription, you can practice aqua aerobics for 1 680 rubles (8 classes). Services instructor swimming for children for eight classes will cost 1 440 rubles, for adults for 10 classes already 6 480 rubles. A health certificate is not required.


Water parks in Voronezh often offer various promotions and discounts. In particular, children under 6 years are allowed to visit these complexes for free. If the guest birthday - the organizers give the second hour of stay in the aqua center (upon presentation of the document). Pensioners are offered a ticket with a discount of up to 30%. Children's groups over ten people on weekdays can buy tickets for 90 rubles, and on weekends only 120 rubles. Adult companies also get a discount - a 200 rubles ticket per person.

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