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Cake from custard - delicate treat, exquisite taste

When mentioning the custard, the first thing that comes to mind is profiteroles and eclairs. However, you can cook not only cakes from it. A cake from a pastry dough is a great alternative to the usual products. It can be made from traditional cakes, interlaid with cream, or consist of small cakes.

Cake cake cake: recipe with photo

Let's start with the more traditional on the configuration of delicacies. A cake made of custard, consisting of cakes, as you might guess, differs from cakes only at the time of baking. The dough is laid out on the baking tray with a continuous "cloth", and not in separate portions. For cooking you need a simple set of products: eggs (4 pieces), vegetable and butter (50 grams), water (200 ml), flour (130 g) and a pinch of salt.

Water and both types of oil are placed in a saucepan. There goes the salt. The mixture is brought to a boil, then reduces the fire to the smallest. Add flour to the liquid and mix thoroughly. Ideally for this use a wooden spatula. Stir better always. A lot of time for preparation will not be required. The dough will first become homogeneous, and then it will begin to easily separate from the walls of the pan. Now it's ready. The mixture is cooled for about 5-10 minutes, and then begins to inject eggs. Add one at a time and thoroughly mix each time. The dough will first become lumpy, but then turn into a smooth and homogeneous one. Ready, it gently shines and stretches behind a spoon or scapula.


The above quantity of food is enough for two 30 x 40 cm corks. A suitable baking sheet is covered with paper. It spreads the dough thin, more or less even layer. The oven is heated to 200 degrees. One cake is baked for about 10 minutes. The ready hot layer should be removed immediately from the paper. When both cakes are ready and cooled, everyone is divided into three equal parts.

Cake pastry with custard

A very delicate cake is obtained if the cakes are sandwiched with a custard. In the classic version of the recipe, it is prepared without the addition of flour or starch, often at the end of it, the butter is driven into it. Consider a simplified version. In it, flour is used as an additional thickener for greater guarantee of the result.

Eggs are beaten in a saucepan (4 pcs.), Then a glass of sugar is added to them and all are combined with a mixer or whisk. Sugar, perhaps, will not go completely - it's not scary. In the pan add 2 tbsp. L. Flour and mix, then pour in half a liter of milk and mix again. The container is placed on a minimal fire and heated with constant stirring. When the cream boils, remove it from the plate and add a sachet of vanillin to the mixture. The ready weight is cooled. A pan should be covered with a towel so that a crust does not form on the surface. The cooled cream is used for the cake layer.

Sour cream variant

No less delicate and delicious is a cake from a custard batter with sour cream. In the simplest version, the cakes are smeared with sour cream, whipped with sugar. You can complicate the task by preparing a custard, but instead of milk, use sour cream. To do this, mix egg, sugar (120 g), flour (2 tablespoons), vanillin and sour cream (300 g, fat content - 25-30%) in the saucepan. Cream on medium heat bring to a boil with continuous stirring. The mass should thicken at the same time. The sauté pan is removed from the fire and covered with a food film so that it touches the surface of the cream. In the cooled mixture add a piece of softened butter (200 g), each time whipping. The cream is ready!


A custard cake can consist of individual cakes. Interesting this option is that when you feed it, you do not even need to cut it. Guests can break off individual cakes, impregnated with cream.

For the dough, put butter (150 g) in a saucepan and pour 375 ml of water. The mixture is brought to a boil and, as in the previous recipe, reduce the heat and pour pre-cooked flour (240 g). Using a spatula, the dough is kneaded to a smooth state. It will be ready when it moves away from the walls and gathers into a ball. The pan is removed from the heat and left to cool for 10 minutes. Then in the dough one is driven into 6 eggs. It should become smooth and homogeneous. The dough is placed in a confectionery bag and spread on a paper-covered baking tray of the same length. Use for this is best round nozzle with a diameter of 1 cm. The size of mini-eclairs depends on the plate or dish, on which it is planned to collect the cake. As a rule, they are made about 20 cm in length.

Cakes are baked in a heated to 200 ºС oven to a golden brown (about 30 minutes). The finished chopsticks are cooled and then dipped in turn into a cream and spread on a dish in the form of a woodpile.

This is how the cake is made from a custard batter. The recipe with the photo above allows you to improvise and create new delicacies. Changing the cream and adding fruit, you can create something new and interesting. Cake from a custard, especially a version with cakes, is quite easy to perform, even the landlady will cope with it, just starting to try their hand at baking. Bon Appetit!

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