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"Bird's milk" (candy): size, caloric content, prescription at home, photo

"Bird's milk" is a sweet, whose taste is familiar to the majority of the inhabitants of our country since childhood. A delicate chocolate souffle first appeared in Poland in the distant 30's. Once in the USSR, the delicacy became the favorite of sweet tooth for a long time. Gradually the "Bird Milk" sweets, the recipe of which later was adapted by Soviet confectioners to make a cake, turned from a scarce dessert into a familiar treat, but still very beloved.

Indescribable tenderness

The history of delicacies begins in Poland. In 1936, sweets with a delicate souffle and a thin layer of chocolate began to be produced in Warsaw at the E. Wedel factory. The popularity of the confectionery quickly surpassed the country's borders. "Bird's milk" is a candy, named for its unique taste. The expression "bird's milk" means something unattainable and fantastically beautiful. The candy recipe, developed at the Jan Vedel factory, is still kept secret.

Overseas sweetness

The conquest of the USSR "Bird Milk" began in 1967. The candy was brought to Moscow from Czechoslovakia by the Minister of Food Industry. The delicacy was enjoyed by the members of the government. Soon it was decided to create the Soviet candy "Bird's Milk". Recipe for delicacies tried to create confectionery factories throughout the country. Lush soufflé required special temperature conditions, special equipment for whipping. The Vladivostok confectionary factory managed the best.

"Bird Milk" walks around the country

In the following year, 1968, candies began to produce for the joy of the Moscow sweet tooth and the Moscow factory "Rot Front." Originally, delicate confectionery products were produced in small portions. The complexity of the manufacturing procedure at that time was faced with imperfections in technology. As a result, production could not meet the demand for sweets.

As the confectionery business in the country developed, the number of "Bird Milk" produced increased. In mass production the delicacy was launched in 1975 at the Moscow factory "Krasny Luch".

How candy became a cake

The emergence of the cake "Bird's Milk" is associated with the name of the Soviet confectioner Vladimir Guralnik. He worked in the famous Moscow restaurant "Prague". To try the candies "Bird's milk" he managed at the factory "Krasny Luch". Delicacy made a strong impression on the pastry chef, and he decided to create a cake based on his recipe. The implementation of the idea, however, was hampered by some of the nuances of technology. The size of the candy "Bird's Milk" is very small. If the same recipe is used to make a cake, the souffle loses its properties - it becomes viscous and sticky. For about half a year the confectioners' team, led by Vladimir Guralnik, was looking for a new recipe, trying to improve the technology. As a result, the necessary ingredients were found, and the cake with tender soufflé, light cakes and chocolate glaze was put into production.

New recipe

"Bird's milk" is a candy that includes milk, gelatin, sugar syrup, chocolate and other ingredients. The cake recipe, created by Guralnik, included a slightly different set of products. Instead of gelatin, agar-agar, a substance derived from algae, was used for soufflé. Among other ingredients, the composition includes condensed milk, butter, sugar syrup and protein mass.

The confectioners of the restaurant "Prague" prepared for the first time a small number of cakes. However, a few months after the start of production, the party of delicacies reached 500 pieces. Soon cakes began to bake at other factories in the country - Vladimir Guralnik did not hide the recipe from his colleagues.

Home-made sweets "Bird's milk": ingredients

Today, candy can be cooked at home. Favorable difference of such delicacy is the absence of preservatives, which are added to the composition to increase the shelf life of products. In order to cook candies "Bird's Milk" at home, you will need a small amount of products:

  • Concentrated (condensed) milk - 1 glass;
  • Any fruit or berry juice - 1 glass;
  • Chocolate (better bitter) - one tile (100 g);
  • Gelatin - 10 g;
  • Sour cream - 3 tbsp. Spoons.

All products are available to the general consumer.

Sweets "Bird's Milk": a recipe at home

Preparation of delicacy in this version of the recipe begins with the preparation of gelatin. To soak you need a tablespoon of juice. The substance is filled with liquid and left for an hour. Then the swollen gelatin is placed in a saucepan and a glass of juice is sent there. The container is placed on a small fire and heated until the gelatin is completely dissolved. In this case, the contents of the pan must be constantly stirred.

The condensed milk is added to the cooled liquid and all is beaten until the foam forms. The mixture is laid out in suitable forms and sent to the refrigerator. Approximate cooling time is 6 hours. Candy is best placed in the refrigerator, and not in the freezer. When the treat stops, you can get it from the molds. For glaze chocolate is melted in a water bath along with sour cream. The mixture should be stirred until it has a uniform consistency. Candies are covered with frosting on one side, and then sent to the refrigerator. After solidification, the procedure is repeated: the candies glaze with chocolate on the other side.

Cake "Bird's Milk": Korzhi

A cake with tender soufflé, thin cakes and chocolate glaze is an excellent variant of delicacies for a home celebration. For its preparation, it is best to use agar-agar, but you can also use more customary gelatin. The composition of the cakes includes the following products:

  • Sugar - 100 g;
  • Butter (soft) - 100 g;
  • Eggs - 2 pieces;
  • Flour - 140 g;
  • Baking powder - 1/3 tsp;
  • Vanilla extract - 2-3 drops.

For baking cakes you can use two shapes of different diameters. Then one layer of dough will become the basis of the cake, and the second will "sink" in the soufflé.

Sugar must be mixed with butter and vanilla extract. Then add eggs to the mixture one at a time, without stopping to whip. In a separate bowl, sift flour with a baking powder, into which eggs and butter are added. All thoroughly beaten and laid out according to the forms. The cakes are sent to the oven for about 10 minutes. The temperature should reach 180 °. Ready cakes are taken from the oven and left to cool.

How to cook soufflé

To prepare a magnificent soufflé, as mentioned above, you will need 4 g of agar-agar. The complete list of necessary ingredients looks like this:

  • Agar-agar-4 g;
  • Butter (soft) - 200 g;
  • Evaporated milk - 100 g;
  • Egg whites - 105 g (about 4 eggs);
  • Citric acid - half a teaspoon;
  • Water 270 ml;
  • Sugar - 430 g.

Before cooking agar-agar it is necessary to soak for several minutes in water. The butter is separately beaten with condensed milk and set aside. Water with prepared agar agar is mixed and put on fire. The mixture is brought to a boil and added with granulated sugar, then again brought to a boil. Ideally, the temperature of the liquid in the pan should rise to 117º. It is best to use a culinary thermometer to measure it. If it is not, you can determine the readiness of the syrup using a soft ball test. A little sweet mixture is dripped into a container of cold water. Then they try to assemble the ball with their fingers. If it turned out - then the syrup is ready. On average, it takes 15 minutes to boil it.

5 minutes before the syrup is ready, it is necessary to start whipping the proteins with citric acid. The finished syrup is introduced into the proteins in a fine trickle, whilst they continue to be whipped. The mixture will increase significantly in volume, get a beautiful shine, will become thick. It is important that the temperature of the whipped proteins does not drop below 45º, since at 40º the agar-agar starts to solidify. In the finished proteins add a mixture of butter and condensed milk and mix until homogeneous. Then they quickly collect the cake.

Glazing and assembly

Half the souffle is poured into the mold, it is covered with a smaller size. Then the remainder of the souffle is sent to the form. The last is the second cake: it needs to be pressed a little into the lush milk mass. In order to avoid cavities in the soufflé, it is necessary to knock the form with the cake several times on the table, and then remove it into the freezer for 3 hours if prepared in silicone form or in the refrigerator before solidification - if in a detachable one.

For the glaze take 75 g of chocolate without additives and 50 g of oil. Everything melts in a water bath and mixes. After the freezer, the cake is taken out of the mold and left to warm slightly. The airy delicacy is covered with glaze and adorned.

Sweets "Bird's milk", caloric content of which is 45 kcal in one piece, can not be called a dietary dish, like the cake of the same name. At the same time, they are less likely to harm a figure than many other types of confectionery.

Now, like 20-30 years ago, one of the most favorite delicacies of the inhabitants of our country is the "Bird Milk" sweets. The photo, the smell and taste of the delicate soufflé in the chocolate glaze recalls the happy days of childhood. Today, confectionery products that came to the country from Poland, ceased to be a deficit. Nowadays "Bird's Milk" is a candy produced by different factories, slightly varying the recipes, and many mistresses who want to please the family with the most delicious dessert.

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