Apple tree Alesya: a description of the variety, fineness of care, reviews of gardeners

Apple-tree is a cultural plant, which differs with relatively easy adaptation to any climatic conditions. This garden tree is not afraid of frost and drought, because this is a popular fruit culture.

The variety of varieties of apple trees is amazing. Some of them are distinguished by fastidiousness in care, and others - on the contrary. Familiarize yourself with the apple tree Alesya, which is used to grow in gardens and Belarusians, and Russians and Ukrainians.

Brief description of the apple of Alesya variety

Trees are not high in themselves. It is much easier to take care of such apple trees and harvest from them. This is a positive feature of the apple tree Alesya, which allows growing garden crops on small farms and on an industrial scale. Although the tree and small in size, yields are high. Fruits concentrate closer to the top of the crown, securely attached to the shoots. Fruit apple trees annually, delighting with the first harvest in 4-5 years after planting the seedling.

The garden culture is resistant to frost. Apple trees of this variety are not afraid of severe winters. Alesya is rarely affected by scab or powdery mildew, as it is well resistant to diseases.

The main advantage of apple varieties Alesya: for fruits characterized by high, even record keeping quality.

Description of fruits

Outwardly, apples look attractive. Even looking at the picture, not yet knowing about the characteristics of the variety, potential buyers of seedlings choose this species.

Apples Alesya is easy to recognize by size - it's round fruit with an average weight of 145-160 grams. The skin is greenish-yellow, after ripening it becomes pinkish with blush.

The pulp is juicy, white, homogeneous texture, the taste is sweet and sour. Apples are easy to recognize by the persistent pleasant aroma, reminiscent of the winter season about summer.

Given the above characteristics of the fruit, both serving and virtues, it is clear, for which the wonderful apple tree received Alesya. 97% of gardeners speak positively about this variety.

Care instructions

Care for the apple tree Alesya does not differ from the standard system of supporting the species in a cultured state. Next, we'll look at all the steps that gardeners have to fulfill.


The first rule is pruning branches. Alesya, like other apple trees, at a young age requires careful control over the growth of shoots and the formation of the tree crown. Young trees are cut every year. This contributes to early fruit bearing.

Not less important in the role played by the thinning of fruits and ovaries. The process of development of apples from the end of flowering to the end of the formation must be carefully controlled. If you notice a fetus of irregular shape or formed with flaws, remove it. If the branches are too congested, the apples are thinned, leaving 1-2 ovules at each of the starts.


Apple Alesya will not interfere with the fertilizer. Feeding will ensure normal growth and good fruiting of specimens. If you do not make a mineral complex and organic fertilizers, then the tree will begin to lose vitality: the leaves will turn yellow and fall off, and the life activity of the plant will slow down.


Do not forget about watering. In freshly planted seedlings are in need of moisture. In a hot season they are watered 3-4 times a day, at the rate of watering 30-40 liters of water per unit. When fruits begin to ripen on the branches, frequent watering is stopped to preserve the integrity of the apples. For the winter, apple trees are hummocked and mulched by humus. This will help the seedlings to survive the cold season easier and resume their development by spring.

Photo of the apple tree Alesya, description and rules of care of the plant will help determine the choice of seedlings for the garden. Do not doubt that this variety will become a worthy addition to the fruit plantations on the site. In spring you will be pleased with the flowering garden, and in autumn - a plentiful harvest.

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