Belfry-Chinese, apple-tree: description, features of care, cultivation and reviews

Old varieties of apple trees are often forgotten, paying attention to new ones. But in fact many of them do not concede to fashionable novelties, and sometimes and surpass them on some parameters. One of these varieties is the apple tree of Bellefler-Chinese.

Variety description

A tree of high stature, with a wide round crown. It is formed by thick branches. Begins to give the first fruits for the sixth year of life. Apples are placed on last year's growths and fruit twigs. Their number is average. But every year it is almost the same. Apple tree yields annually. Fruits do not crumble and can hang for a long time on the branches.

The leaves are dark green or even dark gray, large, oval, covered with fuzz from below. Shoots of light brown color, reddish, also with a margin. Lentils on the branches are rounded.

Belfry-Chinese is an apple-tree, which is now grown on dwarfish rootstocks. This allows you to significantly reduce the area under the tree of this variety, and on the saved territory to grow other trees.

Bellefler-Chinese is an apple tree of late maturity. Apples are stored in good condition for about two months. And if you store them in a cool place, they can lie down until January.

It is believed that for the middle strip the variety Belfler-Chinese is autumnal, and for the southern stripes it is late.

But her immunity to disease is weak. Affects scab and powdery mildew apple Bellefler-Chinese.

Description of fruits

Fruits can be very large. The weight of one can be even 500 g! But their average weight is much less, but also impressive - 190 g. The apple is round, slightly elongated. Saucer is shallow.

The main color is yellow. Cover coat is very beautiful, pink. It is located on the fruit stripes or spots and gives the apple a very beautiful view, covering at least half the area. Light subcutaneous points - one of the hallmarks of the variety.

The aromatic pulp of white color is filled with a lot of sweet and sour juice. It is fine-grained and dense. The peculiarity of the variety is that its fruits have a spicy taste.

When apples are torn, their peel is light yellow. But the fruits are not yet ready for consumption. They are not yet ripe. In order for this to happen, you need to let them lie down in a place with low humidity for two weeks. Gradually, as it ripens, the color of the skin changes, and apples become white with a bright pink blush.


The Belfl-Chinese variety was obtained at the beginning of the last century from the crossing of the American apple-tree Belfler yellow with China large-fruited. And I. Michurin did it himself!

The variety was very popular in the Central Chernozem region, in the North Caucasus, Ukraine and Armenia. Then new varieties of apple trees appeared, resistant to frost and disease. They pushed Bellefleur-China out to the Caucasus, where she is still growing.


The number of apples of this variety varies depending on the age and the growth zone. In the south, it is higher than in the middle band.

The yield of young trees begins to grow after 15 years. And after 20 years it reaches 200 c / ha.

Frost resistance

Belfry-Chinese is an apple tree, which is poorly adapted to winter frosts. That is why the area of its distribution was reduced to insignificant territories.

Comments gardeners talk about how you can get a frost-resistant tree. For this, they advise you to pin a branch of this variety to a more frost-resistant trunk.


Belfl-Chinese is an apple tree that requires an external pollinator. They can be varieties Antonovka, Cinnamon striped, Autumn striped. Not the best, but acceptable are Pepin saffron and Slavyanka.


Unfortunately, the apple-tree of Belfler-Chinese is unstable to the scab . Comments gardeners say that the tree of this variety can not be grown without appropriate treatment from the causative agents of this disease. In order to protect the apple trees from the scab, gardeners are advised to plant them in elevated areas. The air must pass freely between the branches.

Resistance to disease depends on the nutrition of the tree. Belfl-Chinese is an apple tree, in which an excess of nitrogen fertilizers increases the risk of scab disease.

If the soil around the tree is acidic, it is usually deoxidized in the vicinity of the stump circle. But in a few years the roots grow and penetrate into the soil, unsuitable for growing apple trees. This also contributes to the development of the disease. Therefore, the pit size for planting apple trees is better to dig as much as possible.

To prevent scab, the leaves under the trees are removed in the autumn. Use to prepare compost, covering the ground with a layer of at least 7 cm. In this case, the spores of the fungus causing the scab will not develop.

From chemical preparations it is possible to use "HOM", "Skor", "Horus", 1% copper sulphate. A good result is sprayed with an early Bordeaux liquid in the early spring. But it needs to be done before the kidneys swell.


The cultivation and care of apple trees of the Belfler-Chinese variety is largely due to the tendency to infect the scab. This is also planting on a spacious, elevated place, and digging up the stump circle every fall.

The pit for planting needs to be prepared more, 1 m deep and 1 m wide. The distance between the trees should be at least 4 m.


The seedlings are rather tall, the bark is dark brown in color. An interesting feature of the leaves is that they grow almost perpendicular to the stem.

The planting time for this variety depends to a large extent on the composition of the soil in the place where the apple-tree of Belfler-Chinese will grow. Saplings in chernozem or loams can be planted two weeks after the pit is ready.

Comments gardeners advise when planting in sandy soil first lining the bottom with moss, make fertilizer. Landing in such soil, they are advised to spend the next year.

The soil, mixed with fertilizers, falls asleep on the bottom of the pit, up to about half. Score a peg that will support the tree. Pour a mound of the remaining soil, set a tree on it. Its roots before it are slightly pruned, soaked in a clay chattle. Set the seedling by determining the location of the root neck. If the seedling has a pinhook, then it is turned towards the north. The rest of the earth falls asleep, carefully sealing it.


The tree is watered regularly after planting. The trunk and the thickest branches are treated with slaked lime. This will protect them from sunburn. The stalk circle is mulched. Over time, the shelter layer can thin out. Therefore, you need to add it. Clean the weeds.


Apples are sorted by selecting the same in size. Put in boxes and set in a room with a temperature of about 0 degrees. So apples can be stored for several months, until January. Although this period is often shorter, until the end of November.

Apples of the variety Belfler-china can be transported for long distances. They normally carry transportation.

Large apples of the Belfry-Chinooke emit a large amount of ethylene, which harms other foods harvested for the winter. Therefore, it is desirable to store them separately.


Now Belfler-Chinese is an apple tree, which is used more for breeding new varieties. Cultivated for consumption in its food only in the north of the Caucasus. And in the last century it was common in more northern regions.

Now some gardeners use the property of apple trees of this variety to give very large fruits. Therefore, they often grow a sort of apple-tree Bellefler-Chinese to serve them as their achievement at various exhibitions.

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