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Window decoration in the living room. Modern decoration of the window in the living room: photo

For each room, the window is very important, because it is the main, and often the only source of natural light in the apartment. That is why it is necessary to take a very responsible attitude towards its design.

The design of the living room is always connected with a lot of questions - how to arrange furniture, what to choose wallpaper, what should be the flooring. And only about the window, we remember the last turn, when all the "dirty" work is finished. And this is not entirely true, because the atmosphere in your living room largely depends on it. It will require you to pay special attention, because in this room you meet dear guests, going with the people closest to you. In the interior of this room everything should be harmonious both from the point of view of aesthetics and from the point of view of comfort.

Style Selection

The curtains you choose - their design, color, texture - will always create a certain atmosphere of the room and even its mood.

The most important thing is that the curtains do not get out of the general style of the room. Everything is important here - their composition, shape, color, fabric texture, etc. Those models that will fit harmoniously into the hi-tech style, will absolutely look ridiculous in the classical living room, and vice versa.

The decoration of the windows in the living room (the photo you can see in our article) depends largely on the area of the room, the size and shape of the windows, and also on what floor your apartment is located. Do not be surprised - the apartments that are on the ground floors, with windows to the north side, suffer from poor natural lighting. The same can be said of the living rooms, the windows of which are obscured by any street objects - shrubs, trees, close-standing houses, etc. In this case, you must permanently abandon the massive and dense curtains. They only aggravate the problem with lighting. Therefore, in this case, the models, the least shading windows, will do.

The window decoration in the living room will be competent if you clearly understand the functions that the curtains must perform. Features of the original design of the windows are as follows:

  • Curtains should not violate the harmony of the living room, they must match the basic color scheme of the room.
  • Correctly chosen models should strengthen the festive atmosphere of the room. The decoration of the windows in the living room (photos of interesting options can be seen in design magazines) should strictly correspond to the style of the room.

Curtains according to style

Curtains in the living room should be more beautiful and elegant than in the bedroom or in the kitchen. They are the finishing touch of the interior. Often in modern living rooms you can see how they are originally located on the window.

If in your living room you make a suspended ceiling from plasterboard, then make a kind of groove in it, and there build an anchorage for curtains and curtains. This is a universal option, how stylish it is possible to make the decoration of windows in the living room. This option is suitable for any interior.

If your room is decorated in Chinese style, then from the hidden cornice it is better to refuse. In this case, any wooden construction or string, which was often used in the Soviet era, is more suitable. Oriental styles are an embodiment of austerity and minimalism, therefore it is better to make curtains from real Chinese silk (the fabric is quite expensive, heavy and dense), or they can be made of monophonic flax.

Window decorating with curtains in the living room, if it is sustained in country style, allows multi-layering. Fabric is better to choose with a floral print. Today we will introduce the most common and popular types of curtains for the living room.


To date, this is the most popular window decoration in the living room, as the classic fits many styles of interior. They can be figurative or traditional, strict, quilted, arched, straight, decorated with bows or flowers.

Curtains on hinges

For such models you need to buy a decorative cornice. Curtains hang on him. The hinges can be made from basic fabric or finishing.

Blinds on the Ties

The design of the window in the living room can be very diverse. This version of the curtains has elegant woven ties. They are made from basic fabric or contrasting, finishing.

Curtains with Lambrequin

These curtains are hung directly in front of the curtain. They are equal to the width of the ledge - this helps to hide the top part. From below they are decorated with braid or fringe.

Japanese Curtains

This model has a width of about a meter and is a rectangular and narrow cloth, which are installed on the guide rail. They can easily be moved, and thus change the design. Japanese curtains resemble a screen or screen. Most often they are used when you need a window in the living room in the style of minimalism or hi-tech.

French curtains

This original model is a one-piece fabric made of fabric (of very different texture), assembled into horizontal and vertical folds. They appear due to vertical festons, while the fold is distributed along the entire length. Curtains are always attached, both in the lowered and in the raised state. They look very elegant and solemn and can decorate any living room.

Austrian curtains

The modern design of the window in the living room welcomes the use of this model. Absolutely flat fabric very easily folds into undulating folds. If such curtains are dropped, they will be perfectly straight, similar to a curtain. The lower part of the curtains is decorated with magnificent frills and elegant ruffles. Such curtains are raised thanks to the eaves mechanism, but at first they are put on hinges or rings located on the wrong side.

London Curtains

Window decoration in the living room with such curtains will make it very elegant. They have folds, are made from fabric to strip. They are raised and lowered using a cord.

Roman curtains

These models are widely used today, due to the fact that they are suitable for almost any style. This is a fabric two-sided canvas, corresponding to the size of the window. Inside it are placed rigid cross-pieces, which are connected together. The Roman blinds are draped when raised, forming beautiful folds.

You can show fantasy and "mix" different types of curtains, thus creating a completely new model.

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