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Baked apples in a microwave oven - the most useful dessert

About healing properties of baked apples go to the whole legends and on that there are good reasons. Very often they say even that fresh apples very lag behind in this matter from baked ones. These fruits contain a lot of different vitamins, potassium, sugars, iron and salts. The most important advantage is pectin. If you thoroughly clean baked apples from the skin, you will get an indispensable medicine for the treatment of bowel diseases, pancreatitis (especially chronic). They are also often used in the treatment of cholecystitis and hepatitis.

Doctors recommend baked apples as vitamins after various operations on the abdominal cavity, because they help restore digestion, remove all unnecessary and harmful substances from the body.

In winter it is especially useful to eat baked apples with currants, then no infection can slip into the body.

Dietitians advise a "sweet diet", which consists in the fact that a day must necessarily eat a few baked apples and drink them with kefir. They argue this is just because the body receives useful substances and at the same time cleanses, normal digestion is restored. Only with this method of nutrition, it is necessary to replenish the stores of fats in the body, that is, eat a little fat and mayonnaise.

Baked apples in the microwave are a delicious dessert that can be cooked in ten minutes. There are several ways of making this useful sweetness: in a microwave and in the oven. How to cook baked apples? There are a lot of recipes for this dish, it all depends on what kind of stuffing to choose.

First you need to cut the core of the apple. In this, all cooking methods are one. Then you can fall asleep in the middle of the sugar and put the bake. Baked apples in the microwave will be ready after five minutes, and cooking the dessert in the oven will take no more than fifteen minutes.

Fillings can be completely different, it all depends on the taste. You can use cottage cheese, cinnamon and sugar, nuts and honey. Continue this list is endless.

For example, you can cook baked apples in a microwave with curd. To do this, only 3 or 4 sweet and sour apples are needed, in which dense pulp, egg, about two hundred grams of cottage cheese, sugar, vanillin and cinnamon can be taken to taste. The first thing to do is to grind the egg yolk along with sugar and cottage cheese, then add cinnamon and vanillin to the mixture. Next, you need to cut off the "lid" of the apple and cut out the core. The best spoon for this is a special spoon that has sharp edges. In this way, you will get a kind of pots, into which you need to add stuffing. After this, put it in the microwave until it is ready. Such dessert is usually served along with sour cream or jam.

There are several small secrets that will help correct the errors and make the baked apples in the microwave ideal.

First, in the oven, microwave oven, and especially apples baked in aerogrill very often burst, they can certainly eat, but the appearance will not be the same as expected. In order for this to happen, you need to puncture the fruit a little before putting it in a bake, then they definitely will not be able to burst.

Secondly, when cooking apples in the oven, they often burn out. This problem is so serious that it can leave guests without dessert at all. What do we have to do? How to fix it? Everything is very simple! It is enough to cover a pot of apples with apples and cover nothing.

If there is a desire to cook something special, then it's enough just to fantasize. Apple can be cooked with anything, and most importantly - you choose the way of cooking!

Bon Appetit!

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