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The signal weapon MR-371 - characteristics, advantages, features of operation

The signal pistol MP-371 is developed on the basis of the legendary combat weapon PM (Makarov's pistol). It is noteworthy that the producers of the blank model copied not only the external design of the real sample, but also the principle of operation of all functional parts and mechanisms.


When developing the signal model MP-371, the manufacturer resorted to the method of full firing of real weapons. At the same time, thanks to the specific features of the mechanical part, such a gun is absolutely impossible to convert back into combat. To purchase, wear and use as a means of self-defense , the MP-371 gun does not require a permit.

A signal model is used to provide a sound signal. The loud exhaust, which resembles a real shot from a firearm, acts simultaneously as a repulsive factor for the attacker and makes it possible to attract the attention of others.

Signal pistol MR-371 - characteristics

Among the parameters of the gun is the following:

  • Caliber - 5.6 mm;
  • Capacity of the cartridge - 8 cartridges;
  • The material of the body and the shutter - metal;
  • Material of the handle - plastic;
  • Descent - adjustable;
  • Type of safety system - non-automatic;
  • Mode of fire - semi-automatic;
  • Ammunition - bursting capsule "Zhevello";
  • Platoon - double action;
  • Sighting means - open type;
  • Weight - 730 g;
  • The total length of the pistol is 161.5 mm;
  • The length of the trunk is 93.5 mm.


Conducting fire from the pistol MR-371 involves the use of specialized capsules "Zhevello", which have a flammable effect. The latter are placed in cartridges, the appearance of which simulates live ammunition. All ammunition is initially included in the set of the signal pistol. Therefore, when buying a means of self-protection, the user does not have to separately look for suitable cartridges.

In the store of a standard, unmodified signal pistol, 8 cartridges with noisy flammable cartridges are placed. Such a blank ammunition can be made of brass or plastic. The latter option is characterized by a lower price and is intended for single use. Brass primers assume the possibility of recharging for re-use.

Usually, when buying the MP-371 signal pistol in the kit, the consumer is offered plastic disposable cartridges for charging the magazine. Brass cartridges are often purchased separately. However, regardless of the nature of the capsules, recharging the gun is required after each shot.


Operation of the MP-371 signal pistol is absolutely safe. The injury resulting from contact with flammable substances is possible only with reckless use of the weapon, for example, the direction of the trunk towards the face. For this reason, it is recommended that the gun is kept out of the reach of children.

Use a signal weapon should be used solely to attract attention or when special effects need to be created. As for the possibilities of using the pistol for real self-defense, they are extremely limited. However, the sharp loud clap, which occurs when the cap is broken, can scare off both attacking and aggressive animals. An important role is played by the realistic appearance of the weapon, which also can become a repulsive factor for intruders.


What are the advantages of the MP-371 signal pistol in front of other popular examples of blank armament for self-defense? First of all, the attention of the domestic consumer is attracted by the design of the model, which completely repeats the external design of the legendary Makarov.

Components MP-371 are completely made of high-strength weapon steel, in contrast to the same imported models, which are mainly made of plastic. For this reason, there is no doubt about the reliability and long life of such weapons.

Users who have already purchased the MR-371 pistol never complain about any repair problems. In wide access there is always a whole necessary set of components. Spare parts to restore the efficiency of the self-defense signaling means can be purchased in almost any specialized store.

A huge selection of parts allows you to perform tuning MR-371. The alteration of the pistol does not allow to return the qualities of the weapon, but it gives an opportunity to improve the design, rate of fire, expand the capacity of the store, and perform other modifications.

The signal model is simple and user-friendly. Due to the extreme similarity with the real sample, it is possible to use a pistol to train users who wish to acquire the skill of primary handling of combat weapons.

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