Lenovo IdeaPad U430p: specifications, a review and feedback

Lenovo IdeaPad U430p is an almost perfect ultrabook. It has a high-quality touch screen, high performance, nice design and excellent build. However, there are also some negative aspects. However, everything in order.

Design and workmanship

The quality of the Lenovo IdeaPad U430p is high. There is no cheap plastic, creaks or deflections. In some places, the frame was reinforced with special aluminum plates. This approach undoubtedly made the Lenovo Ideapad U430p lighter, but it significantly increased its durability and reliability. The maximum opening angle is 135 degrees. The device is suitable for kneeling. At the same time, the display mounts are stable. To open a laptop, you need both hands. A small rubber band along the edge of the screen. Thus, the edges of the cover are protected from scratches. Under the cover there is a hybrid hard disk with a height of 7 mm, a RAM, a flat battery and a wireless connection module. The listed components can be independently and upgraded.

Connectors and communications

Ultrabook Lenovo Ideapad U430p has a standard set of ports for similar devices. There is a pair of USB 3.0, an Ethernet port, a combined audio output for a microphone or headphones, a digital video connector. Work with the Internet, as well as connection with other devices, is carried out thanks to the wireless adapter Intel Wireless-N 7260, and also through the Ethernet cable. In Bluetooth, there is no problem.

With a Wi-Fi connection, things are not so straightforward. Near the router, the data transfer rate is encouraging, but it's only 20 meters away and the indicator is set at the lowest possible level. Speech in this case is not so much about the problem of the laptop as about the features of some adapters from Intel. There is nothing critical in this situation, but sometimes this stroke affects the comfort of use.

Thanks to the built-in microphone and HD-camera you can communicate on the Web without having to buy additional devices. Quality of the given elements of censures does not cause. The laptop comes with Windows 8. The platform is recoverable with the OneKey Recovery button. It is on the case of the device. When you press it, the system image is copied from the hidden hard disk partition to the primary partition.

Input Devices

To begin with, the AccuType keyboard is placed deep enough in relation to the surface of the main part of the Lenovo IdeaPad U430p. The input device seems to be quite reliable. Backspace, arrows, and a few other keys are slightly smaller than others. Also there is a backlight, which facilitates work in the dark. Note that the performance of the keys is very worthy. The click is matte, which is very nice to the touch. Working with the device is very comfortable.


We have already familiarized ourselves with some features of Lenovo Ideapad U430p. Overview of the screen will be given later, since it can be called one of the most interesting aspects of the device. Touch screen. Ten simultaneous touches are supported. Thus, you can fully discover the potential of the Windows shell. The matrix is 14 inches diagonally at a resolution of 1600x900 pixels, the HD + format. Resolution can be called ideal for this display. Glossy coating, however, is not the best solution for the touch screen.

Other Features

Lenovo IdeaPad U430p received a dual-core powerful processor Intel Core i5-4200U. The graphic elements are processed by the built-in video chip HD Graphics 4400. Also here is the GeForce GT 730M - the dedicated video card. The hard disk does not cause any complaints, in this case it's Seagate ST500LX005-1CW162. The cooling system fully copes with the obligations, thereby allowing all computing components to reveal their potential.

You should also say a few words about the graphics card. It is suitable for games, but only on average image settings. The hard drive can be attributed to the average level, but the read speed is 76-88 MB / s. The processing of data blocks is incredibly fast. The indicators of the overall system performance are extremely high. A reserve is also provided here. The cooling system consists of a large fan, radiators and heat pipes. The volume of its operation is moderate, only 33 dB, provided there are no load on the processor, otherwise this figure increases to 37 units. Hard disk noise does not emit - this is an obvious plus.

The temperature of the body is uniform, has no pronounced heating areas. The average temperature in idle conditions is 34 degrees. The built-in stereo speaker sounds nice and loud. The main frequencies are medium frequencies. At the same time, sound can not be called unpleasant or annoying. In addition, you can use an external speaker system by connecting it via an analog audio port or HDMI.

Energy consumption can be called typical. In conditions of idle time, the laptop needs 7-12 watts. The device has a removable battery at 52 Wh / h. In ultrabukah there is a tendency to increase the period of autonomous work. However, the model U430 has managed to prove itself from the best side. If you limit the screen brightness, as well as disable wireless interfaces, this device may not need to be recharged for a whole day.

The U430 is a good choice for those looking for a portable ultrabook with a competitive price, modern components and compact dimensions. Among other things, this model is equipped with a touch screen, which greatly facilitates the work on the device. Color rendition is very lively. However, there is a problem with fingerprints that need to be regularly erased from the screen.


So we discussed the main features of the Lenovo Ideapad U430p laptop. Reviews about him vary, and we will now try to generalize them. To disadvantages, users usually refer to a single USB 3.0, insufficient quality of the case, the presence of gaps, protruding elements on the sides, plastic edging around the display, poor quality screen, low viewing angles, Backspace size, lack of hard drive activity diode.

Among the advantages of the owners of this device most often note a well-designed cooling system, thinness, lightness, the presence of a full-fledged Ethernet port, the backlight on the keyboard, an aluminum casing.

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