Which amplifier for a subwoofer to choose and whether it is necessary at all

You bought a subwoofer or speaker, but do not know if you should spend money on an amplifier for a subwoofer. This question is not particularly difficult for professionals. Let's try and figure out what the pluses of such amplifiers are and what you need to pay attention to during installation.

Buy an inexpensive passive subwoofer and connect directly to the car stereo, of course, you can. After all, it has a super-built in amplifier and it can "give" 50 watts per channel. Let us immediately understand the shortcomings of this method. Decide what you need from the subwoofer. Do you want to feel sub-low frequencies or you need a loud bass speaker that will not only increase the volume of low frequencies, but also bring into play such elements as buzz and rattling. Need a second one? Feel free to choose a victim channel on the tape recorder and embed your subwoofer. In order not to face the complete disappointment of the purchase you need a subwoofer amplifier.

Surely you know that you can buy a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. Yes, such a marvel of engineering thought, of course, is. Such "barrels" / "boxes" are called active. As a rule, they are equipped with everything necessary, and this includes a crossover, an equalizer, and a frequency filter. Such columns differ in cost from passive devices, at least twice. They are easy to set up, give out a tight bass and justify the bold expectations of most buyers. But it should be noted that active subwoofers, after all, do not belong to high-end technology. If you want to create a truly high-quality sound in a car, you will need a passive speaker and a smart wizard.

It's best to ask specialists how to choose an amplifier for a subwoofer. Better, of course, say not to pick up, but to ask people who know a lot about auto sound. A passive column requires very fine tuning, in contrast to an active analog. And the installation of such a subwoofer, often cost more than the price of the dynamics. Worst of all, if there are no specialists in your city. In this case, it's not difficult to learn how to choose the amplifier for a subwoofer on the Internet. The amplifier of firm Revolt, JVC, KICKER is considered quite good.

What can be distinguished from such councils?

Amplifiers for cars exist 2-channel, 4-channel, 5-channel and monoblocks. Having a fairly limited amount of money, it is not difficult to purchase an amplifier with an output on two channels. Best with support for a bridge connection. The principle is based on the fact that you can send a signal to the subwoofer from the left and right channels simultaneously with a 4 ohm load. In a simple way, the device, designed to support stereo sound, is transformed into an amplifier for a subwoofer. The price of such a device starts from $ 150. Such amplifiers are usually endowed with a frequency filter and all kinds of protection against overloads and short circuits. Devices on four or more channels work in the same way, simply if two channels are "bridged" by the bridge under the subwoofer, then you still have the option of connecting additional speakers to the sound amplification system.

Monoblocks, in general, a separate story. These devices, as a rule, are created for powerful acoustics. Such an amplifier for a subwoofer often has a nominal power of 100W and supports a load of 1 ohm. It is best to connect only one speaker, but it is possible to support two, well, a maximum of three loudspeakers. Such devices cost from $ 200 and are most often used by professionals not only as an amplifier for a subwoofer, but also for the separate support of absolutely every channel of the speaker system. In any case, it is up to you to decide and I hope that this information will help you in this.

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