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"Marriage by Will": actors who appeared in the second season of the popular series

New action-packed series for housewives go to the screens almost every month. It is to this category that the serial movie "Marriage by Will-2" can be considered. The actors of the series act out to the viewer an exciting, but in some places improbable story, under which it is good to spend the evenings. Who has acted in this multi-part film, and what is the subject of the story?

"Marriage as a bequest. Return of Sandra ": actors. Tatyana Arntgolts

Tatyana Arntgolts is a permanent performer of the main role in the series of films "Marriage by Will". In the first season of the series by Alexander Kozintsev in the performance of Tatyana looks like a frightened and lost girl who does not understand what is happening to her: some strange testament, according to which one should marry an unknown man, the subsequent combat training (Sandra was taught not only to properly paint , But also to shoot).

The series "Marriage by Will", the actors of which fell in love with the audience, returned after a few years to the screens in the form of the continuation of the first part of the film. And then Tatyana Arntgolts looks like a confident and self-sufficient woman who is ready to perform heroic deeds for her child and her ex-husband. However, "Marriage is a will. Sandra's return "is inferior to the first part in everything, and first of all in the script, which in the finale led to nowhere and did not give answers to the trivial question of how the fate of the heroes was.

Pavel Delong as Kostya Suvorov

The career of Paul Delong in the cinema developed quite paradoxically. He is a full-blooded Pole, born in Poland and graduated from the theater school there. The debut of a young artist in the cinema was the participation in the Hollywood film "Schindler's List". Then Delong shot a lot in Poland, sometimes got on French and even American film sets. However, recently the actor literally "registered" in the Russian serials: the detective "The Black River", the drama "Officers wives", the melodrama "Unexpected Life" and, of course, "Marriage by Will".

Actors Delong and Arntgolts, or rather their characters Kostya Suvorin and Sandra, converge in the process of fighting a common enemy - businessman Barinov. It turns out that Konstantin Suvorin works for special services and is deployed in the environment of Barinov to collect compromising materials. In the season finale, Constantine and Sandra stay together.

"Marriage by Will": actors and roles. Andrei Finyagin

Andrei Finyagin graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School in 1999, and from 2000 began to actively star in TV shows and television films. He made his debut in the soap opera "Beauty Salon", where Olga Kabo played the main role. Phineagin got an episodic role.

Then there was the series "March of the Turkish-2", "The Thief-2", "The Game of Shootout" and the comedy "New Romance". The main role had to wait a short time: already in 2005, Finyagin received an offer to play a central character - Felix Stroganov - in the 4-episode film of David Keosayan's "Mistress".

The main role of Finyagin and in the series of films "Marriage by Will". Actors Finyagin and Arntgolts, or rather their screen characters, got married in the first part of the film, but when billionaire Harper finds out that his wife was sent to him by unknown people, he breaks up relations with her and takes away their common daughter, Koru.

In the second part of the series, James Harper tries to prevent the daughter from communicating with the mother, but a little later he gets into a difficult situation: Harper can lose business, and also endangers the lives of loved ones. The billionaire has to make a deal with the ex-wife in the hope that she will help him expose the blackmailers. The enterprise ends with success, and Sandra again gets the opportunity to see her daughter.

Nelly Pschena in the role of Liz Harper

The role of the powerful Mrs. Harper (mother of James) went to actress Nelly Pshena. The actress participated in all seasons of the film "Marriage by Will". Her character invariably tries to destroy the heroine Arntgolts, isolate her from the family of Harpers.

Career Nelli Nikolaevna began in the distant 1969 with the role of Princess Yaroslavna in the film opera "Prince Igor". Then there were pictures "Family as a family", "Confusion", "Favorite pages". However, according to the actress herself, with the movie she "did not work out." For such a long career actress played in no more than sixty films, but the main roles can be counted on the fingers.

The most famous films with the artist's participation are "Midshipmen, forward!", Where she played the senior princess Bestuzhev, and also "Office Romance", where she got the episodic role of Samohvalov's wife.

Other artists

The actors of the film "Marriage by Will-2" are not only the star persons Arntgolts and Pavel Delong.

For example, in the film, no less famous actress Galina Petrova is involved , remembered by the audience in roles in the films "Between Us, Girls", "Furtseva", "The Last Case of Kazanova".

Mikhail Samokhvalov (criminal drama "Terminal"), Alexander Rappoport (the series "The Reader") and Denis Yakovlev (drama "The Smell of Life") also joined the star collective of the series.

The role of Sandra's daughter was played by a young artist Nastya Medvedik.

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