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Will the continuation of the movie "Stairway to Heaven"? The audience is waiting ...

Will there be a sequel to the movie "Stairway to Heaven"? This question excites many fans of melodramas. Deep psychological series drama hooked the hearts of people of all ages. Of course, I do not want everything to end so quickly ... So will the continuation of the film "Stairway to Heaven"? Should I expect a happy ending?

Will there be a sequel to the movie "Stairway to Heaven"? Let's start with the plot

It is not surprising that those who watched this picture are interested in whether the continuation of the film "Stairway to Heaven"? The plot is really spectacular. The series opens in front of the audience a touching beautiful love story. The main characters carry their tender feelings from their very childhood through life. Anna and Artyom are like Juliet and Romeo. They, like Shakespeare's heroes, have to undergo very difficult tests - terrible losses, long separations, betrayal of close people. Because they understand, like no one, the real price of happiness.

The outcome is tragic

Pay attention, first, to the outcome of this story. The episode ends very tragically. Therefore, the continuation simply can not be. Secondly, the second season has never been said in the press. The directors themselves also do not say whether the continuation of the film "Stairway to Heaven".

The picture ended with the ending of love sad and non-standard. Young people could not find family happiness. Moreover, Anya died right in the arms of Artem. This brutal director's move was shocked by a lot of viewers, they remained completely bewildered.

So do not wait and continue. Otherwise, the 24th series would not have ended up like this. Anna carried her pure love for Artyom through her entire, if not short, life. Only at the end of the film, finally being together, the young people could enjoy each other, feel happy. True, not for long at all.

This is not a modern "Cinderella"

In the last series not for nothing several times show excerpts from the movie "Romeo and Juliet". This - a kind of warning that the heroes will be separated from death. Despite the fact that Anna goes to heaven, and Artem remains, his life also "breaks" at the very moment when his hands die his love.

This twenty-four-series film is a remake of the Korean film of the same name. However, this is not a fairy tale about the modern Cinderella, who, having passed many trials, finds happiness for her whole life. Everything ends a little wrong. Yes, young people are together, but evil is retreating. I would like to know their fate. But…

Anya dies right on the shore where she loved walking with Artyom. Faride also fights, only after that Artem learns what is his son. What could be the continuation of the film? "Stairway to Heaven" is a series that should end on this sad note. But…

Everything can be

Do not forget about another fact. An attentive spectator must notice that Farid actually survived. He continues to follow his son in a paternal way. In continuation from him you can expect help through his people. Perhaps, he himself later some time will again appear in the life of Artem.

As for Anna, she could not have died ... Perhaps the girl just fell into a deep faint ...

In short, the first season consists of 24 episodes. To date, from official sources there is no reliable information about the second season. However, the colossal ratings and high popularity of the picture among TV viewers are likely to encourage Nonna Agadzhanov to write a new script. In addition, according to unofficial data, there are still rumors about when the sequel to the film "Stairway to Heaven" will be held. If you trust this information, the film is planned to be released in the spring of 2017.

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