Shock absorbers Sachs: reviews. Which shock absorbers are better - Kayaba "Excel-G" or Sachs "Super Touring"

Even an experienced driver to choose a shock absorber is not so easy. What can we say about newcomers who know only a few well-known brands. In fact, today it is really difficult to decide the choice because of the large number of brands and assortment. In this article, we'll look at the Sachs shock absorbers, consumer reviews about them, the main competitors and touch on other aspects of this issue.

The importance of shock absorbers

To begin with, I would like to say a little about the role of this node in the car. Many believe that shock absorbers are needed only for comfortable movement, that is, "swallowing" the potholes and potholes of the road surface. But in fact, the shock absorber strut is also needed to smooth out vibrations and vibrations of the body during the movement. A typical situation, which shows how the car will behave without such racks - swing. When the shock absorber develops its, it ceases to function. Therefore, the body swings when riding, and this directly affects the safety of driving.

Currently, the racks from the most diverse manufacturers have feedback from users. Shock-absorbers Sachs, for example, many very much praise. We will try to consider them in more detail, and also compare them with the famous "Kayaba".

Principle of operation of shock absorbers

Before moving on to a particular model or whole line, you need to understand how it works. If to speak in simple words, then you can make a little analogy with the oil pump. We have a shock absorber rod with a piston fixed at its end. When oscillations are created, the rod is driven into motion and the piston presses on the oil that is in the cylinder. Behind the piston there is another cavity with small holes. Since the oil has nowhere to go, it is gradually squeezed out into the second cavity. The diameter of the holes is small, so the piston can not quickly squeeze out the oil, therefore, at a certain point in time it slows down. This leads to the fact that the oscillations are damped.

Sometimes there are so-called suspension punctures. This is due to a sharp bump. In this case, the jets do not have time to pass the required amount of oil too quickly, so the rod stops, a blow occurs.

The main types of shock absorbers

Currently, there are three types of shock absorbers:

  • Oil;
  • Gas;
  • Gas-oil.

Oil shock absorbers are the simplest in design, but also are considered one of the most reliable. The key disadvantage of the oil rack is that when driving hard on poorly quality road surfaces, the piston moves too sharply. As a result, cavitation bubbles appear. Foaming oil reduces the throughput of jets. Such shock absorbers can already be considered non-working, since oil does not practically pass through the holes in the other cavity.

The design of the gas columns is somewhat different. The essence of it is that there is one cylinder with a pressure of 25 bar. A floating piston separates the oil from the gas, so mixing them is impossible, and due to the high gas pressure, cavitation bubbles do not appear.

Gas-oil shock absorbers and their features

The design of the rack is similar to an oil damper. There are two cylinders, the upper cavity of which is filled with nitrogen and has a pressure of up to 5 bar. The lower cavity is oily. It should be noted that with increasing gas pressure on oil, the reaction that occurs when oscillations appear is accelerated, but at the same time the suspension becomes more rigid.

Among the advantages of gas-oil racks, it is necessary to distinguish excellent cushioning, a high level of reliability due to the absence of cavitation. If the oil absorbers are well suited for operation on a high-quality roadway, the gas-oil ones are an ideal off-road option. Gas racks will suit those who prefer to feel the road and manage their car. At the same time, the level of comfort here is much lower than that of gas-oil or oil racks.

Shock-absorbers "Saks"

The Sachs brand first appeared 65 years ago. During this time the company has experienced many things, but all the time it developed its technologies. It is thanks to the great experience that this manufacturer from Germany currently occupies a leading position in the market. Often the network can only find positive feedback. Sachs shock absorbers are installed on cars such as Audi, BMW, Skoda, Mercedes, Peugeot and others. If the German shock absorbers are installed on their own machines, then this indicates the highest quality of components from this manufacturer.

Even on Lada cars, oil shock absorbers "Saks" are produced and are in high demand. Only thanks to the high quality and reliability of the company we managed to achieve world recognition.

Sachs Super Touring Shock Absorbers

The "Super Touring" series is a hydraulic and gas rack, the quality of which can be compared with those that are sent to an assembly line. First of all, consider the hydraulic shock absorbers.

The piston guide of the hydraulic rack has a special hardened wear-resistant surface, which ensures its long life. The cavity of the cylinder is filled with hydraulic fluid, the resource of which is quite large. During the development of hydraulic racks of the Super Touring series, the designers calculated the weight of the unit and tried to minimize it to save fuel. All rubber seals, bushes and silent blocks are made of wear-resistant rubber. This is a rather expensive line, as many reviews say. Sachs shock absorbers (hydraulic) are suitable for people with high demands for comfort. Such a rack will provide a high level of controllability and damping, both on a dirt road and in a city.

Single-tube and two-tube

These are gas shock absorbers, which do not have the disadvantages of their predecessors. Here, aeration of the oil is practically excluded, and rapid damping is provided by the lightning-fast operation of the valves. Also this series of shock absorbers has a reduced noise level. Before the designers was the question of increasing the resource of the rack. For this, the surface of the cylinder was covered with Teflon. This added strength and durability. Such gas shock absorbers are an excellent choice for drivers who prefer to drive at high speeds. But at the same time, you need to understand that this level of comfort, as in hydraulic racks, can not be achieved.

Sachs Advantage Ruler

This series includes only gas racks. In particular, the ruler is designed to improve the performance of the suspension. For example, a gas shock absorber with an additional channel. In fact, it is a rack that has two working areas. One of them is responsible for comfort while driving, and the second - for optimal performance during high loads. These are really the best shock absorbers for universal driving. They monitor the operating conditions and, depending on this, a certain level of stiffness of the rack is selected. Excellent for both roads with poor coverage or without it, and for a spectacular ride along the highway. Of course, this is not the most budgetary solution, but such racks deliver a lot of fun while driving, and they are worth their money.

Sachs shock absorbers: the price and something else

As for the cost of the German racks, they are not cheap, but they can not be called expensive either. Rather, they occupy a niche in the middle. There are models cheaper than 1,000 rubles, and there are those that cost more than seven thousand. For example, the VAZ-2101-07 front shock absorber Sachs costs about 1,600 rubles. At the same time on "BMW 3" (E90) the rack will cost no more than 2 700 rubles. This is more than a normal price tag, given the rather high quality and service life of the product.

Price list on the rack for the most part depends on the brand of the car. For example, for the European market, shock absorbers are cheaper than for the American market. At the same time, the stand for VAZ may cost less than on Mitsubishi or Hyundai. Still, if you saw a too tempting cost, then it is possible that it is a fake. Therefore, it is better to buy such racks from the dealer. It will be more expensive, but the quality will not fail.

Shock absorber racks "Kayaba"

Many motorists believe that the Japanese brand "Kayaba" is the best among competitors in this price range. It is one of the most popular brands in Europe. Kayaba shock absorbers are installed on such cars as "Peugeot", "Seat", "Ford", Renault, etc. Of course, the list is not as saturated as in Sachs, but it already speaks about a sufficiently high quality. Other equal for German and American cars it's easier to buy racks from Germany than Japan.

A key feature of the Kayaba shock absorbers is low cost and high performance. Thanks to this, the brand "Kayaba" is known in Russia to almost every motorist. And in other countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus, these racks are in high demand. But here if there is a question of a choice between "Saks" and "Kayaba", then it is rather difficult to decide. After all, both manufacturers offer quality tested products. Let's deal with this issue in more detail.

What to choose: Kayaba Excel-G or Sachs Super Touring?

If you look at the statistics from the thematic forums, then about 60% of motorists lean in favor of the "Cayaba". The rest prefer "Sachs". At the same time, there are practically no negative reviews of German sewage, but Japanese are periodically encountered. The thing is that today in the market there is an extremely large percentage of fakes or marriages. This applies to both Japanese and German manufacturers. As for the advantage of the "Kayaba", the motorists distinguish the following points: they do not dubble at low temperatures, they provide a high level of controllability, a long resource. If you take into account that we are talking only about Japanese stands, which in online stores cost from six thousand and more, then all these pluses should be present at such a price.

The rating of shock absorbers "Saks" says that if you do not run into a fake, it's almost an eternal rack. Many after installing the new German shock absorbers forgot about this site until the sale of the car. Drivers characterize the products of "Sachs" of this line as more wobbly. They provide a high level of comfort and are famous for their huge resource. Individual models are ideal for sports driving, while others - for a measured. The advantage of these racks is that you can choose a shock absorber for your driving style.

Let's sum up the results

It is possible to say with great confidence that the German racks are of the highest quality. But a huge number of high-quality counterfeits greatly spoils the reputation. We must understand that the same rear shock absorber Sachs on the "BMW X6" will cost more than 6 thousand rubles. In addition, it is recommended to order only from the dealer. In this case, there will be a guarantee of quality. If you install racks in a specialized service, then you will certainly be given a guarantee, say, 30,000 kilometers of mileage.

The most attractive is a rather large assortment. German stands can be selected as a domestic "penny", and for any Asian or American car. This is extremely convenient, especially if you consider that now it is possible to use Online directories that allow you to select details by Vin-code. This ensures that the assembly is 100% suitable for your car.

Data racks, if they are genuine, must be put, if there is such an opportunity. Hydraulic, gas and oil are all offered by Sachs. However, do not pass by the "Cayaba", because this is also a very worthy brand, in which many accent attention. But in any case, you must carefully guard against fakes, because some Chinese shock absorbers begin to knock after a couple of thousand kilometers.

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