Car Fiat Ducato. Reviews

Auto Fiat Ducato is a model of a large minibus. The car was designed by an Italian concern. The car was manufactured and under brands such as Citroen Jumper, there were also Peugeot Boxer models.

In the first generation of the minibus models were introduced in 1981. The car was produced at the "Sevel Sud" (Italian factory). At that time, the Fiat Ducato model (reviews and comments of specialists confirm this) was similar to such cars as Citroën C25, Peugeot J5, Alfa Romeo AR6. But the series included different versions, named in accordance with the load-lifting characteristics.

Car Fiat Ducato. Characteristics

For versions in the first generation, six engine variants were developed. Half of them were petrol, half - diesel. Gasoline engines included four-cylinder units (volume 1.8, power 68 hp), as well as two two-liter engines with a power of 83 and 74 hp. Diesel engines were represented by aggregates in 1.9 liters (69 hp), in two and a half liters, with a capacity of 72 hp. Was released and turbodiesel (2.5 liters and 94 hp).

In 1993, a new version of Fiat Ducato was developed. The feedback of the owners about the new model was mostly positive. This was primarily due to the fact that the appearance of the car was completely redesigned. As a result, the car lost some body angularity. By 1998, the concern added to the list of already available engines a diesel unit from the company "Iveco". The volume of the engine was 2.8 liters. His turbine version was also released.

By the next 1999, the Fiat Ducato series (expert reviews confirm this) have replenished the highly sought-after car. Among the new models, mention should be made of the version of the Goods Transport (intended for the carriage of goods), the passenger version of the Passenger Transport, as well as the passenger-cargo version of the Combi.

Cargo Fiat Dukato (reviews and comments of specialists confirm this) was equipped with quite serious units. For the Goods Transport, a two-liter petrol engine (99 hp), a two-liter turbodiesel with the same power, a sixteen-valve turbine diesel engine for a volume of 2.3 liters (108 hp), and a 2.8-liter turbodiesel were developed. In addition, the transmission was developed in two versions: in the form of a four-stage "automatic" and a five-step "mechanics".

The passenger version of Fiat Ducato (the experts' reviews also talk about this) was a fairly spacious car. The spacious interior could easily accommodate six to nine people. The model was equipped with a sixteen-valve turbodiesel for 2.3 liters, with a capacity of 110 hp.

The Combi (universal) version of the Fiat Ducato series (reviews of motorists approve) can be successfully applied for both passenger transportation and cargo transportation. This version was released with three load options.

By 2003, the concern is releasing a new version. In addition to some external changes, a diesel engine with a volume of two and a half is excluded from the model range, with the overall load-carrying capacity of the models being increased.

The third generation Fiat Ducato was introduced in 2006. It should be said that these models are still being manufactured.

The modern Fiat Ducato car is the embodiment of reliability, comfort, functionality and economy. Light and comfortable cars are very popular. In the Fiat Ducato series, there are various car models that meet all the needs of the business.

For the car enthusiasts there are three variants of the roof height, three wheelbase variants, and a wide range of modifications. Models are characterized by a strong body structure, high power and fuel economy, corresponding to European environmental standards. The car became very popular due to its affordable price and high level of safety.

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