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Dolls: Sofia Beautiful. Reviews, photos

Modern dolls "Sofia Beautiful" - a collection of characters of the famous Disney cartoon film "Sofia Fair". Animation series is designed for girls at the age of three years, and the toys of the same name are produced for small fans of the young princess. Doll Sofia Lovely looks almost the same as her animation prototype. The choice is quite large: many manufacturers produce toys, there are various collections, including Sofia as with their pets, and in the form of a mermaid or a rider. Children really like clothes, face and chic doll hair. Sofia Lovely is sold alone or with its faithful animals - funny birds and a merry rabbit Clover.

Collection of dolls

Today, there are no problems with choosing and buying toys from foreign brands. You can find anything you like by selecting a toy for the child's preferences and age. For girls dolls are always relevant. Sofia Lovely - a wonderful princess, which can be found in the Disney film of the same name. The most common and interesting version of the toy is a talking and singing girl. What can a talking doll Sophia? The vocabulary of the princess consists of 30 phrases (you can choose the language: Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish). The toy works simply: just insert the batteries, press the button and select the desired language.

During the time when the princess sings songs or talks, a beautiful amulet on the neck of the doll lights up. Sofia falls asleep after talking or singing, and you can wake her up by pressing the amulet. The kit may be different: it all depends on the manufacturer, the selected kit. The growth of the doll is about 25 centimeters.

To play all the plots from the cartoon you can collect a complete collection of toys "Sophia the Beautiful". Available for sale:

  • Singing and talking options;
  • A doll with clothes and various accessories;
  • Princess with her pets;
  • A doll with a horse Minimus;
  • Sofia is a mermaid.

Description of the talking doll

The princess of the popular cartoon is dressed in a very beautiful dress of purple : he has a multilayer skirt, a transparent material of sleeves. Doll Sofia, photo of which is presented in the article, will please any girl who is carried away by the world of princesses. The heroine of a kind and cognitive cartoon talks funny: for this, to her magical amulet on the neck, you must bring your pet (included) - birds and rabbit. A magic outfit, several animal figures, a beautiful hairstyle - all this will not leave indifferent the girl who received such a wonderful gift.

A doll can pronounce different phrases if you bring her to her pets, but not all at once. During the dialogue, her beautiful amulet begins to glow. The toy works at the expense of several "mischievous" batteries. If you do not play with the doll, then she falls asleep. Awake from the click on the amulet. In addition to the dress of a delicate purple hue, Sophia has shoes and a white diadem made of high quality plastic. Hands dolls can only spin around their own axis, are in a semi-bent position. Doll Sofia Lovely can not stand alone, the only option is to give it a stable position - to plant a toy.


In the complete set with the basic toy-doll (growth of 25 sm) in a beautiful violet dress and with a diadem on a head enters the following:

  • Keychain made of plastic.
  • Birdie Mia is blue.
  • Bird Robin is red.
  • Rabbit Clover is gray.

Packaged toys in a voluminous beautiful box that is perfect for a gift to a young princess.

Main characteristics

Of the main characteristics of the dolls of Princess Sofia, who knows how to sing and talk with her friends, they note:

  1. Age category - for children over three years old.
  2. The weight of the set is 500 g.
  3. The main material is textiles and high-quality plastic.
  4. The size of the box is 28 by 33 and by 8 cm.
  5. Type of power - from AAA batteries in the amount of 3 pcs.
  6. Additional features - Russian text translation, interactivity.

Restrictions on use - no, except for age: not recommended for children under 3 years, since the kit contains small parts

Reviews about the Sofia doll

The Sofia doll, whose reviews contain a lot of useful information regarding the quality of the toy and its appearance, is popular in many countries around the world. Many acquire princess girls who like to watch a cartoon about the life and adventures of charming Sofia. One of the most sold out options is a toy with several outfits in the kit. The size of the doll is 25 cm, the head is decorated with a crown, the hair is shiny chestnut with beautiful curls. Unlike the talking and singing version, a doll with two dresses is well worth it.

Some mothers note that the similar features of the toy princess with the animated character of the same name are not so many. However, the toy because of this does not lose its external appeal. Long cilia, beautiful features - all this attracts little lovers of the world of princesses. Hair causes many disappointment: there is no density, there are small white impregnations, plus the curls are unpleasant to the touch. All this compensates for the beauty of the outfits and shoes of Sofia. The doll has neat lilac shoes, a chic winter cape and beautiful dresses. The only "but" outfits - pouring sequins from lush skirts. However, the Sofia doll with decorations is considered the sales leader of the company "Mattel".

Advantages, disadvantages, price

Because of what the toys-heroes of the cartoon "Sofia Verst" enjoy such success and for a long time do not stand on the shelves of children's shops? Firstly, because of the ability to speak and sing, and secondly, the size is well chosen: the doll is not huge and not small, it is convenient to play with it. Finally, some sets include various accessories and beautiful dresses, pets, miniature houses and furniture - the exact copies of the magic castle from the cartoon.

The advantages of the Sofia dolls are, above all, beauty and the ability to talk with your magic talisman around your neck. Of the shortcomings, the already mentioned poor quality hair, the poor fixation of the decorative elements of the dress - sparkles. Undoubted advantage - a reasonable price for the Disney Princess. On average, the toy will cost 1500 rubles. Some retail stores overstate the price, reaching a mark of 2500 rubles.

Soft princess Sofia with sound

Many mothers celebrate the doll of Sophia from the domestic producer. Its distinctive feature is soft material as a basis. Doll also knows how to talk and works on batteries. Universal size (30 cm) and safe even for a small child, materials favorably distinguish it from analogues.

The soft toy of the series "Sofia Lovely" is made of textiles, there are plastic elements. Hair is well combed and does not fall out. Work is carried out from three batteries.

Princess with pets

Many girls will be delighted with the game set with the characters of the beloved cartoon about Princess Sofia. The doll is dressed in her favorite satin dress with a gentle lilac color with lace, her crown is pearl. Lovely little animals that always accompany the princess in the cartoon will make the game with Sophia even more interesting and fun. This is a famous rabbit named Clover, a good dragon and a little bird.

The size of the doll in full height is 38 centimeters, weighs the whole set together with a 1 kg box. Materials used as a base are textiles and plastic. A set with the princess's puppies and the doll itself in an unusual outfit is an excellent gift for a girl on her birthday or on New Year's Eve.

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