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Father Frost is an indispensable guest on winter holidays. He is invited to children's Christmas trees at school and in the kindergarten, at home celebrations. Even adults can not imagine the New Year without Santa Claus ... What can we say about children?

Every child knows that Santa Claus comes to the New Year, that he has a granddaughter Snegurochka, that he is kind and loves to laugh.

He also likes to listen to poetry, dance dances and conduct funny contests. And thanks to him, children's trees become so cheerful and joyful! (Do not forget, by the way, to learn a couple of New Year's poems with children.) It is not only useful for the development of memory, imagination and speech abilities, but it's also nice: how will the child be proud when, in response to the gifts and toys given to him, he will be able to tell the poem Parents and Santa Claus, of course, will support him with admiring ahami-ohms!)

Now parents have many opportunities to give children a real, wonderful holiday, which will remain among the happiest memories!

Children's Christmas trees for schoolchildren and preschool children are held not only in these institutions, but also in concert halls and theaters, where whole performances are played out. But that's not all: do not forget about the home holiday. After all, a house is a place where the child is always loved and waiting ... And therefore, whatever a merry new year he was at school, a home holiday should not yield to him. Create a suitable mood will help and decorated the Christmas tree, and various goodies, and a letter to Santa Claus. Which, by the way, will help parents to know what are your child's desires! :)

PS Do your children believe in Santa Claus? .. The question is controversial, but many parents answer it in the affirmative. Children will someday grow up and stop believing in a fabulous grandfather who leaves presents under a fir tree. But while the happiest and carefree years of your child last until it has been touched by adult cares ... do not deprive the child of miracles.

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