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When Are Elkar Nominated for Children?

The drug Elkar is essentially a carnitine substance. For those who hear about it for the first time, let's explain. Carnitine - a substance necessary for the formation of energy, in practice it provides us with it. And all the creatures living on earth need energy, especially our children. The largest amount of energy in the body is released during the splitting of fats and this process without carnitine is impossible. With a decrease in the breakdown of fats, the energy potential of the body decreases and perhaps even the onset of energy starvation.

Every person in the body has carnitine, only its quantity, unfortunately, not at all is sufficient. Therefore, its deficiency in the body under certain circumstances must be filled. This vitamin is the substance closest in its composition to the vitamins of group B. The increased need for it is experienced by athletes and the elderly. In ordinary people, the need for carnitine increases in the period of diseases, great emotional and physical exertion.

However, Elkar can also be prescribed for children in a number of other cases. Such a need may arise:

-in the birth trauma of a newborn or asphyxia, the drug compensates for the damage to the nervous system and increases the energy potential of the brain;

- Elkar drug helps children to stimulate food reflexes if the baby is very sluggish sucks (weakened sucking);

- when a baby was born with a low body weight or prematurely, does not gain weight and does not eat well, the drug promotes weight gain, adding appetite;

- the drug increases the overall tone when the child has hypotension, adynamia and hypotrophy;

-Elkar is used in complex therapy in the treatment of skin diseases (seborrheic eczema, psoriasis and others);

-Elkar for children helps well in the violation of metabolic processes and reduced immunity, when the child is often sick ;

- In preparation for a surgical operation or recovery after it, the drug helps to stimulate the formation of red blood cells and increase their viability, thereby compensating for the loss of blood accompanying any operation. In addition, it prevents the formation of blood clots, increasing the fluidity of the blood.

Thus, the doctor may well appoint a child Elkar, if the person undergoes surgery or is preparing for it, lags behind in physical and mental development, suffered a serious illness, does not eat well or quickly becomes tired. But be careful, reviews about the drug Elkar indicate that the use of this solution increases the tone and it may not do for the benefit of the child.

Instruction Elkar children are made by a pediatrician depending on the disease and the age of the child, the doctor determines its dosage and duration of admission. Use it should be inside 30 minutes before eating, diluted with liquid, this provides better absorption in the blood. The drug is preferably given in the morning and in the afternoon. To get the maximum effect, it is recommended to take it for up to six months. If you take a break 1-2 months, then it is possible to conduct a second course of treatment. When the drug Elkar is administered to children, the effect of its action may not appear immediately, usually after a course of 2-4 weeks. However, if visible results do not come in a month, you should tell the doctor about it.

Among the contraindications to the use of Elkar there is only one - individual intolerance. However, children under three years of age can only be given it under medical supervision. There are minor side effects: there may be abnormalities in the digestive system, pain and discomfort in the stomach, allergic reactions. Often children react negatively to taking the drug: the appetite and mood decrease, pains in the abdomen occur and the excitability increases. This is all from the words of the parents of children who have already been prescribed this medicine. Therefore, it is desirable to observe the behavior and reaction of the child when taking Elkar.

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