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One-year-old child mode: pediatrician's advice

How should the baby eat? When and how much should he sleep? Learn about this and other features in the children's regime of the day.

Why is the regime necessary?

The regime of the day is useful to the child in development. The baby must sleep and eat at the same time. This is necessary for the body. So he adapts to a certain time and starts working harmoniously. At the right time, the karapuz will be happy to take food, will always be ready for bed or for games and walks. Also, the regime of a one-year-old child (by the hour, exactly, up to a minute, it is not necessary to compose it, but certain frames are needed), it allows you to allocate time, so that moms can more effectively implement plans, allocate a moment to themselves. If you follow the regime of the day, you will always be sure when you need to prepare food for a crumb, when you start preparing a bed for him, which you can do for yourself.

What happens if you do not follow the regime?

Constant whims and crying, dissatisfaction, drowsiness, impaired attention, weakening of intellectual abilities - that's what can happen if one does not observe the one-year-old child.

If you want to change or get rid of the usual routine of the day, it will be difficult for you to do this, there will be a lot of problems with the baby. The organism, accustomed to the regime, will demand food and sleep at the appointed time, and you will not be ready for it. You will try to calm the baby so that he waits for another time, but he will be constantly displeased.


The karapuz must take food at a certain time, so that the body is prepared for its digestion. The feeding regime for a one-year-old child should be determined based on your plans and the characteristics of grooming. The main thing is to organize a meal at the same time. Usually the baby should eat 4-5 times a day.

Approximate daily routine by the hour

  1. Morning 9:00. Rise, washing and breakfast. For breakfast, you should give a one-year-old baby milk or milk porridge, if he does not have allergies. It is important to give an egg or at least boiled chicken yolk, fruit puree, loose tea and white bread.
  2. Walk from 10 to 11 am.
  3. After a walk of class and play with the baby. At this time, the crumb better assimilates new information and is not yet too tired.
  4. Afternoon snack 12:00. Weak tea, compote, jelly or a glass of warm milk. Baby biscuits, cottage cheese or yogurt.
  5. Stroll.
  6. The day, 14:00. At lunch, give the child a low-fat chicken soup, vegetable puree, compote and white bread.
  7. Sleep.
  8. Afternoon snack 16:00. A good option for a snack - kefir, yogurt or milk, cottage cheese or fruit puree, as well as biscuits.
  9. Dinner is at 18:00. Let's at this time the baby's mashed potatoes with minced meat, jelly and white bread.
  10. Water procedures at 19:30. Do not wash your baby immediately after eating or shortly before sleeping.
  11. Dinner before going to bed - 20:00. Give the child foods containing milk - kefir, milk porridge, or feed it with breast.
  12. 20:30. A short walk.
  13. 21:00. 12-hour sleep.


The one-year-old's sleep does not end on rest at night. To the kid felt cheerful while he should be engaged in something, he should sleep and in a break between meals.

Day dream. The best option for a baby in the afternoon - 2 sleeps lasting one hour or half an hour more. Or the second time of sleep can be less - 30-40 minutes. If your baby spends at night in a dream more than 12 hours and can during the day stay awake from 4 hours, then it will fit one daytime dream lasting 2 hours or a little longer. It must necessarily enter the regime of a one-year-old child. Tips for the order and the number of dreams you may not need. You have enough to follow the baby's condition with a certain amount of sleep at night and day and determine its mode.

Night sleep. Children under 1 year old must sleep 11-12 hours at night. This helps them to have a better rest and to fully stock up on energy for the whole day.

In general, a one-year-old should sleep at least 13 hours a day. On this depends his health, mental and physical abilities.


Children need to breathe fresh air. This improves their general condition and mood. In day mode, you can combine walking and sleeping.

It is useful to take the child out for a half-hour walk before going to bed, at 20:30, just after the second dinner. Exhaling oxygen, he quickly falls asleep on the doorstep of the house.


To use all the possibilities of the brain, you need to train it. With the development of the brain memory and attention are improved, the level of intelligence is growing. Brain training is important for kids. The most interesting lesson for children is a game. Therefore, it remains only to choose special classes and not to limit the flight of your imagination. In the mode of the one-year-old child's day must include fun games with his mother.

It is quite possible for the kid to offer simple sorters and pyramids. For children of this age are issued special books - cardboard or fabric, with large and bright pictures and a minimum of text. With their help, you can introduce the baby to various animals, flowers, objects, etc. But the main thing about which you can not forget is physical development. With a crumb you can and need to crawl, run, jump.

Perhaps the baby does not immediately get to learn developing games, so you need to help him. Classes should be pleasant to the child, then he will be happy to participate in the games, while training his brain.

What to feed?

The one-year-old includes only those foods that are well absorbed and do not harm the digestion. Better not experiment with the health of your crumbs.

Milk and dairy products are very important in the nutrition of a one-year-old child. Cottage cheese, casseroles, yogurts, cheeses of hard varieties, natural butter (in mashed potatoes or porridges) vary the diet well. Choose those dairy products that are made according to the standards of nutrition for children. In no case do not feed crumbs with expired products, since the harmful bacteria contained in them can cause serious damage to his body.

The first product that should enter the regime (menu) of the one-year-old child, for a long time must remain porridge. It contains a lot of nutrients that will support the body crumbs, help it grow and develop. In addition to buckwheat, rice and oats, you can give corn and wheat. At the age of one year the child can digest well not only puree porridge, but also well-boiled. Cook them on milk or on water and serve for breakfast. In the one-year-old child, these products must necessarily be included.

Instead of rye bread, give white. From rye there can be processes of fermentation in the intestines, because of what the baby will stomach his stomach.

You can make up the mode of the one-year-old child's day by the hour and by day. Many things are done not only every day at a certain hour, but every week on a certain day. So, the baby can be given macaroni, but not in large quantities - up to 30 g not more often than twice a week.

Doing mashed potatoes from vegetables that contain a large amount of fiber, grind them well, so that the crumb was easier to digest. Choose puree for fruits and vegetables, which the child does not have allergies. In 1 year you can give thin soups and broths with vegetables and low-fat meat.

Do not teach your child to sweets. This begins with the fact that they give him sugar. It is better to replace it with fructose. Give him fresh fruit that grows in this season. Many berries and fruits have dense skin. It should not be removed, since it contains more vitamins than the flesh itself. Fruits are better crushed in puree, then the baby will get a lot of vitamins.

Each new fruit and vegetables enter the diet gradually, in small portions. So you can see the reaction of the child's body to them and allow his digestive system to prepare for new foods. The daily norm is 200-250 g. In the regime (menu) of the one-year-old child these products must be included necessarily.

As beverages, juices, weak fruit teas, compotes and kissels are suitable. Give them about 100 ml each day. But more important for digestion is simple clean water. It is better to boil it and do not give it in cold or hot form. It should be warm, not higher than the temperature of its body.

In 1 year the child grows rapidly, and therefore he needs more "building materials" - proteins. Lean meat will be very useful. Cook it from steamed burgers, meatballs and casseroles. Include in the diet of crumbs of 60-80 grams of meat per day.

What should be the regime for a one-year-old child in terms of nutrition? You can give dishes from the liver - puddings, liver cutlets, pates, soups, mashed potatoes. Such dishes contain a large number of vitamins, such as A, B, D.

A couple of times a week, cook fish in any form (except fried). Also important eggs that are usually given for breakfast, 3 pieces per week is enough. Do not only boiled eggs, but also cook omelets and soufflé from them.

What can not be given to a one-year-old baby?

Do not give the baby 12 months of sweets. Factory sweets, cakes and cookies can contain extremely unpleasant substances that can harm your child. It is better to give the baby fruits and berries, which well diversify his menu.

In the one-year-old child's menu, it is also undesirable to include citrus fruits in their pure form. They cause allergic reactions and chocolate products, in addition they excite the nervous system of the baby. This can have a bad effect on his health and development.

The mushrooms contain the protein necessary for the growth of the body, but for crumbs this product is too difficult to digest, so it should not be given in any form. Nuts are also poorly digested. Although they are useful, but not at the age of one.

It is more convenient for you, when ready, already have frozen cutlets and vegetables to make them a dish for crumbs. But such products contain a large number of non-natural preservatives and stabilizers. It is better to prepare forcemeat and vegetable preparations.

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