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We cook homemade baby cookies without preservatives and dyes

Each mother wants to treat her baby a delicious treat, so that it is not only sweet, but also useful. Usually the first dessert is baby cookies "Bebi" and "Heinz". But sometimes not all shop snacks are safe for the baby, and therefore we will prepare self-quality, useful and friable cookies from natural ingredients.

Preparing baby cookies is quick and simple enough. The first recipe will be with the addition of cottage cheese. After all, as you know, dairy products are rich in calcium and are an indispensable food at an early age. But not all babies eat sour-milk dishes, so in our recipe cottage cheese will not be felt.

To prepare baby curd biscuits, we need the following set of ingredients:

- a two-hundred-pound pack of low-fat cottage cheese;

- Butter (100 gr.);

- flour (200 gr.);

- two eggs;

- baking powder - 5 grams;

- sugar.

To begin with, it is necessary to rub the cottage cheese through a strainer, add to it egg whipped with sugar and melted butter. Mix all the ingredients well, add flour and baking powder. To dough was lush and tender, leave it warm for half an hour.

When it "rises", you can work with it. Roll the dough into a layer and cut out the cookies with special figures. On a greased baking sheet, place baby biscuits, sprinkle with sugar. Bake is baked for at least ten minutes. The main thing is not to overexpose in the oven, otherwise the cookies will become firm.

This homemade delicacy is like a baby, it is very tender and just melts in the mouth. It can be dissolved in milk or milk formula.

The second recipe without milk and water with the addition of cocoa powder can be given to children from 1.5 years. Required products:

- yolk;

- a pack of butter;

- 200 grams of flour;

- cocoa - 10 grams;

- a little salt and powdered sugar.

Mix all the above ingredients thoroughly. Do not add liquid to the dough, even if it crumbles. When the dough becomes elastic and homogeneous, it should be left in the refrigerator wrapped in film for an hour.

Chilled dough roll out and cut out curly cookies. To make baking a beautiful golden color, you can grease it with an egg. We put in the oven for about ten minutes. As a result, it turns out friable and very fragrant baby cookies for tea.

Soft honey biscuits for children

It does not take much time and expensive products to cook. Mixed - blended - baked - everything is ready! This pastry is prepared on sour cream and thanks to this it retains its juiciness and softness for several days. Read the recipe:

- 20% sour cream (300 grams);

- flour (200 gr.);

- honey (30 g.);

- lemon / orange juice (100 ml.);

- butter two hundred grams;

- a pinch of soda, salt and a little sugar.

1. Pre-soften butter, mix with honey and mix.

2. Pour the sour cream and mix thoroughly.

3. Take the orange, squeeze the juice from it and add it to the sour cream mass. We pour sugar, salt and soda.

4. Sifted flour mixed with all the ingredients - the consistency of the dough should resemble fatty sour cream.

5. Wet hands to form round balls (can be a spoon) and put them on a greased form - bake for 15 minutes. Readiness is determined by a golden crust.

Baby cookies are ready - bon appetit!

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