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Honey cake with custard: cooking secrets

We all love delicious cakes cooked at home. A cake made with love, can not be compared to any shop, because it is embedded in a piece of the soul. To prepare a tasty and unusual cake for a holiday or for dinner, it is enough to buy the necessary products and follow the recommendations for cooking. And you will succeed! We offer you a few recipes of delicious cakes based on custard. You can easily prepare a honey cake with a custard, a cake with a custard or a biscuit cake with a custard. This cream is delicious, not very fatty and well impregnates the cakes, making the cake soft and melting in the mouth. In this article we will tell you how to prepare a delicious honey cake with a custard.

Preparation of the dough

First, you need to prepare a dough for honey cakes. To do this, take 3 chicken eggs, two spoons of honey (table), one faceted glass of sugar, one teaspoon of soda and three and a half glasses of sifted wheat flour. Mix sugar, honey and eggs in a bowl. We put this mixture on a small fire or a water bath. Warm up until the sugar has melted, without waiting for the mixture to thicken. Then add a spoonful of soda. The resulting mixture should become white and increase in volume. Add the amount of flour specified in the recipe and knead the dough. Do not make the dough too dense, as the honey cake with the custard can turn dry. The dough should be a little sticky, then the cakes will be crumbly and well saturated with cream.

Baking cakes for honey cake

A ready dough is divided into several parts, from five to ten. It all depends on how thin the cakes you want to get. Each part of the test should be thinly rolled out on a table, sprinkled with flour, and carefully, using a rolling pin, you can shift it to a baking tray. Bake cakes for a fairly short time (about 5 minutes) at a temperature of 220 ° C. Ready cakes should turn out to be a reddish color. Immediately after baking, trim the edges or cut out the desired shape of the product. Pruning dried in the oven in order to subsequently make them crumbs to sprinkle the finished masterpiece. Gently shake the excess flour with the cake with a culinary brush or a regular towel. We give them time to cool completely. You can not put hot cakes in a pile, as they will stick together. For a faster baking process, you can use two baking trays: while one is in the oven, the other can roll out the dough.

Ingredients for custard

To prepare the custard you need the following ingredients: a pack of butter (200 grams), a half glass of fresh cow's milk, one egg, 1 tbsp. Sugar, vanillin or 2-3 spoons of good cognac.

Custard preparation algorithm

We rub sugar with egg, add vanillin and milk, put the resulting mixture on a small fire or on a water bath (which is preferable) and bring to a boil. Then remove from heat and cool. Separately, beat the mixer with oil and gradually add the cooled mixture into it. To give a taste instead of vanillin at the end of the preparation of the cream, you can use cognac.

Making honey cake with custard

The final stage in the preparation of this delicious confectionery dessert will be the assembly and decoration of the cake. Each corn is evenly smeared with the resulting custard. The top, as well as the side surface of the cake, is also coated with the same cream and sprinkled with crumbled crumbs, obtained from oven-dried scraps from the cake. Ready cake is desirable to leave for impregnation at room temperature for about an hour, after which it must be removed into the refrigerator for 12 hours to impregnate. Then the honey cake with the custard will be tender and insanely delicious. And this is what we had to achieve! Good luck on the way to culinary victories!

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