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Semi-finished products "Ermolinskie": reviews, prices. "Ermolinskie semifinished products": where is the production?

What to do when time for cooking is sorely lacking? Many housewives have chosen for themselves some sort of brand of semi-finished products and sometimes thus save time. And even it is possible to deceive the taste buds of captious husbands, they say, no it's not a store, but a home one.

But not everyone is so optimistic. For many, the very word "semi-finished products" is disgusting. They believe that all this is solid chemistry and is made from low-quality raw materials. Of course, it is impossible to generalize and praise or embarrass all semi-finished products as a whole. But you can consider reviews about one particular brand and decide for yourself, take this product or forget about it. It is a question of the trade mark "Ermolinskie semifinished items". Customer feedback will be very useful.

Where is the production located?

The company has its own chain of stores. Residents of more than 500 cities of Ukraine and Russia fell in love with "Ermolinskie semi-finished products." Where is the production, for many so far a mystery. It is interesting that in Ukraine there is a small town Yarmolintsy and a well-known brand "Yarmolinsky sausages", so because of the consonant names, some people think that the semi-finished products are manufactured there. Therefore, many are surprised to learn that the company is actually Russian. It specializes in the production of deep frozen foods.

But in what city or village do they produce "Ermolinskie semifinished products"? Where is the production located? There is no reliable answer to this question yet. Some are alarmed by the fact that the address of the actual production of the enterprise "Ermolinskie semifabricates" is not specified. Contacts with management are not easy to find, because the company maintains a closed foreign policy. The fact is that the official website of the company is still in the process of development and information about the actual address of production in open access has not been received. And on the packaging of goods the legal address is indicated: Russia, Kaluga Region, Borovsk District, Yermolino, ul. Zarechnaya, 5 (hence the name "Ermolinskie semifinished items"). The addresses of offices in other regions of the Russian Federation are also known:

  • Ekaterinburg, Komsomolskaya, 10-b; Ul. Baikal, 25; Ul. Palmiro Togliatti, 30; Ul. Academician Bardeen, 48;
  • Omsk, 10 October Years, 174, 3rd floor, office. 20;
  • Krasnoyarsk, Shipbuilding, 74.

Addresses of shops in Kiev

In the capital of Ukraine there are 27 stores of this trade mark. Here are some addresses:

  • Obolonsky prospect, 36-b;
  • Ul. Heroes of the Dnieper, 35;
  • Ul. Heroes of the Dnieper, 49;
  • Ul. Romain Rolland, 7;
  • Ul. Bulgakova, 11a;
  • Ul. Honore Balzac, 62;
  • Ul. Mayakovsky, 26;
  • Lesnoy prospekt, 25.

Shops in the Moscow region

The company does not sell its products in Moscow yet, but in the region the outlets can be found in the cities of Pushchino, Klin, Protvino, Domodedovo, Podolsk, Klimovsk, Serpukhov, Dubna.

Products "Ermolinskie semifinished products" is also common in the territory of Belarus. Export is planned to the countries of the near abroad.

List of products

It consists of more than 50 titles. The assortment may differ depending on the region. Also the name can change. For example, somewhere pancakes with cottage cheese are called, and somewhere they have an additional name - "Mamina". The products have the appropriate quality certificates. And here is the list:

  • Dumplings "Homemade".
  • Vareniki with cabbage.
  • Vareniki "Notable" with potatoes.
  • Dumplings with cherries.
  • Vareniki "Homemade" with a liver.
  • Vareniki "Beloved" with cottage cheese.
  • Vareniki with chicken meat.
  • Cabbage rolls.
  • Vegetarian cabbage rolls.
  • Pepper stuffed with meat.
  • Vegetarian pepper.
  • Benderyks with cottage cheese.
  • Benderiki with meat.
  • Chalkpieces with chicken.
  • Pincers with cottage cheese.
  • Stained with condensed milk.
  • Pancakes with cherries.
  • Pancakes with meat.
  • Pancakes "Mamina" with cottage cheese.
  • Pancakes "Mamina" with a liver.
  • Khinkali Sochi.
  • Kinkali of the Caucasus.
  • Blue cordon with oil.
  • Blue cordon with mushrooms.
  • Blue cordon with ham and cheese.
  • Steaks.
  • Lulya-kebab.
  • Zrazy with mushrooms.
  • Zrazy with potatoes.
  • Meat zrazy with vegetables.
  • Cutlets liver.
  • Cutlets "Homemade".
  • Cutlets "Homemade" with garlic.
  • Cutlets "Capital".
  • Nuggets.
  • Chicken fillets.
  • Chicken schnitzels.
  • The Kiev's cutlets.
  • Cheesecakes with raisins.
  • Meatballs.
  • Meatballs.
  • Chebureks with potatoes.
  • Chebureks with meat.
  • Chicken sausages smoked.
  • Sausage "Doctor's".
  • Beef stew.
  • Pork stew.
  • Minced meat.
  • Puff pastry, frozen without ice.

This list is constantly updated with new positions.

"Ermolinskie semifinished products": prices

The cost of these products is relatively low. Production refers to the middle price segment. For example, for dumplings "Homemade" you need to give 135 rubles per kg. Vareniki "Noble" with potatoes will cost 68 rubles per kg, vareniki "Homemade" with a liver - 84 rubles per kilo. Packing of puff pastry (400 g) costs 32 rubles.

If you voice the prices in the hryvnia equivalent, then the cordon blue with ham and cheese costs 40 hryvnia per kg (this is one of the most expensive items), and economical vareniki with potatoes - only 17 hryvnia per kilo. For a kilogram of syrnikov with raisins and cottage cheese, you have to give 36 hryvnia, and for benderiki with cottage cheese - 23 hryvnia.

"Ermolinskie semiproducts": composition

The slogan of the company says that only natural ingredients are used. This captivates, because the products are mainly meat, and many are wary of the composition of such semi-finished products. The product is sometimes sold by weight, and sometimes in factory packaging. In the first case, the seller does not always know the information about the ingredients, but in the second one everyone can quench his interest as to what the "Ermolinskie" semi-finished products actually consist of. For example, the composition of pancakes with cottage cheese does not cause concern: water, wheat flour, sugar, dry milk, egg products dry, baking powder, salt. Only the vegetable-fat mixture is of concern, because it is not indicated which fats are used, and, in fact, palm or coconut oil may have been added. And is it really natural, for example, "Ermolinskaya" sausage? Here are its ingredients: beef, water, starch, fat, poultry, ascorbic acid, spices. But there is also a color fixer, E621, E124, a phosphate mixture, a nitrate salt. Although it is indicated that these nutritional supplements are listed as safe. Conclusion: if you do not blame the soul, then 100% natural products of "Ermolinsky semi-finished products" can not be named, but, on the other hand, naturalness is a relative concept in the modern food industry. Particularly scrupulous can explore for themselves the question of how harmful the listed taste enhancers are, and decide whether they will eat this sausage or not. But there is also a compromise for those who are very afraid for their health, but sometimes indulge in products designed for further final processing. You can take such semi-finished products "Ermolinskie", which do not contain meat or poultry, for example vareniki with potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese. There are almost no harmful additives added.

Most popular items

Indisputable leader - vareniki with chicken meat. This is a cheap analogue of dumplings. Second place - traditional vareniki with potatoes. Bronze is made with cheese cakes with raisins. They are loved even by those who did not appreciate the rest of the production of the "Ermolinsky semi-finished products".


The consumer loves this product for democratic prices and for good quality. Having in your pocket only 100 hryvnia or 300 rubles, you can quickly nourish a satisfying meal unexpected guests, and even for half of this amount - to prepare a dinner / dinner for a family of 4-5 people. In short, semi-finished products "Ermolinskie" - a good anti-crisis option.


Some are concerned that such a respected company does not have an official website, and therefore it is very difficult to contact the manufacturer. If the contacts are specified, they are mostly indirect, and therefore it is not clear where the production itself is located.

"Ermolinskie semifinished products" cause negative responses and in occasion of quality of the goods. For example, someone complains that vareniki with potatoes are quickly boiled in water. But it's more a matter of skill. To the stuffing, many housewives are skeptical and often characterize it as "so-so", suspecting that in its composition there are basically cartilage and tendons, and meat is at a minimum. Someone complains that before the stew was cheaper, and fat was less, now it's the other way around. To some people, the dough for chebureks seems too rough, and because of this, they remain damp inside. That is, there are enough small comments on the quality. But if you learn how to properly prepare these products, the shortcomings can be minimized.

So is it worth or not worth buying "Ermolinskie semifinished products"? Customer feedback is mostly positive, but the opinions of others are subjective (some are delicious, some do not). For the sake of sake, you can take several samples for testing (having previously familiarized yourself with the composition) and evaluate them with your taste buds.

But in general, semi-finished products "Ermolinsky" have proven themselves as a product in which there is a good "price / quality" ratio.

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