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Pie with cottage cheese in a multivark - it's simple and delicious!

Baking in a multivarquet is easy. For those who are preparing for a long time and seriously, the remark is strange, but for those who have not once tried themselves in confectionery and each time to no avail (the result, of course, was, but more often negative) - an inspiring statement.

So, we will discuss something that is not very complicated, but what you get is definitely a cake with cottage cheese, in a multivarck baked. More precisely, the curd cake, because the basis of it is cottage cheese, and flour is completely absent. Prepare half a kilo of cottage cheese (fat content of at least 9%, not very sour), three eggs, three tablespoons of mango and the same amount of sugar, a bag of vanillin and baking powder, a small packet of sour cream. Mix all the ingredients and send them to the oiled multi-bowl bowl for an hour in the "Baking" mode. At the end of time, let the cake stand with the lid open for ten minutes, then turn over onto a beautiful dish. Serve cold. This recipe can be slightly changed by whipping separately the proteins into a strong foam, and then gently mixing it with the main test. From this baking becomes more magnificent. Add spices (nutmeg, cardamom or cinnamon), candied fruits, dried fruits, fresh berries or fruit.

Cake with cottage cheese in the multivark can be checked for availability just like any other baked in the oven. Make it a wooden skewer. It is worth noting that baking will always have a "pale" appearance, but in an inverted condition - perfect. This is due to the design features of the unit. Although the sale has already appeared copies, able to fry and the upper edge.

Pie with cottage cheese in a multivark can be prepared on the basis of butter biscuit dough and a layer of curd mass. Cottage cheese make your own choice or buy ready-made. Be sure to add one raw egg to it. Knead the dough from a glass of flour, a packet of butter, a packet of sour cream, two eggs, a glass of sugar. Salt, vanilla and baking powder add half the coffee spoon. Part of the dough is poured into a greased multivark form, from above place the cottage cheese mass. At first glance it is very difficult to do this, since the dough is much softer than the filling. But if you put cottage cheese on a food film and level it to the size of a bowl, then take it all in the palm and carefully lay it in a mold (without a film, naturally), then you will succeed. Top with the leftover dough. Bake the same way as the previous version.

Pie with cottage cheese in a multivarquet will be just as good if you replace cottage cheese with four curd cheese curds, which you need to cut into large pieces and lay, slightly pressing, instead of the curd filling of the previous recipe. It will be very original.

Baking with cottage cheese in a multivark is one of the simplest directions in cooking, which almost anyone can master. Recipes are distinguished by the simplicity of the components, the ease of cooking, and most importantly, what gives the multivariate, the cleanliness of the kitchen and the careful attitude to the products.

How to bake a cake with cottage cheese? Just buy the necessary products and do not be afraid of difficulties. Successes to you in culinary business!

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