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How to make delicious and healthy fruit ice at home

Fruit ice can be pampered not only on a hot summer day. It can become a wonderful dessert and in winter - if you serve it with hot tea and honey. In winter, it's so nice to remember the scents of the summer garden! And even this delicacy can safely treat children, because prepared at home, fruit ice does not contain harmful flavors, chemical dyes and preservatives. In addition, making fruit ice at home is very simple.

Let's get to know the theory

What does fruit ice consist of ? First, we read the label on the cool fragrance bought in the store, which so asks into the mouth. And what will we see there? Concentrated juice is by no means the greatest evil. In addition to it there is still a whole list of chemistry, and its "utility" can not be doubted: guar gum, sodium alginate, dextrose, flavor enhancers, carrageenan. Next are more or less safe ingredients: citric acid and identical natural dyes. Industrial preparation of fruit ice is impossible without these ingredients. All these substances make the purchase of fruit ice so attractive. But how do they affect your health? It is especially sad to think that this child is very fond of sweets ...

Alternative to own production

And what happens if you make fruit ice at home? All the vitamins and minerals that are contained in fresh berries and fruits, perfectly preserved. And the appearance of home ice can be done absolutely anything. Especially effective look desserts, frozen layers, and the taste of each layer will have its own. Children will appreciate it!

Proportions for home cooking

Do not learn by heart the recipe. The main thing is to understand its essence. Then you can easily find a replacement for products that were not at hand, and experiments will please both adults and kids. Before preparing fruit ice at home, it is worthwhile to find out the approximate proportions of the products:

  • Water - about half a liter;
  • Fruit and berry juice or puree - 1 glass;
  • Sugar - to taste, but not more than 200 g;
  • Gelatin - 5 g;
  • Juice of lemon or lime - 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Details about the fruit part

Prepare fruit ice at home can be almost from any favorite fruit and berries. Perfectly suitable as a strawberry, cherry, currant, and exotic orange, mandarin, mango. Excellent complement fruit ice and northern berries: blackberries, cranberries, blueberries. Separately it is necessary to allocate a banana - it is simply created for preparation of cold desserts.

Mom's assistants

Those who decided to make fruit ice at home, can not do without molds and sticks. The latter can be "saved up", collecting them from ice cream-eskimo. A mold can be bought ready or made by yourself. The assortment of finished molds is simply huge! They are tempted to experiment with flowers and filling. But if anyone was not lucky enough to meet this miracle on sale - it does not matter. For fruit ice, cups of yogurt or even ordinary plastic cups of the right size are quite suitable.


So, all you need is at hand. First, we dilute gelatin in cold water for about 30 minutes. Dissolve the sugar in water, warm it up to dissolve more quickly. We pour gelatin to it, boil it. Let's cool a little and combine it with juice or puree, add lemon or lime juice. At will, before pouring into the mold, the ice base can be wrung out through the gauze, then the ready dessert will be more gentle. It remains only to pour on the forms and let it freeze.

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