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The time of mass flow of entrants to universities and vocational schools is approaching. The first is much more popular than the second, because higher education today is available. Vocational schools are the lot of the losers and the mentally retarded . This is the opinion of the majority.

We grew up smart and talented, and we just need higher education, maybe not one, we've read many books about how to become a boss and know everything. Every second friend of ours, if not an economist, is a manager. When you go to the store for milk, you can not find milk, but you will have a nice talk with the seller, who probably also has a higher education. And we say "bad living"! No, we are good, this country is bad. It lacks workers, there are factories, the industry is frozen, it is impossible to travel on our roads - the planting of foreign cars does not take into account the national characteristics of Russian roads. And domestic brands, and their owners, as a rule, representatives of working professions (millers, foremen, etc.) became the main subject of ridicule of humorous programs with a questionably "patriotic" name. All this is very fun.

And we can laugh at any number, frozen at the industrial stage of development, endlessly talk about the incredible Russian potential, which has nowhere to apply, to scold bureaucrats, to complain about corruption and social instability, etc. Anything, just not to work.

Domestic industry froze at the turn of the 80's, and this is not an accidental figure. After all, during the Soviet era, the most powerful motivator for citizens was propaganda. Young people went to technical schools and schools, were trained in working professions and were really proud of it.

But how did it happen that where did this attitude to the working class and contempt for labor in general come from? As the heroes of the movie and TV series were business gangsters, prostitute models? A morally fallen hero will evoke sympathy and understanding, but a person who is directly engaged in labor ... what? Yes, they just will not show it, you'll see a homeless person more often! So why does everyone know who Sasha is White, and no one remembers who Pavka Korchagin is? These are questions that do not require an answer, a problem that involves a solution. Whoever the modern hero is, he will always be an example for imitation. It's a little thing to show a new hero.

And we, as professionals in our business, started to work! PromTV TV already removes

- a cycle of documentary films in the genre of doc-reality about workers of industrial enterprises, their mutual relations

- a cycle of production mini-films about the process and production technology of various mechanisms and devices

- a new, unique tool for promoting domestic products in the market will be - corporate television (the company's own channel that illuminates the lives of workers, ensuring internal and external communication of the enterprise)

The television company PromTV has been shooting advertising, TV programs, films, and clips since 1998. We are actively fighting the deficit of correct programs on Russian television. We have already made a lot of films about the production processes. And we ourselves know how the process of labor fascinates and fascinates, as sometimes you want to take the instrument and experience the joy of creation. We know how to show everything in such a way that we do not tear it off ... So why not use this effect for a good deed? By combining our efforts, we will return the propaganda of the working professions, this will attract qualified personnel to enterprises and increase the recognition of domestic brands. Our project will not only be an element of powerful propaganda, but also an exciting TV show!

The films will be broadcast both in Russia and abroad through the resource. This will raise the domestic industry to the world level.

Propaganda today is advertising. Want to buy goods - tell about it beautifully, you want good specialists to work for you - show how great it is to be!

The first industrial Internet television offers representatives of state and industrial structures to take part in solving the general problem of personnel shortage and professional education in Russia.

State support, industry and the media are the three pillars on which the success of Russian business is based.

With the interaction of these key elements, the general conveyor of domestic industry is launched more efficiently!

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