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Why do heels crack and how to deal with it.

How you want to look beautiful, well-groomed lady with a graceful and flying gait. But it becomes simply impossible if the heels crack. The gentle skin of the feet takes on a great load at any time of the year. That's why it requires constant care.

It is difficult to imagine a girl with a flying gait, when not in the order of her legs or worried about the pain in the heel. How to treat such ailment and why does this cosmetic defect arise? In fact, there are several reasons and they are all very simple.

  • Lack of moisture. Age changes in any organism are always accompanied by a decrease in the amount of moisture entering the skin. If the reason for cracking the heels is dry skin, then you should regularly use a moisturizing foot cream.
  • Lack of vitamins. Pay special attention to the daily diet. While observing a variety of diets or lack of necessary vitamins, especially groups A and B, skin cracks can not be avoided. Try to eat more often the liver, fresh greens, carrots, cereals and fish. Drink more pure still water. If necessary, limit yourself to eating, be sure to drink vitamin complexes. This will support the body during diets, illnesses and heavy loads.
  • The presence of diseases associated with metabolic disorders also leads to this skin defect. People with diabetes, obesity, hormonal malfunction, skin diseases and allergic reactions should give more time to care for their feet so that their heels do not crack. Include in your diet foods rich in vitamins A and do not forget about the daily moisturizing of the skin. In this case, forget the unpleasant sensations that appear when the heels crack.
  • In the risk zone are also lovers of open sandals and a variety of slaps. Such shoes perfectly save from sweating in hot weather. But it has a big minus for the skin of the legs - an open heel. While walking, the back of such shoes constantly slams on the heel. This leads to the appearance of microcracks. The dust that gets into them leads to the formation of an inflammatory process. In the summer, you have to take care of your feet every day. Then any sandals will be your favorite footwear.
  • The lack of regular and proper foot care also causes heels to crack. Daily, while taking a shower, use pumice stone to remove the keratinized skin from the feet. The use of nourishing masks and creams, scrubs and oils will have a positive effect on the legs. You can use cosmetics or folk remedies prepared independently.

With regular care of the legs, it is enough to cleanse the skin with pumice and moisturize the foot with a nutritious cream. But if the cracks are deep enough and the legs are in a neglected state, then a whole complex of recovery procedures will be required. First, do 10 procedures a day.

Pour hot water into the basin with a temperature of about 35 degrees and add the emollient to it. It can be soda, starch or liquid antibacterial soap. We dissolve the skin for 30 minutes, gently cleaning the softened layers. At the end of cleaning, abundantly lubricate the legs with burdock, linseed, olive or sunflower oil. Top with a film and put on socks made of cotton.

It is best to perform this procedure at night. In the morning, rinse the legs with cool water. Between the procedures we make for the heels of a mask of mashed potatoes, egg yolks or sour cream with grated cucumber. An excellent healing agent is a gruel, prepared from the leaves of a golden mustache or aloe. You can mix it with petroleum jelly or apply in the form of a compress.

Do not forget about toning foot baths. Pouring feet alternately with cold and hot water, you improve blood circulation and skin nutrition.

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