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How to name the beautiful baby: name Moon

When a little girl appears in the family, parents want to give her the most successful name, which will bring happiness, joy, luck and success in life. At the same time, many adults prefer that the name be unusual, unique and distinguish their child from the general crowd.

Therefore it is not surprising that recently a beautiful, gentle, melodious and at the same time rather rare name Luna is so popular. It is so suitable for newborn princesses.

Origin and meaning of the name Moon

"Moon" is a common Slavic word, which has its correspondences in many languages of the Indo-European group. The approximate value is "bright", "shiny".

In Latin, this word sounds like luna, in French it is spelled lune. Similar signs of the luminary can be found in Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian, so it will not be a mistake to call the name Luna international.

Its origin is understandable to everyone, because the Moon is the only satellite of our planet. It must be said that, despite the scientists' knowledge of the physical properties and characteristics of the moon, there is a lot of mysterious and incomprehensible with its image. The meaning of the name Moon reflects this fact, but more about this later.

The presence of a mystical aureole around this luminary is due to the fact that the Moon is always facing the Earth with the same side. The reverse side of it is not visible to the terrestrial observer. Of course, this circumstance should be taken into account when choosing a name for the child, because the physical qualities of the celestial object will be reflected in the character of the girl with this name.

The moon in astrology

Her qualities are very well described in astrology. It has always been considered a female planet, because the moon is the name of a girl that fits perfectly. This luminary is the prototype of the mother and informs the children born under her influence of the best qualities: caring, kindness, tenderness, charity, ability to listen and support.

People with pronounced "lunar qualities" have been attached to their parents all their lives, especially to their mothers, are very patriotic and honor family traditions. Despite the fact that they are outwardly soft and vulnerable, in no case should you encroach on their home, family and loved ones. The people of the moon are good defenders and will not allow anyone to harm the dear creatures. They are also sufficiently closed from outsiders and are able to hide their true emotions and intentions from enemies.

Important lunar features are variability, good response, excellent memory and quick adaptation.

Astrological correspondences for the name

The moon is the ruler of Cancer, therefore this name will best suit the gentle and good-natured representatives of this watermark of the zodiac.

The principle of the Moon is also close to such watermarks as Scorpio and Pisces. In addition, if a girl was born under the sign of Taurus or Libra, then the lunar energies will also be in harmony with her character and behavior.

Appearance of the lunar child

The name Moon will suit a child with pronounced lunar qualities. Such children are noticeable at once. They have very attractive, round, moonlike faces. It gives pleasure to those around whom these kids eat, laugh, rest.

As a rule, thanks to a good appetite and excellent nutrition such crumbs have excellent health and quickly gain weight. Disadvantages of lunar children are the tendency to overeating, pouring and laziness, which can adversely affect their condition in the future.

Psychological characteristics and features of the education of the lunar child

The female name of the Moon suits kind, domestic, soft and sensitive babies. These girls are very much attached to their parents from an early age and need increased care and attention of loved ones. They like to be at home very much, because it is important for them to feel themselves in complete safety. Do not be surprised that surrounded by moms, dads, grandparents, girls with the name of the Moon feel most comfortable.

Parents can note the fact that the mood of their precious baby Moon is changing rapidly. Within an hour she can catch and laugh, and cry, and pokapriznichat. Do not worry about the changeable mood of the child and the instability of his behavior. It is necessary to take this childish feature and, in the case of protracted negative emotions, be able to distract the child into pleasant trifles.

Raising a beautiful baby girl to the moon, parents need to exercise patience, calmness and tact. Correct its mistakes can only be in a very cautious and soft form, while you must completely avoid the increased tones in communication.

So, to choose the name of the child, parents need to be approached with all responsibility. The name Moon will suit a soft and good-natured girl. The choice of such a name will affect both the formation of the character and the fate of the crumbs.

The princess, who has the beautiful name Moon, will grow up to be a kind, happy and harmoniously developed personality. In the future, she will certainly become the keeper of the family hearth, an excellent wife and mother of a whole bunch of cheerful and healthy kids.

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