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Do not miss the first symptoms of pneumonia in children

Symptoms of pneumonia in children, unlike adults, may not be so pronounced, which is why you need to be very careful, even if it seems to you that the child is simply sick with ARVI.

To begin with, we will deal with the disease itself. In fact, pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung tissue, the so-called alveoli, caused by various kinds of infections. The disease can develop both on the right lung and on the left. In some cases, two sides are covered, and then the course of the disease will be even harder.

To notice the first symptoms of pneumonia in children, you should pay attention to the following manifestations:

- high body temperature, more than 38 degrees, which does not subside, or decreases for a short time, more than 3 days. And it is worth noting that pneumonia at an early age is not always accompanied by high fever, therefore, such a symptom is not necessary. If suddenly your baby's body temperature reached 39 degrees or more, immediately call for an ambulance at any time of the day;

- the second, on what it is necessary to pay attention, a wet painful cough of the child. This kind of reflex exhalation, which is the cough, in fact, can talk about the inflammatory process in the lungs;

- the third indicator of the disease is the blueing of the nasolabial triangle and shortness of breath.

In any case, with the slightest suspicion of pneumonia, call the district pediatrician and in the event that the doctor insists on hospitalization in the hospital, do not refuse in any case, especially since the symptoms of pneumonia in children are often blurred.

Newborns are susceptible to pneumonia in most cases if they were born before the due date, transferred themselves or the mother during pregnancy, infectious diseases, as well as in cases when intracranial hemorrhage was diagnosed at birth.

Pneumonia in an infant is more difficult to detect, and mom needs to pay attention to changes in the behavior of the baby and carefully monitor the temperature of the body, because the baby can not yet complain to you, just like he does not know how to cough. Your task for all the observations immediately report to the doctor, because in children under 1 year the disease can develop rapidly, and the state worsen even by minutes.

If a child is diagnosed as pneumonia, you are in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor, or at home under the supervision of another doctor, and your child is already given an X-ray, and all the necessary tests are taken, do not panic. This disease is treated quickly enough, and if you asked for help on time, the consequences for the body will not be. And the doctor will perform the task of how to cure pneumonia, you just need to follow all the recommendations.

The main methods of treatment of pneumonia :

- The course of antibacterial drugs, which will appoint a doctor, do not take in head to treat the child yourself. The most common - a group of cephalosporins, penicillin series, azithromycin, erythromycin, amoxicillin.

- inhalations with the help of a nebulizer, performed both in a hospital and at home. Medicines for the device and their dosage are also prescribed by the doctor, basically they use beryl, lazolvan.

- chest massage performed by a pediatric massage therapist, but with no temperature.

Due to the complex approach to treatment, the symptoms of pneumonia in children pass for 2-3 days, the temperature decreases, dyspnea and intensity of wheezing in the lungs decrease.

After the end of the treatment, which lasts about two weeks, you will be given a control X-ray, and in case of a positive result, they will be discharged from the hospital. Surround your child with care and love at such a moment, so you will help him recover from a severe illness.

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