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Bezdorozhevoy bread, baked in a bakery

Recently, more and more often there is debate about which bread is more useful. Some hold the view that baking without the use of yeast is more useful, because yeast contains mushrooms that have the property of accumulating in the human body, eliminating the beneficial microflora of the intestine, thereby reducing immunity.

Regularly consumed products of fermentation cause constipation and flatulence, promote the development of cell mutations, trigger the mechanism of tumor formation. That is why it is recommended to bake unleavened bread in a bread maker, for which a special starter, prepared independently, is used.

Baking bread without the use of yeast today is very popular with housewives for many reasons, for example, the presence of allergies, rejection of a specific taste and smell of yeast, etc.

Since it is known that unleavened bread (it is much more convenient to bake it in a bread baker) is prepared on the basis of leaven, it is necessary to know what it is and how it is done correctly. So, it comes from potatoes, kefir or yogurt. Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Bread at the leaven of kefir


Sourdough (three hundred and fifty grams): kefir, flour. Dough: four hundred grams of flour, two hundred grams of water, ten grams of salt, sugar to taste, vegetable oil.

Kefir must be left in a warm room for a while for its sourness, then add flour to the consistency of sour cream and leave for a day. After a while, add a little more flour, and the consistency should get a little thicker, and again put aside for one day. Now the leaven is ready.

In the leaven, add all the remaining ingredients and knead the dough. Bake unleavened bread in the bread maker.

Bread on mineral water

Ingredients: four tablespoons of bran, two glasses of mineral water, four tablespoons of vegetable oil, one and a half glasses of wholemeal flour, one and half glasses of wheat flour, half a spoon of cumin.

Mineral water is mixed with butter, bran, cumin and flour (coarse grinding) and added wheat flour, knead the dough, form bread from it, put it on a baking tray, previously moistened with water, and bake for fifteen minutes, after which the fire is reduced and baked for another twenty minutes . The finished product is wrapped in a towel and left for one hour.

Unleavened bread (baked in the bakery) based on hops


Leaven: one glass of hop cones, two glasses of water, half a cup of flour, one tablespoon of sugar or honey. Dough: two hundred grams of milk, two tablespoons of sugar, ten spoons of leaven, flour, salt.

Hops pour water and boil for one hour, then insist eight hours. After that, filter, add flour and sugar, mix, cover with gauze and leave for one day in a warm place.

Prepare the spit. To do this, add sugar, sourdough and so much flour to the milk to make a batter. All mixed and left for two hours, after which add salt and flour and put on the batch, if you use a bread maker. Bezdorozhevoy bread made with their own hands, it turns out much tastier and more fragrant than the store. Then you just need to turn on the "baking" mode. If an oven is used, the product is baked at high temperature for forty-five minutes.

Thus, unleavened bread, the benefit of which is obvious, is currently in great demand among consumers.

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