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Each sign of the Zodiac is associated with any part of the human body. Those organs that are associated with this sign are weak, receive less energy and through these parts of the body the sign of the Zodiac influences a person - in order to lead him along the right path, to development. A person from different signs of the Zodiac receives information on different programs that are carried out with the help of energy fields.

1) If a person was born under the influence of the system of Aries, then his vulnerable place is the head and all that is on his head, he can easily undergo the disease. Aries can have headaches in the frontal and occipital regions, migraine, pain in the top part of the head, which are facilitated by being in clear air and intensified during movement and bends. He can have a strong flow of blood to the head (cerebral plethora), associated with inflammation of the brain tissues and nerves, nerve diseases, teeth, blurred vision, tinnitus, nasopharyngeal catarrh. These diseases can be not only in Aries, but also in those at the time of birth which in the sign of Aries were, in particular, the Moon, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each of these planets in accordance with their field of activity can affect the human body. If the position of the stars on the birth chart is good, then these diseases may not manifest at all. The above diseases can be acute, especially when the sign of Aries is not only the Sun, but also the Moon, or when Saturn and Neptune are opposing. Aries need to lead a restrained, balanced life, to be hardworking and to be seriously treated, since in the presence of these diseases there can be very serious consequences.

2) If the Sun was in the Taurus system at the time of the birth of the person, that is, if a person is born under the sign of Taurus, this is enough to reveal catarrh of the nasopharynx, pharyngitis, hoarseness, severe throat swelling, laryngeal and thyroid diseases, Neck area.
The organism of Taurus is susceptible to diseases of the lungs, bronchi, fudnoj cells, blood circulation and nervous system. He is also susceptible to diseases of the legs, knees, menstrual irregularities and eye diseases, especially if, together with the Sun, the Moon was also in the sign of Taurus. These diseases can manifest not only in the Taurus, but also in all those at the time of birth of which the Moon, Saturn or Mars were in the sign of Taurus. Since Venus rules in this house, the person is also subject to diseases related to the kidneys and bladder. As you know, Taurus corresponds to the elements of the Earth and from it requires laconicity, generosity, kindness and the ability to keep secrets, like the Earth. In the absence of these qualities, these diseases can make themselves felt. The road of Taurus should always be successful.

3) If at the moment of human birth the Sun is in the Gemini system, that is, if a person was born under this sign, then the organism of the person born these days is subject to diseases of the lungs, bronchi, asthmatic phenomena, different speech disorders. Gemini may have an increase in lung volume, arthritis of the upper limbs, pulling, causing redness of pain in the limbs, nervous anxiety and irritated condition. Since the Twins are ruled by Mercury, in the case of the unification of Mercury and Neptune, a person can have restless states, uncontrolled behavior. An irritated nervous state grows if Mars merges with Mercury. All these diseases are aggravated, if simultaneously with the Sun in the house of Gemini are the Moon, Mars and Saturn. All these diseases can be affected not only by the Gemini, but also by all those at the time of their birth, the Moon was in the sign of Gemini.

4) If at the time of human birth the Sun was in the Cancer system, then the human body is susceptible to diseases of the lower parts of the stomach and lungs, digestive disorders, gas formation, mammary gland diseases. Born under the sign of Cancer is prone to epilepsy and frustration of lactation, there may be obesity, hysteria, and if the role of the moon becomes worse in this house, or if the Moon is defective, there may be tumor diseases. If the Moon is flawed and located in any sign of the Zodiac, it can also cause epilepsy, hysteria and tumors. This is due to the water balance. Cancer lives in the soul, it is affected by the elements of water, so because of the mistakes made by them, already serious diseases can have very serious consequences.

5) If the Sun is found in the Leo system, then the person born in this period is prone to cardiovascular diseases, abnormalities of the nervous heart, palpitations, and back pain. There may be circulatory disorders, heart failure. If Mars, together with the Sun, is in the Leo sign, a person may have inflammation, suffocation, women may have a deterioration in the vision of the left eye, and in men, a right eye.

6) If at the time of your birth the Sun was in the Virgo sign, your organism is prone to diseases of the thick and thin intestines, digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhea (diarrhea), excitement, fever, inflammation of the cecum. Since the system of the Virgin herself directs the state of health, this means that these diseases will become aggravated if the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto or several of the planets listed in the Virgo sign together with the Sun. If the Moon is not in the sign of the Virgin, but in some other sign of the Zodiac, then the Virgin can also have diseases of these signs.

7) If at the time of your birth the Sun was in the sign of Libra, then your body is prone to kidney, genitourinary and skin diseases. You can have: bladder inflammation, cutting, stitching pain in the ureter, giving to the bladder, especially at night, inflammation of the renal pelvis, renal colic, often recurring difficulty urinating, dark-colored urine. From the body can be difficult to remove unnecessary products of metabolism, excess mineral salts of water and organic substances.

8) If at the time of your birth the Sun was in the sign of Scorpio, then your body is prone to genital diseases. There may be diarrhea, duodenal ulcer, chronic enteritis, intestinal infections, blood in discharge, bloating, colitis involving the liver, burning pain in the ureter, poor breathing, swelling of the liver, loss of appetite for many types of food, Need for alcohol and sweets, itching of the anus, redness of the nose, runny nose or stuffiness in the nose, pain in the genitals. All these diseases can also have people, at the time of birth of which the moon was in the sign of Scorpio. And if at the time of the birth of man the Sun and the Moon were in the sign of Scorpio, then these diseases will be even more acute.

9) If at the time of your birth the Sun was in the sign of Sagittarius, then your body is prone to diseases associated with the pelvis, hips, shin and joints. Since Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, then its effects can also form diseases of the liver, lungs, nervous system. If these days the Moon will also be in the sign of Sagittarius, then the above diseases will become more acute, a person may become prone to misfortunes, fractures of bones. There may be inflammation of the sciatic and spinal nerves, paralysis, asthma. All these diseases can have not only Sagittarius, but all those at the time of birth of which the Moon was in the system of Sagittarius.

10) If at the time of your birth the Sun was in the sign of Capricorn, then you may have weak vitality, which is difficult to recover from illness. You should beware of debilitating illnesses that last a long time, so you should contact the doctor on time and worry about yourself. There may be spine diseases, varicose veins, fainting, swelling, a tendency to chronic constipation, skin rash and pain in the knee joints.

11) If at the time of your birth the Sun was in the Aquarius system, then your legs, muscles and ankles are your weak spots. There may be phlebitis, varicose veins, metabolic disorders, inflammatory processes, anemia, cramps in the muscles of the lower leg, shin fatigue, diseases of the nervous system, edema. Very often there can be just anxiety in the legs, and not a serious illness if the Moon is not in the Aquarius system together with the Sun.

12) If at the time of your birth the Sun was in the sign of Pisces, then your weak points are the heels, feet and toes. Propensity to infectious diseases increases, can be: a violation of blood circulation, especially in the legs, edema, as well as mental, but associated with bodily illnesses. These diseases are more serious if the Moon, along with the Sun, is also in the Piscean system. Under whatever sign a person is born, except for the susceptibility of the disease to his sign, he is subject to the diseases of the sign in which the moon was at the time of his birth. In any month, when the moon again enters the sign in which it was at the time of your birth, your illnesses make themselves felt, and if you are already sick, the illness worsens in those 2-3 days when the moon is in this system .

The accumulation of knowledge by a person not only develops it, but also helps to correctly understand life, to live right, to remove shortcomings that are available in one's own character, to not be ill or, at least, to have sufficient knowledge to correct one's own wrong state.


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