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What does the name Sergei - the main aspects

Being born, each of us gets a name - as an integral part of his personality. It has long been no secret that the name affects us precisely as a person. What does the name Sergei mean? Is it reflected in the character and life path of a person? Comprehending the secret of the name, there is a chance to learn and reveal the secrets of its bearer. In addition to what is written on the birth certificate, most of us also have a church name, which is given at baptism.
First name: Sergey: value

The name Sergei means "guardian" - in translation from Latin ("Sergius").

And what does the name Sergei mean from the Roman clan - it means "high" and "highly respected". In a church speech, it is pronounced like Sergius.

From the very childhood Sergey differs morbidity because of weak natural immunity. But this does not prevent him to remain an energetic child, preferring to play games. Boyfriend Sergei is characterized by kindness and empathy. He often brings home from the street abandoned dogs and cats, helps parents around the house.

Despite the fact that life is for him as an open book, it is not easy for Sergei to reach an understanding with people. He can try to be cunning, but he does it with difficulty.

Growing up, Sergei becomes responsible and conscientious in everything. He is not a chatterbox by nature and prefers to hide his emotions.
Friends appreciate and love Sergei for the sincere openness of his soul and honesty. Absolutely disinterested in friendship - he is the soul of any company. As a rule, Sergei has several loyal friends, always happy guests and loves his home.

What is the name of Sergei professionally?

He can not be called a careerist, but he will fulfill the duties assigned to him in good faith and responsibly. Sometimes Sergei is too emotional if he does not succeed. In a fit of rage he is ready to commit rash acts. Taking his failures to heart, is going through a long time.

To create a family, Sergei is in no hurry, preferring to first "walk up" in plenty. Possessing charisma from birth, Sergei easily and simply comes into contact with the representatives of the tender sex. In the companionship of life, Sergei chooses a balanced and "home" woman, for which he becomes a caring husband, although somewhat jealous.
Sergei is not capricious in the choice of food, likes to sometimes shop with the company.

What does the name Sergei mean for his child, whose patronymic will be given by the name of his father?

Sergeevici - talented children with a practical mindset. They do not tend to obey and they do not know how to adapt, which often hinders their career.
Children, like their fathers, are hardworking and take their work seriously.

Sergeevna - optimists, although often are unsuccessful in their personal lives. Girls are very vulnerable and sensitive. They are sociable and therefore have many friends. They prefer not to impose their opinion on anyone and do not follow other people's orders themselves.

The harmony of Sergei's life, perhaps, is explained by the sign of the zodiac of the name - Libra, where feelings and actions are balanced.

His tree on the horoscope of the Druids is a birch.

The plant is heather.

Brings good luck - pearls.

Days of the name of Sergei, are celebrated on the eleventh of July and the eighth of October.

St. Sergius of Radonezh is the most famous person bearing this name. He showed piety and abstinence since childhood. Sergius of Radonezh - the founder of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, where his holy relics are now preserved.

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