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Registrar - who is this? Creative person!

Technical progress dramatically changes the face of our planet. Think about it, a few hundred years ago there was a huge number of horses on Earth. Today it has decreased several times, because the main means of transportation was mechanical transport, land or air. With the expansion of the field of human activity, new professions, words, and services also appear. Today we will talk about who are re-writers and copywriters. So, let's begin.

The reasons for the emergence of a new profession

Today, there are still people who have not even heard the word "rewriter". Who is this person, what is he doing and where is his workplace located? To begin with, almost every inhabitant of the Earth is the user of the World Wide Web. Going by the links from the site to the site, we find interesting articles, reviews, recommendations. In most cases, the author is the rewriter (copywriter). Every virtual store today is required to have a good site with a lot of information. It is filled with a workable and creative person. The spread of the Internet and the movement of the lion's share of trade into the network generated demand for textual material, and with it the services of copywriters.

Copywriter, rewriter - who is it?

To understand the difference, it is necessary to clarify what the representatives of these professions are doing. So, a copywriter is a person who creates a new text based on several sources. He analyzes them, finds the main idea, sums up the results. This is a difficult job, and often it is paid quite high. However, not every site in the conditions of the economic crisis can afford the services of a good author. Therefore, to save money, page owners turn to a representative of a slightly different profession.

Registrar - who is this? This is a person who, on the basis of a finished article, makes a new article, preserving the essence of the text and its meaning. However, both texts are very different in appearance, although the information in them is the same. It can be said that this is a creative retelling familiar from the school's bench. Rerayer services are paid much lower, because this work is easier and does not require the search for a large number of sources.

Features of the profession

So, we figured out the term "rerayer", who such a person is. It may seem at first glance that it is very simple. Change the finished text - and get the money. However, as in any other profession, there are some nuances here. Firstly, it is work at home without the supervision of the boss. You need to have the willpower and assiduity to voluntarily spend a few hours in front of the computer. Since there is no boss (that is, he exists - the customer, but with him you see only in the network), then you need to have a good self-discipline in order to do everything in time and hand over the order. Otherwise, you can not see the money. Secondly, you need to personally monitor the quality of your work, because a bad performer no one will want to give their orders. And it is not necessary to speak about the growth of wages.

If you have a desire to master a new profession, then be prepared for learning, to mastering a huge amount of information, to work on mistakes. After all, the text copied from the original must be literate both stylistically and grammatically. Hack is not going to pass, because just so no one pays money.

How to become a rewriter (copywriter)?

Often, rewriting and copywriting go together, and a person, having mastered one profession, immediately begins to learn another. However, we will start from the very beginning and talk about how to become a rewriter.

The work of a reraiter at home does not practically require capital investments. You will need a computer or laptop and internet access. Orders can be found both on resources dedicated to finding work, and on specialized exchanges. It should be noted that there are a lot of such exchanges , and all of them have their own specifics. Optimal to choose a portal where a deferred payment is practiced (a safe transaction that will protect against fraud, both the contractor and the customer).

Money for services is most often paid by electronic means (WebMoney, Yandex-money, kiwi-purse), so you will need to create a virtual wallet for the withdrawal of wages. Although it is often possible to find customers who pay immediately to a bank card.

These simple recommendations will help to master a new profession and get an alternative source of income.

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