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The activation of satellite technologies by man in everyday life is becoming more active. So, the popularity of GPS beacons is increasing, allowing devices to determine and transmit to the required address the geographical coordinates of objects in motion. In particular, cars. Among the most popular solutions of the corresponding type in the Russian market is Avtofon-Mayak. What are its features?

Device Overview

The device "Avtofon-Mayak", reviews about which Russian users are numerous, is a device with the function of geographical positioning on GPS coordinates, involving the use of GSM technologies of a similar purpose. This device is optimized for placement in the car and tracking its current location.

How can I use the "Autophone"?

You can use the device in many ways. First, with the help of "Avtofona" you can quickly track the movement of a stolen car. Secondly, using the "Autofone", the feedback of many owners of this device confirms the appropriate opportunity, it is convenient to record the coordinates of a vehicle during the trip - for example, a car of friends that is moving along a different route. Thirdly, the device in question can be used to determine the location, in principle, of any object - it need not be a vehicle. You can, for example, put the device in a backpack and use it to transfer the coordinates of its owner, who travels somewhere beyond the city, along the river, in the forest, in the mountains.


Note that the brand "Avtofon" produces not only devices that involve the use of satellite navigation systems. Among other notable products of this company is the device "Avtofon-Termo". Reviews about this device are also numerous and characterize it quite fully. "Autofon-Termo" is a device for remote control of the preheater heater with the help of GSM-channels. The user can, thus, activate the corresponding device via SMS commands, through the voice menu or by using the button located in the car's interior. The device is equipped with a clock and a timer that allows starting the preheater in a convenient time for the car owner and day of the week. Both devices: Avtofon-Termo and GPS-beacon, issued by the corresponding brand, are of great demand among Russian motorists.

Features of the "Autophone"

Let's consider in more detail what the GPS-beacon "Avtofon" has. User reviews characterize the device as sufficiently functional. Probably, this is due to the fact that it has a fairly wide range of possibilities. Namely:

- Data transmission using GSM-channels in conditions of muted GPS-signal;

- functioning in an autonomous mode - from batteries, for 2 years;

- Support for audio monitoring function;

- the ability to use an accelerometer, which allows to fix the beginning of the movement of the car or other object on which the device is located;

- use of a heat-resistant SIM card in the kit.

It can also be noted that the "Autofone", the feedback of the owners of the device confirms this, has a sufficiently high sensitivity even to the reflected GPS signals, which makes it possible to use it in conditions where the sky is not in direct line of sight relative to the location of the antenna of the device. The device in question is oriented mainly to civilian applications, but is often also used by state structures.


There are several modifications of the "Autophone". The most common models of the device: E, S, as well as GL. The full name of the device may sound like "S-Lighthouse". What is the difference?

First of all support of satellite technologies. So, E and S devices can receive signals only from GPS satellites. In turn, GL-beacons also support the Russian GLONASS standard and function by combining the signals of this positioning system and GPS.

The next criterion for the differences between the models of the device under consideration is the support of the function of interaction with the monitoring server, involving the use of GPRS technology. Supports the corresponding option "Autophones" type S and GL. In turn, E-beacons are not compatible with this function.

The next aspect of the discrepancies in the capabilities of the devices in question is the accuracy of determining the coordinates. Leaders here - "Autophones" type GL. They have an accuracy of 2.5 meters. The indicator for devices E and S is 5 meters. How significant can this difference be in practice?

Does the accuracy of the coordinates matter?

As evidenced by many reviews, Avtofon as a whole is able to solve set tasks, even if its accuracy does not exceed 5 meters. However, if it is a question of narrow application areas of the device - for example, as a tool for determining the geographic coordinates of expedition participants, backpackers - additional accuracy will not prevent. It happens that a person traveling in nature needs a very precise local orientation to determine the optimal route for further movement - a tree, a hill or a path. His friends will be able to help him to find out an object, having a map at his disposal only if they know as accurately as possible the location of the traveler.

Which devices support A-GPS?

The next criterion for the differences between different versions of the device in question is support for the A-GPS standard, which assumes the determination of coordinates in a more operational mode than when using a conventional channel. As evidenced by the reviews, "Avtofon", compatible with the corresponding technology, is extremely convenient to use. Thus, the standard A-GPS devices in the modification S. The devices E and GL are incompatible with this technology.

It can also be noted that the listed modifications also differ according to the criterion, such as support for external power cards and additional extensions. Compatible with these options "Autophones" in versions S and GL.

The considered modifications of the device also differ in cost. The most expensive "Autophone" is in the GL version, the cheaper is the E-Lighthouse, the most affordable at the price of the S.

Of course, there are a lot of other versions of the device - such as, for example, "Autofone D", reviews of which are also very common. What are its features? It can be noted that the corresponding type of "D-Lighthouse Autophone" (reviews of many users about it are especially positive due to the availability of additional functions) has an RF-tag designed to identify the owner of the device.

There are other notable modifications of the device. So, for example, "Autofon SE-Mayak", reviews about the nkotor also often occur, characterized by reduced energy consumption. The device includes a sealed enclosure. There is an "Autofone SE + Lighthouse", which is equipped with modules for external connections to the device. In particular, for the use of external power adapters. In the set of its supply there is also a sealed enclosure.

Another "Avtofon" - "Dialog-Lighthouse" (reviews about this device are especially positive considering its functions) has a wireless relay, with which you can lock the device.

What do all the versions of "Avtofon" have in common?

There are, however, a number of characteristics that are relevant for all modifications of the device. So, all types of "Autophone", whether E, S, D or "Autofone SE" (user reviews are very positive in this aspect), involve the use of 2 lithium batteries type CR123A, having a resource of 1.5 Ah. The overall dimensions of the devices are also generally the same. The length of the "Autophones" is 70 mm, width - 51 mm, thickness - 21 mm. In all versions, an accelerometer is built in, as well as a microphone, modules for controlling the balance on the account of the mobile operator, who has a SIM card, and also for monitoring the battery charge level. In devices, you can use the protection function with a pin code. Among other notable options: sending a link to the card via SMS, having a clock, the ability to remotely control the device via SMS, and also through mobile applications for iOS and Android.

User Reviews

Let's now examine in more detail what users say about the "Avtofon" device. Reviews of the owners of the device can be classified into the following main categories:

- those that reflect opinions on its effectiveness;

- those that contain an assessment of the convenience of setting up and managing the device;

- those that reflect opinions on the functionality of the device.

Let's study them in more detail.

Feedback on effectiveness

What do users think about the effectiveness of such a device, as the GPS beacon "Avtofon"? The feedback of the owners of this device is very positive in terms of successful precedents of its use. The fact is that "Autofone" can fully perform its functions only if there are no factors interfering with its operation in the environment of the device. For example, car thieves can use various "jammers" that make it impossible to transfer the coordinates of the corresponding object via the satellite channel or by communicating with the use of cellular operators' resources. In the event that the unlawful action is committed without using the violator "jamming", the device will really work correctly and will allow to calculate the location of the car.

Users, as noted by the users, are possible situations in which there are other obstacles in the environment surrounding the object where the "Avtofon" is located, for example, due to the operation of other devices using certain radio channels. In this case, its effectiveness may not be the most optimal. As for the use of "Avtofon" in other modes, for example, to facilitate the interaction of travelers on different routes, the operation of the device as a whole does not cause censures among users. The utility and effectiveness of the "Autophone" in the relevant scenarios of its use are noted.

Reviews about comfort

Do users consider it convenient to have such a device as "Avtofon-Mayak"? Feedback from owners of the device in this aspect is positive. Setting up the "Autofone" does not involve any difficulties, no less than using the device. To do this, the device owner can use, in particular, a convenient mobile application. Private nuances of using the device, predetermined by the specifics of its modification, not too much. So, if a person has experience of using the "Autophone" in version E, then he, judging by the reviews, without any problems, will master the use of the SE modification.

Feedback on functionality

The next aspect of reviews about the device in question are those that reflect the users' opinions about the functionality of the device. As we noted above, the capabilities of the device depend on its specific modification. In this sense, the functionality of the devices in different versions can vary significantly. You can say that users evaluate the capabilities of the device in two aspects - the correlation of the price of a specific modification of the device and its functions, as well as evaluating the options that are presented in each version of the "Autophone". Owners of the lighthouse have a positive view of the combination of the cost of specific modifications and their functions, believing that overpayment for certain options - if you compare different versions of the "Autophone", as a whole is justified.

As for the opportunities present in all types of devices, their list is estimated by users as quite relevant from the point of view of the needs of a modern car enthusiast, traveler, entrepreneur - any person who can use Avtofon. In general, regardless of the specific modification, whether E, S, D or, for example, "Avtofon-SE", user feedback on the capabilities, prices and efficiency of the device are positive and reflect the successful experience of using options implemented by the manufacturer.

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