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Taurus. Characteristic for beautiful ladies

Turning the pages of horoscopes, it is impossible not to recognize their character traits in the descriptions of their zodiac sign. This article will be devoted to the terrestrial and slightly "horned" astrological sign of the zodiac - Taurus, whose characteristic is interesting and multifaceted.

So, under the sign of Taurus, there are beautiful ladies, girls and girls, born in the period from 21.04 to 20.05. Born in the spring, the Taurus are absolutely not frivolous, they are extremely calm, serious and prudent, unlike other troubled signs of the zodiac of spring, cold blood runs in Taurus.


Characteristics of Taurus personifies a stronghold of peace and patience. But if Taurus "bring to the handle", then in anger he will be terrible, and it is better not to fall under his hot hand. But in most cases, the characterization of a Taurus woman shows endless patience and self-confidence. Although if Taurus offend, then it will take a long time to cool down.

In general, Taurus women are silent and restrained, they will not chirp for days, and, most likely, will think about plans for the future. Enormous willpower, independence and independence are all Taurus. Characterization of this sign personifies luxury. No, the Taurus woman is not a money-lover, she just loves expensive and luxurious things that will serve her for a long time.

Since Taurus is an earthly sign, it is better for him to live in his house, and not in dusty apartments. Working with land and plants, Taurus replenishes its energy and finds inner harmony.


Health woman-Taurus has, like a bull, strong. Due to the fact that she is a little sick, a beautiful representative of this sign of the zodiac can afford and a bunch of bad habits: alcohol, tobacco, love connections, gluttony, etc. Hardy Taurus, whose characteristics do not allow to hurt, should not run their own health and how You can smoke less. Otherwise, in case of illness, they suffer it hard. Therefore, Taurus always needs a good sleep and diet.

Attitudes towards children

The main positive feature of the Taurus woman is her household and housekeeping. In her hands she literally burns everything, and she is happy to perfectly set up her nest. In relation to children, the Taurus woman is strict and conservative. It will be a huge amount of time given to the upbringing of children, and indulgences for little daughters better not wait. But such severity will not infringe on children, because Taurus children will feel warm care and love throughout their life.


Taurus, the characterization of which embodies symbols such as fidelity and love, are odnolyubov. If she fell in love, then in her passion plunges with a head and for a long time. In the love of the Lady-Taurus no difficulties will frighten me. Every girl and woman-Taurus will always avoid divorce, because she piously believes that her love will be with her until the end of her days. Mutual understanding and mutual sympathy woman-Taurus will receive from such representatives zodiac signs, like the Virgin, Gemini and Libra. If possible, the Taurus should avoid alliances with the Lions and Aquarians.

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