Hotel "Kama", Nizhnekamsk: address, photo, reviews

Nizhnekamsk is one of the largest cities of Tatarstan, occupying the third place in terms of the number of inhabitants. The infrastructure is quite well developed here, and thanks to this the economy is also at a good level. At the same time, there are not so many restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and hostels in Nizhnekamsk, because of which the best of them stand out and are the most popular. So, today we will just discuss one such project.

Hotel "Kama" (Nizhnekamsk) is the first and most famous hotel here, which has 3 stars. Here there are experienced professionals who are always ready to help the guests. In this short article we will discuss in detail this institution and reviews about it, we will find out the exact address, the prices for the rooms and lots of other useful information. Let's start!

Description and location

Hotel "Kama" (Nizhnekamsk), photo of which is presented in this article, is the face of the cultural and historical center of this city. At the same time, this hotel is the oldest hotel establishment here, but it looks modern and to some extent luxurious.

Very tall blue spruce, which is a landmark on the territory of this tourist project, has become a kind of visiting card of this unique institution. The hotel itself is located in the city center, and next to it is the administration building.

In addition, very close to the "Kama" you will find a post office, shopping centers and museums, which are definitely worth visiting for tourists who came here on vacation.

basic information

As you remember, it was noted earlier that the Kama Hotel (Nizhnekamsk), whose address is Stroiteley Avenue, the 18th house, looks very modern, although it is the first tourist complex on the territory of this city. The thing is that in 2006, major repairs were made here, so now this hotel is simply unrecognizable.

At this stage of its development the hotel has 76 comfortable rooms, represented by several categories (read about this a little later in the same article). Each room has high-quality windows, comfortable and at the same time modern furniture, a telephone, a TV with cable TV and a refrigerator. In addition, another advantage is the presence of elevators in the "Kama".

Additional Information

In the modern world no one can live without social networks and simple surfing in the World Wide Web. The hotel "Kama" (Nizhnekamsk), whose reviews are almost always represented by a positive context, has high-speed Wi-Fi Internet throughout its territory, and other additional conveniences are represented by international communication, fax, safe deposit boxes, iron and hairdryer, and Machine for cleaning shoes. But the security of the guests is constantly watched by security guards.

Smoking in the hotel is strictly prohibited in accordance with the 12th article of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of February 23, 2013. Thus, smoking can not be anywhere!

In addition, it should be noted that the cost of accommodation in the hotel includes breakfast buffet.

The services

Any hotel complex should provide its customers both free and paid services, but in this case we will not divide them into these two categories, but simply present one small list:

  • A restaurant where you can eat deliciously and spend a minimum of money;
  • A banquet hall, which is in great demand for holding various celebrations;
  • Bar, which is worth a visit to those who want to try completely unfamiliar drinks;
  • Billiard room for lovers of fun in a company of friends;
  • Beauty salon, represented by a hairdresser, cosmetic and manicure rooms, as well as a solarium;
  • 24 hours guarded parking area;
  • High-speed internet;
  • Terminal and ATM for withdrawing money and other financial transactions;
  • tourist agency;
  • Safes and deposit boxes for especially important guests;
  • Ticket office for air and railway tickets;
  • Call an inexpensive checked taxi;
  • A shoe polishing machine.

Of course, other services are also available in such an establishment as the hotel "Kama" (Nizhnekamsk). Beauty salon here, by the way, works every day from 10 am to 20:00. At the same time, the restaurant's schedule for this hotel on the official site is not specified, so we can assume that it is available around the clock, as well as the tourist complex itself.

Number of rooms

If you remember, earlier we already noted that the hotel "Kama" in Nizhnekamsk has only 76 rooms, each of which represents a unique and at the same time a special place of accommodation. So, today you have the opportunity to stay in the apartment - a huge room, which consists of three rooms, where you can use the upholstered furniture, working and coffee tables, large plasma TV, air conditioning and other amenities. By the way, in the bathroom there is a jacuzzi with a hydromassage, so that you can surely comfortably and pleasantly spend the evening!

The suite consists of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. Here you will find the same amenities, but if the apartment is equipped with air conditioning, not only for heating, but for cooling, in this case the room can only be cooled. There is no jacuzzi in this room either.

There are only two categories of rooms: single and double standards. The room, designed for one person, has a bathroom, a bed, a desk, a shower, a refrigerator, a TV, a telephone, and air conditioning, but not in all rooms.

In turn, the double standard room consists of a bathroom, a shower, two beds, bedside tables, a desk, a telephone and a TV.

Prices for rooms

In general, the hotel "Kama" (Nizhnekamsk) has quite reasonable prices, indicated in the price list on the official website. For example, for only 2 thousand 500 rubles you can rent a single standard room of the first category, and for 100 rubles. More expensive will be accommodation in a double standard.

In addition, to accommodate in the suite one person can for 4600 rubles, and two persons - 5100 rubles. At the same time, a day of accommodation in the apartments will cost you 8 thousand rubles (1 person) or 500 rubles more (2 persons).

Recall that breakfast is included in the price of accommodation, and dinner can be included additionally for only 350 rubles.


Comments Runet users are almost always positive. People like the high level of service, cleanliness of rooms and reasonable prices. However, there are also negative reviews, which testify that "Kama" very much resembles the classic hotel of the USSR, where repair was recently carried out. In fact, it is!

By the way, very often in their reviews guests celebrate a beauty salon. If you are interested in ear piercing (Nizhnekamsk), the hotel "Kama" will be ideal for both price and quality option to do this procedure.

In general, today we discussed the best hotel of one of the largest cities of Tatarstan, which is definitely worth a visit. Good luck and good mood!

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